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Customer Service Is Important To Online Entrepreneurs

Throughout my business career I’ve learned the importance of customer service, It was because of our customer service that we maintained our client base even while others were losing theirs. This was in a cutthroat business where companies discounted heavily to gain the business. Because our customers were happy with the customer service we provided they stuck by us even when they received a better offer by our competitors.

The company I work now knows how important customer service is and has therefore installed a policy to ensure they get the best customer service possible. When a customer approaches a staff member to ask where a product is located we’re to take them there engaging them in conversation as we do. We’re then to ask them if there is anything else we can do for them. When a product isn’t available all staff members have the authority to give them an alternative for the same price or company brand for free. Just goes to show how important customer service is to them.

How To Supply Customer Service Online

It’s easy to give great customer service in the real world, a friendly smile, friendly banter and looking after their needs. The question is how to do this online?

customer service

Even if you’re not selling something your readers or commentators deserve a great experience while on your site. This being the case you should consider some of the following points.

  • Provide accurate information: When writing your posts do your utmost to research any given topic so that you do not lead your readers astray. Above all don’t tell them that a product is good just to improve your chances of a sale, especially when you know it isn’t
  • Interact with your readers: In essence when someone takes the time to leave a comment on your blog then you owe it to them to reply. This is customer service. Sure they may not be your customer right at this moment but that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future.
  • Listen To Their Needs: If someone buys a product off you and then complains that it doesn’t work, don’t go on the defensive telling them that they must be doing something wrong. Ask them questions to determine what the problem is then do your utmost to find a solution. If one can’t be found the apologise profusely and offer them a refund and perhaps even a discount on any future purchase. Great for return business.
  • Do Not argue with them: The customer is always right. This is true even when you know they are wrong. Rather than argue with them refer to the previous point. Find out what their grievance is and do your best to resolve their issues.

These are my main points for providing excellent customer service. I’m sure you can add to them and you can do that by leaving a comment stating how you provide great customer service to people visiting your site. Something to keep in mind is that a person who receives great service my tell one or two others of their experience. A person who experiences bad public service will probably tell ten or more people of their experience.

Other resources on ways of providing exceptional customer service…..

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  1. Hi Sire,

    I couldn’t agree with you more on this. My local supermarkets all seem to train their staff to take you to the aisle rather than just point it out, then ask if there’s anything else I need. Even though it’s obvious that it’s ‘training’ and what they’ve been told to do it’s no less appreciated and every time it impresses me. I’m glad you feel the same way!

    I hope all is well with you? I’ve got a new job and am getting stuck into that. :-)

    Take care. Roz

    1. I have to admit though Roz that some customers feel a little uncomfortable about being led to the actual product. They will usually just ask for an aisle number. Others are quite happy to follow you. If they insist I will give them the aisle number because like I said in the post the customer is always right :wink:
      Sire recently posted…Mistakes Bloggers MakeMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Customer service is the most important aspect of business. It is important for everyone to deal with online interactions very well, because frustrations can arise out of bad service. Good break down of what is necessary!

  3. These days, providing adequate customer service is not enough.

    You need to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide customer service that truly stands out. How do you do this?

    Begin by thinking about your own experience as a customer — what you liked and disliked in certain situations.

    Recall the times you were delighted by extra efforts to accommodate your needs or outraged by rudeness or negligence. This will give you greater insight into what makes for extraordinary customer service.

    To put yourself in the customer’s shoes, try visiting a wide range of businesses your customers are likely to frequent. This could include your direct competitors, as well as companies that sell related products and services.
    some times companies release some deals,coupons and offers on,there is a need to inform these offers to that product sales and productivity will be increase.

    so for more deals on product information visit this link

  4. Couldn’t agree more with you! Customer service is important not only for online business but also others. Customer will leave you if they receive a not good service. Good service is a competitive advantage of each online business. Thank you for your very nice article!

  5. Customer service is very essential to be successful in a business. By customer satisfaction we can claim the ladder of business…

  6. Yeah dude i agree with your above mentioned points but would like to add that the people who are providing customer support sometimes lack in information about what is happening inside the company, so if every single person have the same knowledge of what is happening inside they could deal it with in a better way.

      1. Yes i admire you Sire that customer staff should be well trained.

  7. surely a bad customer service drives us away when we have choice, we all prefer great service! and if all things being close to equal we will go out of our way for great service, even pay a little more for it. BUT, if your customer gets the best service possible, but still leaves without his benefits he is not very satisfied.
    so you have to have some great products too as well of your customer services.
    but yes take care of getting the important things done first that will make your customers happier than a smile.

    1. Having the products they’re looking for is very important because like you said all the great service amounts to nothing if they’re disappointedly leave empty handed.
      Sire recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  8. This is a great article and especially as it is about such an important and vital element that is customer service. Without our customers we are nothing, so they really are the most important thing in the world to us.

  9. its very important, for business owners and managers please spend the time to get your customer service department together nobody respects bad cs. Its the reason many people don’t like Google today.

  10. Great tips! I really like your point on not taking care about the customers seriously, sometimes it can be useful to put some extra energy in customer support and communication. There are so much problems in the human life, and most of them are really worth to solve…
    Gabi recently posted…Hochwasser im ganzen ÖsterreichMy Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Absolutely, customer service is critical for any kind of business. Companies or entrepreneurs that doesn’t care for customers simply fail sooner or later. It is easy to get a new customer, but it is more difficult to keep this customer.
    Carl recently posted…Facts About Internet MarketingMy Profile

    1. Hey Carl. I’m in the process of my own online customer service experience. At the moment I’m not all that happy. If the issue remains unresolved they have lost a return customer.
      Sire recently posted…Why I Love WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        Straight to the point, Sire. This is usual case scenario with bad customer support. Even I realize that there might be huge time difference sometimes, I expect reply in no more than 30 minutes and if 24/7 support is promised, it is becoming frustrating. I also had bad experience with customer support yesterday. I was put on hold supposedly for 11 minutes that at the end turned to 40 minutes. This automatically mean that they lose me as a customer.

  12. Customer service is important either online or offline business.The customer’s satisfaction is the key to success of every business.

  13. I completely agree on the need to have customer service. I think an important point is to provide not only email support, but also trying to provide multi-channel support – live chat, phone, even face to face through events and sales venues.

  14. Customer service is becoming more and more important everyday. The way companies and products are evolving means that in many cases they do not have as many retention style sales people and thus it falls on customer service to ensure clients continue to stay on with the business.
    Steve Noone O’Connor recently posted…Generating Leads: How to Use Twitter for ProspectingMy Profile

  15. Customer care centre plays a vital role in marketing any products / services. When any new products are launched, people might be unaware of usage of products. Here customer care service helps to clear their doubts, procedures to handle that products, etc..,

    1. Customers are the most important part of any business and so anything that can improve their experience is a bonus. This includes Customer service.
      Sire recently posted…Neteller PromotionMy Profile

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