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Is CommentLuv Bad For SEO

I have noticed of late that a few bloggers have removed CommentLuv from their blogs. That’s fine except that it irks me a teensy weeny little bit when they do so for the wrong reasons. Especially when they post about it on their blog spreading the wrong information about a great plugin. I’ve read several posts that say that CommentLuv is bad for SEO! You don’t believe me, check out this post titled Goodbye CommentLiuv where the 5th point definitely states CommentLuv is bad for SEO. He’s not the only one that states this either.

Firstly, CommentLuv was not developed to be a SEO plugin as was stated by one of his commenters.

CommentLuv Bad For SEO?

CommentLuv is bad for SEO The reason that CommentLuv was developed by Andy was to increase comments and social engagement on a site. It does that very well too, thereby also increasing the traffic to the site. Unfortunately this does lead to more spam. However, CommentLuv does not promote spam as was stated in point 2. Once you have a dofollow blog and people find out about it via various posts your spam will increase. It’s the nature of the game. It’s not CommentLuv’s fault and there are plugins to deal with it. Andy has even incorporated GASP into CommentLuv Premium to deal with Spam, not to mention some other real nifty add ons which I will get into later. 

I’ve had a little discussion with the author of that post where I asked him a question. 

CommentLuv Bad For SEO? I must admit I was a little peeved when he stated that I did not read his post and had to bring me up on it. Fact of the matter was I did read the post! It was just that the portion he so kindly reproduced for my benefit did not make sense. Specifically this point; “f you run a site about lawnmowers, and you have a large number of links coming from a technology website, it probably doesn’t do you any favours” Now, I’m not a SEO wizard, even though I have managed to get certain keywords to number on on Google, but to me that statement is just wrong. 

Any links left in a comment, including a CommentLuv comment, are leading away from your site and not to it. Therefore using that as an excuse to say that Commentluv is bad for SEO is completely erroneous. If anything, having a lot of comments could be draining some of the link juice of a post. Most bloggers in the CommentLuv family are content with that as long as they’re rewarding readers for leaving a comment. 

He also stated that CommentLuv increases the load time of a site. And it does, but then so does avery other plugin. If we were to use that as a reason we may as well remove every plugin from our blogs. But, lets have a look at how much load CommentLuv puts on this site as compared to other plugins.

CommentLuv load time As you can see, CommentLuv is actually one of the better plugins as far as using your resources go. If I was to get rid of any it would be the real resource pigs like WordPress SEO, W3 Total Cache or Jetpack. Definitely not CommentLuv.

I’ve also read of a few people who have become a little irate because of broken links which they blame on CommentLuv. Hello!  :hey_you: If you’re going to accept comments on your blog you’re going to have to deal with broken links. It’s part of blogging. Deal with it. 

Those of us who continue to use CommentLuv do so because we love the interaction that CommentLuv brings to our blogs. We’re happy to deal with whatever spam comes along. Speaking of spam, I must mention that one of the blogs that removed CommentLuv did stated that his spam did not go down. Like I said before, dealing with spam is just a part of a bloggers life. Speaking of spam. Andy Bailey hates spam just as much as any of us. This is why he built a few anti-spam features into CommentLuv Premium, some of which include;

  • Advanced version of the popular anti spambot plugin GASP. With added advanced heuristics to help prevent human generated spam from ever getting near your blog.

  • Premium GASP has a number of heuristics that you can customize to prevent the growing trend by spammers to use cheap labour to blast blogs with spam including… * Prevent copy/paste comments by requiring that a certain amount of keypresses * Prevent being blasted with comments by requiring a user to be on the page for a certain amount of time before commenting * Restrict the amount of URLs that are entered in to the comment * Require a minimum amount of words in the comment * Set a maximum amount of words in the name field .. and more
  • Many spammers find blogs that have comments enabled by searching for certain terms on Google, Yahoo, Baidu and MSN. You can send a warning to visitors if they use any of the banned terms that you set in a search engine to find your site.

So, you see, if anything CommenLuv Premiums sets out to combat spam.  There is a lot of other benefits from having CommentLuv premium, but this post is already a lot longer than I had intended. That’s what happens when I get into one of my rants.  :tongue_laugh_ee:  

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  1. Twitter:
    You know, I was going to comment on that other blog, but I decided against it because people are going to have their opinions and not change them, even though he acknowledges he’s still getting 150 spam comments a day since he removed it. Sigh…

    I say it all the time on my blog and I’ll say it here. CommentLuv is on my blog for me, not really for anyone else. If someone has a title that’s compelling to me, I’m heading over there to check it out. That was always the beauty of CommentLuv because, as you said, it produces better networking.

    There’s always the thing about links not matching up. In other words, most of these people don’t want anyone commenting on their blogs who’s not in their niche. I mean really? Have we gotten to a point in this world where someone running a legitimate blog or website doesn’t deserve to have a link if they write a really great post because their link is something different than what the blog’s about? What a bunch of elitist garbage; yeah, that’s going to make one successful, deciding that no one else counts. It’s that precise reason why I dropped Klout, if you remember.

    CommentLuv has been one of my favorite plugins since 2008. It will remain on all of my blogs, and I don’t see myself worrying about the links that come from those particular commenters bothering me as much as it does a lot of people. I will remove a link here and there because there are some sites I don’t want my blog associated with; I know you’ll do the same thing. But for the most part I love that for whatever reason I have such an eclectic readership, and I’ll be sticking with that and hoping to continue to influence and talk with as many people as possible from all sorts of backgrounds and interesting.

    Huff, huff! lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…15 Lessons From 1,500 Blog PostsMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Mitch, you and me have been pretty well always on the same page. The reason I wrote this post was because leaving another comment on that blog felt like banging my head against a brick wall. :wallbash_tb: Yep, that emoticon says it all :laugh_tb:

      Another reason for writing it is because I felt the need to set things straight. If people want to remove CommentLuv from their blogs, that fine but don’t write a lot of BS about a brilliant plugin. BS that may turn people off a brilliant plugin.

      Like you I love being part of the CommentLuv community. Like you I also love the way it links to someones post. Like you that is how I find new and interesting posts I can comment on.

      The only people that are getting chastised by Google are those morons who are paying others to comment on peoples blogs for them. I think I may do a post on that subject at a later date.
      Peter recently posted…Boobs Blonde Boobs And More Boobs Friday Funnies #112My Profile

  2. I installed Commentluv a couple months ago and have not noticed any increase in comments or traffic. So, it makes me wonder just how effective it is. Also, if you have a good Captcha, it will reduce spam dramatically.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Joe, comments don’t just miraculously appear once you install the plugin. People need to know you have it. The best way for that to happen is to visit as many blogs as possible leaving great comments. You do this consistently and people will follow you to your blog. Who knows, they may even return the favour an leave a comment. :smoke_tb:
      Peter recently posted…Some Blogging Love I Need To ShareMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    I have a blog about white supremacy events and stuff for sale and as soon as I installed CommentLuv my comments went through the roof and…
    J/K. I did not put CommentLuv on that site.
    Just Kidding. I kid I kid!
    Seriously, I love CommentLuv and as soon as I save up a few shekels I will be going Premium. I love the plug in.

  4. Hi Peter, As proof that you’re right, I found this article via CommentLuv at Tim Bonner’s blog. Excellent points about the purpose of CommentLuv. I have to hand it to Andy, he keeps working hard to improve CommentLuv when an issue arises.

    I agree with you, I enjoy CommentLuv and its ability to point me to interesting articles, such as this one, and reward my commenters with links. The broken link issue is a pain but I have heard that Andy will be updating the plugin so that when you remove the URL in the comment field the CL link will be automatically removed, cutting our culling time in half.

    It’s a personal choice but I’m sticking with CommentLuv for exactly the reasons you gave.
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted…RIteTag – A Handy Tool to Make the Most of Your Tweets!My Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Carolyn, welcome to WassupBlog. Yep, thats one my many favourite features of CommentLuv, especially because I use CommentLuv Premium. I notice you made the move up to the Premium version. That was a smart move on your part.

      I have every faith in Andy. One of the reasons another blogger used for removing CommentLuv was that Andy was updating the plugin too often. Man, I thought that was always a good thing. I wonder if he’s going to move blogging platforms because of all the WordPress updates. :tongue_laugh_ee:
      Peter recently posted…Dreamstime And Making MoneyMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Hey Peter,

    Yep, people have their opinions no matter how wrong we may think they are and obviously that guy wasn’t willing to have that conversation with you.

    The one great thing about CommentLuv Premium is he could have just removed the dofollow tag or the link to their post. The other URL in the comment field is nofollow anyway so what’s his problem. I’m still confused myself as to how that actually hurts his SEO since it’s an incoming link and not an outgoing on. Huh!!! I’m no expert but I’m just saying.

    You failed to mention Andy’s Anti Backlink plugin addition which for me has killed ALL spam. Okay, I’ll get a comment or two from someone who actually didn’t put much thought into it but it’s rare these days, at least for me. Maybe he’s encouraging spam, who know.

    I’m a huge supporter of CommentLuv and especially the premium version and I’ll debate with anyone until the cows come home but in the end it’s their choice and their decision but you’re right. If you’re going to remove it make sure you at least get it right when sharing your reasons with the rest of us.


    1. Twitter:
      Adrienne, I’m sure you meant outgoing link and not incoming as all links in comment go out and not in :wink:

      I’ve actually forgot about that little addition Andy made to the Premium version. I’ll need to activate that on a couple of my nice blogs which are always getting crappy backlinks. Doesn’t bother me that much though because my spam plugin puts them into moderation and then I spam them.
      Peter recently posted…Defence Attorney Sexy Sals Friday Funnies #110My Profile

      1. Twitter:
        No, actually I did mean incoming because that was my point. The incoming link has no SEO that would affect his site am I not right or am I wrong!

        Oh, that little addition alone has killed all my spam so it’s a prize gem to me.

        Thanks Peter!

          1. Twitter:
            Yes but to our site too! That’s really all I wanted to share but it wouldn’t let me just leave that sentence because I hadn’t said enough. That’s the only reason I made mine shorter because of the conversations that go back and forth! ;-)

  6. I removed CL from my blog last year after my blog started appearing on lists on various lame-o newbie SEO sites as “Hey, this blog supports CL and Keyword Luv and is a PR3! Get some links!”.

    With that, I began to get tons of spam comments, so I decided to remove it. My favorite thing about it? I love clicking on other commenter’s latest blog entries!
    Ross recently posted…How to Remove Google Manual Penalty in 4 Easy StepsMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Ross, welcome to WassupBlog. My blog is actually listed on a whole lot of those sites. Not a problem for me though because my spam filter gets rid of most of them The rest I send to Spam Hell! :devil_tb:

      You’ll usually find that commenters from those sites usually don’t have all that much to say, and usually do not read the post. The premium version has settings such as time allowed for reading the pos minimum amount of words typed which you can set. You can even set the amount of keystrokes for those that love to paste crappy comments.

      All in all I love it and don’t mind if I get a bit of extra spam. Dofollow or not, CommentLuv, KeywordLuv or not, spam is part of a bloggers life.
      Peter recently posted…Free Broken Link CheckerMy Profile

  7. Hi Peter,

    CommentLuv was one of the first plugins that I installed on my first blog in 2009. I worked with the free version until Andy rolled out a premium version. I love the plugin. I believe in rewarding visitors to my blog for leaving a comment and I will visit their links if the title is enticing.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Rachel,

      So nice to see you here on WassupBlog. I have to agree, the title of their last post, or the post of their choice if using the Premium version, helps to sway me when it comes to choosing a blog to comment on. I don’t even consider the ones without a CommentLuv link. So those people not using CommentLuv are losing a lot of potential traffic.
      Peter recently posted…Irish Millionaire & Chopper Friday Funnies #113My Profile

  8. Hi Peter,

    The warm debate is going on about backlinks and CommentLuv plugin which is considered not a good one. Many bloggers have removed this plugin from their blog after hearing rumors about it.
    How can a famous plugin like CommentLuv be bad? People are having wrong impression about this plugin.

    There is an another premium version of CommentLuv which consists anti-backlinking so why bloggers are afraid of using it?
    Don’t know why bloggers are denying to use it.I hope they will get to know soon.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…Ironically – Don’t Call Yourself A Blogger If You…My Profile

    1. Twitter:
      You’re absolutely right Ravi, CommentLuv Premium is an excellent plugin. I don’t have a problem with people who decide not to use it anymore. I do however have a problem when they write inaccuracies of the plugin. That is what this post is all about,
      Peter recently posted…Why I Love WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

  9. Hey Peter,
    SEO is what i do for living, and i think you raised a very interesting question when you said: “is it bad for the site who has Commentluv or for those leaving a comment”.

    i can assure you that links coming from comments have very very little affect on seo, unless you manage to get a dofollow link from a comment on an high authority blog like “Mashable” or “Lifehacker” then maybe yes,
    we use comments as an outreach strategy, in hope that people would click on our website, maybe like what we have to offer and spread the word about it,
    and Commentluv is excellent for that,
    leaving a description title in the name field is spamming, while Commentluv allows you to suggest an article politely, in hope that someone would love your content and write a post about you, but getting SEO juice from a comment link is none-sense!

    as for the site who has Commentluv, as long as their links are of nofollow nature then the site has nothing to lose, in-fact even if it might be attracting a larger number of spammers it’s still getting a big traffic increase, and that’s profitable.

    so in my opinion in the direct approach it’s neither good nor bad for SEO, for both parties.
    Best wishes!

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Mitch, welcome to WassupBlog. So, in other words, there is a lot more positives to CommentLuv than negatives. The bloggers using it gets more interaction and the commenter may get more traffic to their blog. Who knows what that traffic will lead to. Perhaps they’ll build their blogging relationships. Heck, it might even lead into a sale. :wink:
      Peter recently posted…Irish Millionaire & Chopper Friday Funnies #113My Profile

      1. I also think that there are more positives in commentluv than negatives. It helps to build a community around a blog which lead towards getting a lot of ACTIVE readers. It helps in acquiring good backlinks too. :)

  10. It is a great discussion and commentluv encourages this discussion. On the one hand they say that you should share links and link to other websites to improve the browsing experience. they cannot go ahead and penalize you for doing so. People always concentrate on small things and miss the big picture. What a lovely blog you have here and commentluv has probably contributed to it.

    1. Twitter:
      Hi Chea, you’re exactly right, CommentLuv encourages discussion and I think those that remove it may be missing the point. Those who have bought the premium version get other benefits too. I’m amazed that some CommentLuv Premium owners have also removed the plugin. Makes no sense at all.
      Peter recently posted…StumbleUpon My Social Media Of ChoiceMy Profile

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