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Crocodile Friday Funnies #100

I don’t believe it. This is Friday Funnies 100th post. That is pretty bloody amazing. I never dreamed I could keep it going that long. Before I get into this weeks Friday Funnies, which focuses on a few crocodile jokes, I want to apologise to everyone for missing out on last weeks Friday Funnies. Unfortunately I had a lot on my plate and just didn’t have time to write a post. Hopefully todays crocodile jokes will make up for it.

A Blonde’s Crocodile Shoes

A blonde was on holiday and driving through Darwin. She desperately wanted to take home
a pair of genuine crocodile shoes but was very reluctant to pay the high prices the local vendors were asking. After becoming very frustrated with the “no haggle on prices” attitude of one of the shopkeepers, the blonde shouted, “Well then, maybe I’ll just go out and catch my own crocodile, so I can get a pair of shoes for free”.

The shopkeeper said with a sly, knowing smile, “Little lady, just go and give it a try”!

The blonde headed out toward the river, determined to catch a crocodile!

Later in the day, as the shopkeeper is driving home, he pulls over to the side of the river bank where he spots the same young blonde woman standing waist deep in the murky water, a shotgun in her hand. Just then, he spots a huge 3 metre croc swimming rapidly toward her.

With lightning speed, she takes aim, kills the creature and hauls it onto the slimy banks of the river. Lying nearby were 7 more of the dead creatures, all lying on their backs.

The shopkeeper stood on the bank, watching in silent amazement.

The blonde struggled and flipped the Croc onto it’s back. – Rolling her eyes heavenward and screaming in great frustration, she shouts out………


Yeah, must be pretty hard on those poor crocodiles :wink_ee:

crocodile joke

Colin Fights A Crocodile

To keep with the crocodile theme I thought I would add to my Laughaholics series by creating my very own crocodile joke video. This one also takes place in Darwin and features my old mate Duncan who I wrote about ages ago in a post called Duncan & Norm’s Big Day Out. Since that post Duncan struck it rich and is now a multi millionaire and is chucking a huge party!

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  1. Twitter:
    Yes, that sebastian who pushed Colin into the pool with the croc has a lot to answer to. Nice post Sire me boy!

  2. The Crocodile must be wearing sleepers instead of Shoes.Just can’t stop laughing. :lol_ee:

  3. Nice one there Sire. Somehow I got off your list a while ago, and I missed your Friday Funnies. Nice to be back.

  4. What a terrible spelling mistake I made :doh_tb: .Yup I did mean “Slippers” instead of sleepers :wallbash_tb:

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