What is Cool Blog Links? Put simply Cool Blog Links is my latest venture, one in which I hope a lot of my fellow bloggers will take advantage of. By joining this free site bloggers will have the opportunity to see how their blogs stack up against fellow bloggers. This is easily done as members get to display a tiny button on their blogs which allows visitors to vote for them. The code also keeps track of various statistics including page views, and in case you are wondering the code isn’t a script and so will not slow down the speed of of page loads.

Those members who are in the top ten also get to display their banner and will obviously get more exposure. It may be just the incentive needed to push your blog to the next level. As I hope to get the site to a PR4 status I would hope that this would also pass onto members. It hasn’t been a week since it’s been live and ‘cool blog links’ is already no1 on Google. I don’t know if it is the selection of key words or not, but the thing is that if someone is looking for ‘Cool Blog Links’ they are going to find my Cool Blog Links right at the top of page one on Google. Not bad huh? And if you are a member you will be right there when they click to check it out.

The reason for having another site started the day I was looking for a new domain to register. I decided to host it with Web Hosting Pad because apart from having one of the best deals around, they also included a free domain for life. I could see the savings in that fact alone and so I was quick to sign up. It’s a pretty specific name that I thought was great for SEO purposes and so Cool Blog Links came to fruition.


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