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Do You Want Increased Income? Chango Could Be The Answer

I did a post last month that I called There IS Life After Google Adsense!
where I spoke about how Google disabled my account on my BS blog and how I was trialling BidVertiser. Today I want to talk to you about Chango SearchSpots , another site that shows adsense type ads.

I’m actually running Chango ads on this blog at the moment but you probably won’t have noticed unless you’ve come here via a search engine. That’s one of the positive points that I like about this mob, especially if you have a blog that you don’t want to fill with ads. Using Chango means that your regular readers won’t be bothered with these ads but you have the potential to make money on those others that come via the search engines, especially as the ads are keyword generated!

OK, that can be a major positive for some people, but there is one thing that is very important for you to know. Chango only targets people from the USA and Canada! That means that the ads will not show to anyone outside of these two countries. Some of you may actually consider that to be a major positive as well, especially if most of your traffic comes from those two countries!

Once you’ve installed these ads you can actually test them, remember you won’t see them unless sent by a search engine, by writing a string of words in your browser window immediately following the url. The image you see below is the result of typing ?keywords=blogging for money at the end of the url.


If your from the States or Canada you may want to try changing the keywords to see what results you get. Unfortunately being from Australia it doesn’t work for me. This screen shot was actually taken by Brian, one of Chango’s very professional employees who’s been most helpful to me.

That alone is another great positive, these guys know about customer service, something that is lacking in Google.

Any way, although these ads work well alongside Google you may not want to run another set of ads on your site. If this is the case then you can set it up so that it runs in the same spot that you’re currently running adsense. The way this works is that when setting up the ad you choose to show an alternative ad. If you choose that ad to be Google then that’s the ad that will show, unless someone comes via a search engine and then Chango will pop up in it’s place.

Another benefit of being a Chango SearchSpots publisher is they have a referral program which can add to you passive income as you will earn 10% for 15 months on all referrals. You will notice that while the ads are not displaying, in my header and at the end of my posts, you will see a link in it’s place, Search Retargeting by Chango, and I’ve heard that there are future plans where people who join after clicking on this link will join your team. Note, this is not the case at the moment.

Another point that may interest you is Chango is a venture-backed company that is partnered with Yahoo! This means they have a large suppository of ads to choose from, enabling them to match a whole lot of keywords.

Seeing as how I’ve only just trialling them you can expect a followup post where I will tell you how they are actually performing.

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  1. Hi sire

    I look forward to hearing how effective it is on your site. I don’t plan on having any ads on my blog at the moment. When I had a website up I had Adsense. Both were a disaster; both the site and the ads lol

    I like to be able to choose what goes up on my site. Can you choose or do they decide which ads you display? thanks for sharing your new venture and hope it goes well for you Sire.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Patricia, if you get a lot of search engine traffic from the States or Canada then Chango could be perfect for you. This is because your regular readers or those not referred by a search engine will never see the ads.

      As to the ads displayed, it all depends on what search term is used to get to your blog. In the two examples that I have the ads displayed were pretty damn close to the search terms used.
      Sire recently posted…Testing Market Samurai’s Keyword Research ToolMy Profile

  2. Hi. Chango looks great and I might just try it out on since about 2/3 of my traffic is from the USA.

    I’ve noticed that your site contain a big square when there is no ads from Chango, is that something you can customize in some manner?

    Regards, Jannich

  3. I have never heard of Chango before and this appears to be very similar to that of Chitika, where I found it to work pretty well specially if you have high volume of organic traffic. I left Bidvertiser a long time ago as for some reason I could not get it to display ads related to my topic. A month from now, I would love to hear your experience with Chango :) Good luck!
    DiTesco recently posted…Affiliate Marketing vs Drop Shipping- Which One is Right for YouMy Profile

    1. It is actually very similar to Chitika. The reason you haven’t heard of it before is probably because, I assume that is, it’s fairly new. I think the fact they have affiliated with Yahoo can only mean good things for those you join them.

      You are right about Bidvertiser though, they’re pretty crappy at supplying targeted ads. Brian sent me a couple of screen shots and they look to be so much better at it.
      Sire recently posted…Testing Market Samurai’s Keyword Research ToolMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Glad I read DiTesco’s comment before I wrote this because I was also going to mention the similarity between it and Chitika; oh yeah, I mentioned it anyway. I didn’t make any money from Chitika on the blog at the time, so I might end up giving this a shot at some point.
    Mitch recently posted…I’m Supposed To Ask You To…My Profile

    1. Actually Mitch, there is no time like the present. You know yourself if you leave it until later it probably won’t be for ages, or at least until I do my followup post.

      I find this to be a fault with a lot of people who prefer to sit on the fence whilst waiting to see if it works for someone else. Sounds like another good post topic for me. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Testing Market Samurai’s Keyword Research ToolMy Profile

        1. Yeah, I know, most of them are just looking for a link back to their blog and will never try it but I still see it as a lost opportunity

  5. I never heard of Chango even before. I got curious when I read the title of this post. Of course, who doesn’t want to increased their income. I want to know more about Chango, I am not that Internet user, so will that affect me if I ever used Chango? What business this Chango will be applicable for? I will greatly appreciate the response for this. Thanks!

    1. Mary, if you have a blog or website that gets a lot of traffic from America or Canada then Chango is for you. You must remember though that the ads only show for people sent to your site from one of the search engines.

  6. Interesting program, Sire. I think it will be very useful for those who have gotten their adsense accounts disabled. Have you been paid by Chango? Do you think it pays about the same as adsense or better.

    1. Too early to tell how well it pays Rael as I’ve only been running it for a couple of weeks and only on this blog.

      The beauty about this program is that it runs well alongside Google so you can run it even if your Adsense hasn’t been disabled.
      Sire recently posted…Learning How To Use Market SamuraiMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    I never heard of chango either. But, I like what you are describing Sire.

    I am always on the look out for an adsense alternative, since I dont wanna rely on adsense forever.

    I use Chitika and BidVertiser and to be honest, I wasn’t satisfied, especially with BidVertiser, it doesn’t do a good job at all when it comes to showing targeted ads.

    Anyway, I’ll look into Chango and try it on my site. Hopefully I can get some good results. Thanks for the info Sire.
    Satrap recently posted…Make Money with Google Places- Step by Step GuideMy Profile

    1. It doesn’t cost anything Satrap so it won’t hurt to give it a shot.

  8. A lot of people I know are hesitant to use Change as like what said, they are pretty much targeted to cater US and Canada only. However, I think there is an advantage to this. Especially for people who are targeting customers from those two countries.

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