I’ve heard it said that analogies are a great way to get an idea across and I reckon that’s true because I’ve used the odd one or two with great success. For this post I’ve decided to compare blogging to fishing. Let’s say that the most important things in fishing, other than the fish itself, is the bait, the hook and the line. A hook on it’s own is pretty useless because if you throw it into the water it’s just going to sink. Even if you tie the hook to the fishing line you’d have to be really lucky to land a fish. What you need is some tasty bait.

So, let’s consider the hook to be your post. You’ve written what you consider to be some ripper content, you’ve published it but nothing happens. You may get a visitor or two sent by the search engines but they bounce so fast that it was like they were never there in the first place.

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What you need is a ripper title to get their attention. Your title is the bait you’re using to hook your fish, which is your reader or even potential customer.

If you’ve ever checked the results from using a search engine you would have noticed that the majority of the time the first thing that appears is the title of the article. Do you see how important this is? If you’re using the wrong bait you’re not going to hook any fish. They’ll just sniff at it and move along. It makes it kind of pointless listing well in the SERPS doesn’t it?

Whilst I’ve always tried to come up with inspirational titles I never really knew if they were performing the way that they should. It wasn’t until I followed Larry to his blog, thanks to commentluv and my promise to try and follow my commentators to leave a comment on their blog, that I found a solution to this dilemma.

It was his post, Network Marketing – How To Get Your Post Read, that introduced me to this brilliant site, or more specifically a specific page of the Advanced Marketing Institute website that dealt with headlines. Their Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer is the tool that will help us to find the right bait for our hook. The tool that will help us develop those titles that will lure people to our blog.

OK, now we have the right bait for our hook but the whole thing would be a waste of time if the line we’re using isn’t strong enough for the fish. If you remember at the beginning of the post we likened the content to the fishing line. If after all your hard work to land the fish they find your content lacking they’re more than likely to snap the line and swim away looking for something tastier to latch onto. So while the title is very important to get people to your blog you want to make sure that your content is good enough to keep them there and to keep them coming back for more.

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