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In my last post I told everyone how you have to be prepared to Be Prepared To Spend Money To Make Money. Most of you would agree that the best way to make money pushing any particular affiliate is if you actually own or have tried the product. This is because people are more likely to believe what you have to say if they see you suing the product. There is no point me trying to sell a MacBook Air to someone if they see me using a PC! If on the other hand they see me using a MacBook Air and I can demonstrate to them all the features it has they are more likely to buy one from me.

The products that I actively promote on this blog are products that I use, such as my theme, Market Samurai as well as other products. The fact that people actually see me using the products that I recommend is their greatest selling point. That is one of the reasons that I have decided to purchase CommentLuv Premium. I don’t think that anyone would argue with me when I say that commentluv is one of the best WordPress plugins out there. Yet as good as it is Andy has added many features that make this a plugin people would be willing to purchase, and as owners the ability to promote it to other bloggers.

What Makes CommentLuv Premium So Great

That’s right, CommentLuv Premium is great and I believe adding it to your plugin arsenal will lead to sales because people will want the features it has to offer. Things like;

  • It has 5 plugins in one: These include KeyWord Name, Andy’s version of KeyWord Luv, Twitter Link, Gasp, DoFollow and of course, commentluv
  • Added SEO Benefit: Premium members are able to add their top 5 favorite posts/pages to their list of 10 latest posts. This is important because now when I go to comment on a CommentLuv enabled blog I can choose between 15 posts instead of 10! Apparently this will work even on a normal blog that has commentluv. Can’t wait to try that out. :thumbup_tb:
  • Stats Feature: With the premium version you can now track from your dashboard how many times the comments you left on other blogs are being clicked. This will show you which titles are working helping you to use better titles in your posts.
  • Who Gets The Luv: This is by far my favourite. With this option enabled a commentator will only be able to choose from their 10 previous posts if they fulfil certain criteria that I set in the options. This could be anything from having already commented X amount of times to requiring them to promote the post by selecting on of the included Social Media links.
I know that this may cheese off some commentators. Mitch said as much in his post I’m Not Registering, And Other Missives. You may be included amongst those who are not happy with this particular feature, but before you go off in a huff just consider the following.
  • This is and always will remain a DoFollow blog and you won’t have to do anything extra to get a DoFollow link
  • KeyWord Name is still enabled without having to do anything extra to use it

So, you see, the only thing that has changed is you can’t choose from your last 10 posts anymore as it will only display your last post. However, if you feel that any post is good enough for a Tweet or something, selecting that option will free up all 10 posts. I know that a lot of the time people mean to give the post a tweet but forget to do so, I’ve done that myself on many an occasion. This will act as a little reminder. If you don’t feel it is good enough then don’t! You still get all the other benefits.

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