CommentLuv Premium At A Premium Price

I’m sure you guys remember my last post on CommentLuv, CommentLuv Premium Adding To Revenue Stream, how I outlined some of the things that made it so great and how it leaves the old commentluv plugin for dead. Well a lot of you expressed your interest in  getting the plugin and wanted to know when it would be available to the general public. Well that time is now and I’m here to tell you that Andy is releasing the unlimited developer license for only $40! What’s more he is only making it available for seven days and after that he is taking it off the market again to make even more unbelievable changes to it.

What does this mean for you? It means that not only do you get it for a fantastic price, having a developer license means you can install it on as many blogs as you own. After the seven day trial period ends you will pay more and you will have to buy a separate one for every blog you own. If you have as many blogs as I do that will cost you quite a bit. Now, I’m not going to rave on about how good CommentLuv is or about how unbelievable this deal really is. Nope, the man to do that is Andy Bailey himself.

CommentLuv Premium Developers License Available Now For A Very Low Price


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  1. OK, I snagged it quick. Now the dumb question: just refreshing my memory. I knew this once, but can’t remember for sure just now — Do I unzip it before FTPing the folder to the blog or just FTP the Zip?

    1. Hey Allan, good on you for snapping up a great deal. As to your question, yes you do unzip it first. Make sure you deactivate GASP and the old version before activating it.

  2. ‘K Thanks!
    I’ve installed it on The Write Stuff and will test it there for a bit before installing it on the others.

    1. No worries mate, anytime.

  3. Wow I really like CommentLuv and that is a heck of a deal. I really like the idea of pushing social media through CommentLuv. Does anyone know if the spam protection could replace captcha stuff?

    1. Hey Jason, as it’s spam protection incorporates GASP it is the perfect replacement for captcha. In fact I prefer GASP over captcha anytime of the day.

      1. I second Sires Statement GASP really is a superior spam smacker to CAPTCHA. Your reader only has to check a box, not decipher a bunch of squiggly, smooshed letters and type them in.

        1. Thanks Allan, I always love to be seconded :lol_ee:

          1. I third Sires statement. Gasp is not as annoying as Captcha, and as far as I know there is no de-gasp service yet, like decaptcha. So it is even safer.
            And it doesn’t scare potential commenters away.

            Also it is well programmed so you wont lose your comment if you forget to check the box.
            Everything mister Bailey makes is well programmed.
            I am wondering what he will come up next time, if it is going to be a big step like commentluv to commentluv premium again, then I can’t imagine what he will create.
            Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

            1. The fact that it doesn’t scare potential commenters away is a major plus in my opinion Danny.

  4. That’s a very convincing video. Gonna HAVE to buy it. Have been impressed by Andy’s features and know this with run awesomely

    1. Andy does great work Sandip, there is no question about that.

  5. This really is a great deal, thanks for sharing! I haven’t decided if this is something I want yet, but I know it probably will be so I’ll try and make my decision FAST so I don’t miss out.

    1. It would probably work better if you had a blog Kayla.

        1. No worries. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

  6. Hi Sire,

    I was in the early birds list and i purchased it as soon as it was released yesterday. I am a big fan of CommentLuv and G.A.S.P. That’s why to have these two in one together with the other plugins is a breeze. I have been very impressed with what i see and no regrets in purchasing.
    Lye Kuek Hin recently posted…3 Main Reasons Why I Have Purchased CommentLuv Premium PluginMy Profile

    1. It’s a fantastic buy when you consider you can use this version on all your blogs. Once the special is finished you will have to purchase a separate plugin for each and every blog you own and you will have to pay a lot more for it.

  7. I’m a big fan of commentluv. The features in this premium plugin all look really awesome. I hope these premium features come to the intense debate version of the plugin soon.

    1. I’m sure they will Richard. but if you have a WordPress blog why on earth would you forsake the best comment system out for Intense Debate, a system that could be costing you comments.

  8. Hey Sire, Coming back on your blog after a long time and it seems you have become a huge fan of commentluv in a meanwhile. Ah! Don’t tell me that you Andy has hired you as an affiliate :D. Well jokes apart I think commentluv should not become completely paid as many of the bloggers are not blogging for money and they also cant spend money on blogs and if it become completely paid I guess you will not be able to see this plug in on many small blogs

    1. Umair, as soon as anyone purchases commnetluv they immediately become an affiliate. If the purchase one now they can start promoting it to their readers and it won’t be long before they get their money back and start making a profit.

  9. It have some really great feature and I am surely going to give it a try soon. It seems to be much useful for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Don’t leave it too long Sahil, you only have days left before the offer runs out.

  10. I’m sure plenty of people are kicking themselves for not getting the special discount. It’s really one great plugin that has a lot of potential especially with the social media integration like having your commenters tweet or like or +1 your post.
    Noel Addison recently posted…Selling Ice Cubes to EskimosMy Profile

    1. If they’re not kicking themselves now Noel they will be when they decide to buy it at the full price because they’ve realised how an important a blogging tool it really is.

  11. Hi
    I love commentluv. It is because it reflects the recent post every time I am making a comment. I am not sure if I like the premium version since 3 approved comments are needed. But it seems useful on the blogger’s part because it gives additional option and settings to control their spam. Thanks for the insights.

    1. That all depends on the way its set Jac, you can actually require up to 50 comments before they can choose from their last three comments.

      As a premium member you always get to choose from 10 comments regardless of the settings.

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