Do Not Miss The CommentLuv Gravy Train

Have you ever heard the old saying the early bird gets the worm? Well that also applies to a lot of business ventures, especially when it comes to online ventures. The people who make the most money are the ones who get in early because they have the biggest market to sell to. Those who sit on the fence deciding to enter the market when most of the sales are done and dusted usually find that the sales just aren’t there and they are left wondering what the hype was all about.

What I am describing is happening right now with the CommentLuv Premium 7 Day sale. I introduced my readers to this great opportunity when I wrote the CommentLuv Premium At A Premium Price post. I want to use this post to explain why purchasing the Premium CommentLuv plugin is a good business decision.

5 Reasons For Buying CommentLuv Premium

  • Price: For the next 5 days you can purchase it for only $40. Once it goes back on sale it could cost from $97 – $197!!!
  • Become An Affiliate: Once you purchase the plugin you become an instant affiliate meaning you can sell it to your readers or list members earning $20 with every sale. That means that you’ve covered your cost with only 2 sales and start making a profit after your second sale, just as I am doing now.
  • Unlimited License: This alone is a great reason for purchasing it now because doing so gives you an unlimited license. This means you can install it on as many blogs as you want as long as you own or control them. Miss out on this chance now and you will have to buy a separate license for each an every blog.
  • SEO: We all know the SEO value of the normal commentluv has for the commentator. Well as a CommentLuv Premium owner it holds even more SEO potential. This is because it allows you to choose from FIFTEEN of your posts. That means you get to choose from your last 10 posts as well as five posts or pages of your choosing. This means every time you leave a comment on a commentluv blog you can have it point to any of those posts including your squeeze or sales page. This is even if they have it set to only display one link. That’s the advantage of being a premium member.
  • Social Media: You can set it so that certain users only get to choose from their last ten posts if they promote your post by either giving it a Tweet, Facebook Like or a Google +1! This could cause your post to go viral.

So you see, now is the time to buy because the longer you wait the more saturated the market becomes and the less likely you are going to make a sale. That is why getting in early is the best way to secure a place in this unique money making venture.

Finally, before I go I would like to promote a local company, SEO Adelaide. They have a really interesting article I think you will like, A Must-Have Guide for Decoding the Google Rankings.

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  1. Hi Sire,

    Love the promotion :) Many wants to put up a blog and many are also not yet using CommentLuv. So I believe this is very advantageous for those who are going to buy and also make a profit out of it. The commentators love it by the way :)

    1. Only for those who act quickly. Those who don’t will miss out on a golden opportunity.

  2. Thanks Sire, you absolutely convince me on this post. I’ve been thinking over about getting CLP for some time and I think I should. No second thoughts this time :)

  3. Twitter:
    Not all blogger have the traffic you have on this forum and also the power to sell ..everything. You way of thinking is good but keep in mind that most of the users are not marketers.

    1. This is a blog and not a forum Radu and you don’t need a huge amount of traffic to make enough to pay for the cost of CommentLuv Premium. All you need is two people who trust you enough to take your advice.

      Oh, just so you know I’m no marketer. :smile2_ee:

  4. What exactly does it mean by “choose from your last 10 posts as well as five posts or pages of your choosing”? We can have 2 links showing up after every comment or we just get to choose from more older posts?

    1. No, instead of getting to pick from your last 10 posts you can now pick from those ten as well as 5 older or even pages of your choice. This will have great benefit for promoting those important posts or pages that you previously had no access to.

  5. I think that this will work well for heavy bloggers plus they can also afford this. Money is always something to consider seriously, as much as we trust in your judgement, financial constraints prevail.

    1. Hey Nile, it will actually work for any blogger. As to the expense, it can be considered a great investment for the serious blogger, one that can be easily redeemed as long as one gets in early.

  6. CommentLuv pro is on fire at the moment. It seems that every blog I come across is talking about it and as I think it’s pretty obvious why.

    The pro version of this plugin means that you can remove a lot of older, slower and more bloated plugins from your wordpress install.

    It also seems like social media is going to be the next thing that webmasters need to master to help with the rankings.

    1. Yep, and that’s only a small part of it Paul.

  7. I’m kind of sketched out by the fact that commentluv is going to “stop working” on a lot of sites if they don’t update it… commentluv is one of my favorite blogging tools but it kind of makes me uneasy. I’m sure there’s a good reason for it but still…

    1. Who said it would stop working Johnny?

      1. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of “The version of CommentLuv on this site is out of date and will soon stop working.” on various blogs

        1. Don’t quote me on this but I think that is because they are not updating the plugin as they should be and not that they have to buy the Premium version.

  8. I purchased the premium ComLuv on my site and it rocks. It is really great for getting social media shares to my blog posts. For 40 bucks it is a no brainer for that 1 benefit alone.

    1. For me the greatest incentive is that I can use it on all my blogs for the one low price. If I had waited until after the sale finished I would have had to purchase a license for each and every blog.

      Then there is also the advantage of being able to choose between an extra five posts or pages of my choice when commenting on other blogs. Great way to give my squeeze pages that extra boost.

  9. This would be a good chance for most of bloggers out there to grab the opportunity, we never know what cost will it be after the promo end. In my opinion, Commentluv Premium is the best plug-in at the moment.

    1. Actually we have a fair idea of the cost would be if we follow the link to the comluv site.

  10. I certainly took advantage of the CommentLuv gravy train and am loving it so far. :)

    It’s great since you can pick out pretty much any of your posts, if you know how to use it properly.

    I personally don’t make people share before they comment though. I prefer to just let people engage.

    1. I also like to reward my loyal readers but there are many you comment just to get a link back and I see no reason why they shouldn’t be encouraged to give a little back in return.

  11. Is the sale is still on? I am still unsure about whether to go on and make the investment or not. I am still new to blogging and getting the money back is a bit difficult for me.

    1. It’s on for another couple of days Scott. It’s probably too late to try and recoup your money straight away but it is still a great investment, especially for a new blogger.

  12. I like how comment love really promotes commenting on sites. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yep, CommentLuv has done so much for the blogging community.

    1. I’ve always said you were a smart woman Ana.

    1. I love it too Satrap but for me it’s the marketing potential more than the speed effect it has on my blog. Truth be told it offers so much more to the owner than the old plugin ever did.

      1. Twitter:
        Yeah, I agree, there is a lot of marketing potential with the new version. I love the fact that you can set it so if a commenter wants to get 10 links from his or her past post to choose one from, he or she must Google+ or tweet the post. That helps a lot with getting the word out there.

        And yo0u are right, the free version, was more of a help to the commentators not the blog owner. But the new version is great for both.
        Satrap recently posted…10 Fun Ways to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

        1. Actually, I think this one is better for the members Satrap :thumbup_tb:

  13. The second mouse gets the cheese though. :) Which I think make sense since people in the second wave can pick up what the first wave has done and avoid their mistakes. But I digress.

    When it comes to the premium version of CommentLuv, the earlier you get it the better because hey! discount!
    Noel Addison recently posted…Selling Ice Cubes to EskimosMy Profile

    1. The discount is nothing when you consider those who have multiple blogs, as I do, and you only have to pay once for the unlimited license. After today you will have to buy a separate one for each blog.

  14. Hi Sire, thanks for the info on Commentluv. I’m still fairly new to blogging and marketing online and am just wondering, do you think that more and more blogs will adopt this plug-in? It just seems that if they don’t have this, it acts as a deterrent for quality comments and interaction….?

    1. Probably not as many as the free version, but there are many who will take it on because they will see all the positives that come from having it. Not to mention some of the freebies that Andy is giving to members.

  15. Commentluv+ is a great option as you can promote extra 5 posts, which you can select rather than choosing only the last post. Also provide social network sharing options.

    1. That’s right Sanjeev, not to mention that you get to choose from any of those on every commentluv blog you comment on regardless of their settings.

  16. I have Premium and LOVE it. The $40 was well worth it for the effect it has had on my spam comments already. I’m trying to encourage everyone to get it NOW but you know how people are…they like the free plug-ins. I get that…but you can’t pass up the awesomeness of CommentLuv Premium.
    Kristin recently posted…Apples Aren’t JUST for Teachers {$500 Apple GC Giveaway!}My Profile

    1. Hey Kristen. I didn’t even consider the money I spent on it as I saw immediately all the positives from having it. Anyway, as an affiliate I got my initial investment back within the first day and since then every extra sale is sheer profit. :drunk_tb:

  17. I’m still new to CommentLuv in general so I’ll have to wait to shell out the money. I do think it’s a great concept so far. Also, I can’t figure out whether the interesting TidBits section of your site is supposed to contain scantily clad women. Is that just a late night thing, or what?

    1. Yep, I’ve configured it that way because I just love having sexy women on my site. Also they’re part of my plan for generating targeted traffic for this site and it is working quite well too.

      1. I also noticed the women. It must be working. I thought it was just some random ad but it keeps coming up. It definately gets people to stay here longer LOL. Not sure if I will turn off some people though.

        1. You would have to be a real prude to be turned off by those women Darren. They’re not crude photos, just sexy. :thumbup_tb:

  18. CommentLuv premium has been a hot topic lately. If the price does go up to around a hundred bucks or more a few people will probably kick themselves for not grabbing it for the 40. It has some nice features, and if you can use it on unlimited sites you can’t beat that one.
    Ray recently posted…+1 Button in Google Adsense AdsMy Profile

    1. I’ve a feeling it will be over $100, but bloggers who will really miss out are the ones who have more than one blog.

  19. Hey Sire,

    Glad I could make it to your site (was getting a DB connection error some minutes ago) I wanted to get your aff link for this, I found it on twitter as well but I’m glad everything’s back to normal here.

    I wanted to see what your thoughts on the plugin were and got sold on it! ;)

    Talk soon mate!

    1. Good on you Sergio, and don’t forget to take advantage of all the free bonuses Andy is offering to sweeten the deal.

    2. Sorry about that Sergio, it was probably just that the server couldn’t handle the last minute rush to buy the plugin :wink_ee:

      1. Haha Sire, I’m pretty sure that was it mate!

        Thanks again for your short but really sweet post about it. ;)

  20. Twitter:
    It looks like Andy extended the deal another 36 hours. I just installed the most recent bonus, The WP Mail Ads plugin. I added my signature links and tested the thing and I’m pretty excited about it. Now every email that goes out to those that subscribed to comments gets to see a few links from me and it even logs the number sent stats. Very nice!

    Add that to the list of reasons to get CommentLuv Premium now. The bonuses alone are worth more than the $40. CommentLuv Premium is the best WordPress plugin that I’ve ever used.

    1. I, know, it’s a crazy deal, and to think Andy has increased the deadline! I reckon that alone deserves another post. People would be crazy to miss out on his latest sweetener to what is already a great plugin.

  21. Hi Sire, I simply love the new premium version and with Andy’s videos showing us how to set it up we can’t go wrong.

    I wish I had 2 blogs so I could see the social share in action.

    One thing that really stands out for me is when we get to other blogs that have comment luv installed (even the free version) and we get the additional URL we can choose to submit, be it posts or pages.

    But best of all…… is the price! I figured I owed Andy more than that price for using it for free for years, so I had a real result and am more than happy with my purchase :)

    I totally agree that people must be mad if they don’t grab the offer.


    1. The price and the unlimited license was what sold it for me. Then there was the great SEO value! The when you consider there are over 600,000 blogs that use commentluv and even if they have configured it to allow you to only choose from your last post, being a Premium member you can choose from 15. Now that is real value. :drunk_tb:

  22. Just recently discovered commentluv and quickly realized this is a powerful tool for the blog owner as well as the commenter. I was not aware of the seo benefits of being a premium owner. I am new to all of this so all this info is very helpful!


    1. It’s of no help to you if you let this chance pass you by Aaron. :wink_ee:

  23. I am a newbie and i don’t know much about comment luv so please will someone explain me is it beneficial to have comment luv on new blog, or only blogs with high traffic and high page rank will get benefit from it?

    1. Commentluv works well no matter how old your blog is. Having it encourages people to comment and having comments gives the impression that you have an active blog. Wit the premium plugin you can set it so that people need to promote your post using social media in order to get dofollow links or to have access to their last ten posts. It also has other very useful features.

  24. CommentLuv has been incredibly valuable over the years and it’s great to see that they’ve stepped up and created a better version – the Tweet for more options looks really cool and could definitely provide a bit of viral traffic :)

    1. Yep, not to mention all the other cool and important features that it has.

  25. CommentLuv was one of the best decisions I have made for my business. I agree that having the “unlimited” license is a huge plus. Anyone looking to have a really cool way to promote themselves with multiple blogs will REALLY get a lot of bang for the buck.

    1. Yep, unfortunately I don’t think that Andy is going to release the same sort of deal again. Still, people who are interested should sign up for when he does rerelease the plugin because I’m sure there will be something in it for those who do.

  26. I just started with comment luv so I’m still a newbie, well for all things probably. Maybe one day I can try the premium one. Need to research more on it. 8) Thanks for the post and I love that there’s another section to your posts like it’s popping up. 8)

    1. You could always use the free one but it’s the premium version that holds real value for the blogger.

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