Throughout my business career I’ve learned the importance of customer service, It was because of our customer service that we maintained our client base even while others were losing theirs. This was in a cutthroat business where companies discounted heavily to gain the business. Because our customers were happy with the customer service we provided they stuck by us even when they received a better offer by our competitors.

The company I work now knows how important customer service is and has therefore installed a policy to ensure they get the best customer service possible. When a customer approaches a staff member to ask where a product is located we’re to take them there engaging them in conversation as we do. We’re then to ask them if there is anything else we can do for them. When a product isn’t available all staff members have the authority to give them an alternative for the same price or company brand for free. Just goes to show how important customer service is to them.

How To Supply Customer Service Online

It’s easy to give great customer service in the real world, a friendly smile, friendly banter and looking after their needs. The question is how to do this online?

customer service

Even if you’re not selling something your readers or commentators deserve a great experience while on your site. This being the case you should consider some of the following points.

  • Provide accurate information: When writing your posts do your utmost to research any given topic so that you do not lead your readers astray. Above all don’t tell them that a product is good just to improve your chances of a sale, especially when you know it isn’t
  • Interact with your readers: In essence when someone takes the time to leave a comment on your blog then you owe it to them to reply. This is customer service. Sure they may not be your customer right at this moment but that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future.
  • Listen To Their Needs: If someone buys a product off you and then complains that it doesn’t work, don’t go on the defensive telling them that they must be doing something wrong. Ask them questions to determine what the problem is then do your utmost to find a solution. If one can’t be found the apologise profusely and offer them a refund and perhaps even a discount on any future purchase. Great for return business.
  • Do Not argue with them: The customer is always right. This is true even when you know they are wrong. Rather than argue with them refer to the previous point. Find out what their grievance is and do your best to resolve their issues.

These are my main points for providing excellent customer service. I’m sure you can add to them and you can do that by leaving a comment stating how you provide great customer service to people visiting your site. Something to keep in mind is that a person who receives great service my tell one or two others of their experience. A person who experiences bad public service will probably tell ten or more people of their experience.

Other resources on ways of providing exceptional customer service…..

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