These are CommentLuv Premium’s final days, as you know it. Andy is selling the premium version of his famous Commentluv plugin for 50% off and there’s only a few days left before the sale ends. This is a one time offer! Once it expires all future Commentluv Premium owners will have to pay for updates!

This is your absolute last chance to get your hands on the most popular plugin on the internet at this price. Once the sale is over Andy has decided to to move the plugin to a new subscription payment system. So, rather than a one off payment with lifetime updates you will have to “pay a recurring subscription to receive plugin updates! Plugin updates like the new fancy anti spam stuff. The tag twitter users functions. The advanced comment actions and other magic that will be added in the future.’

We all know how Andy loves to add stuff to improve his beloved CommentLuv Premium plugin. Believe me, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t get it while you can at this price and on the lifetime license! Remember, not only are you getting it at half price, you will never have to pay for updates. That alone will save you a fortune.

CommentLuv_Premium A Must Have Plugin

But let’s forget the money side of it. The real reason you want to get CommentLuv Premium is because of all it’s benefits! Benefits like;

  • Less Spam!
  • More Comments
  • Building a bigger community
  • Getting more social shares to promote your posts
  • Most importantly, pay once and no more, absolutely last chance to get in on the lifetime updates!

Commentluv Premium

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If you’re worried about spam you’ll be happy to know that Andy is too. He’s going to make it his mission to ensure that Commentluv Premium future updates will smack those evil spammers right in the mouth. Get your hands on CommentLuv Premium now so you get this and future updates for free.

The sale went live yesterday so there’s only four days left. Don’t miss out because you’ll kick yourself if you do.

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