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Commenting 101 Important Rules For 2009

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The New Year is upon us and I can just see all the serious bloggers scrambling around trying to work out what they can do to improve their blog this year. Will it be a new theme or perhaps they will try to improve on their SEO techniques. I wonder how many actually look back to see what they did last year and the probable effects it may have had on their blog’s performance.

I remember stressing last year how important commenting was, posts that included;

Yet I still wonder if the message is getting out because I still notice a lot of inane comments out there and I want people to realize that whilst these comments may get you a back link they won’t generate many visitors and I think visitors that may actually turn into commentators is what every bloggers wants.

So, for 2009 I think we should all apply the following Commenting 101 rules.

  1. Read The Whole Post! Honestly, how many of you actually read the whole post before commenting. Some of the comments that I’ve seen on blogs are so far to the left that it’s obvious they haven’t read the post. I am surprised that the author let the comment exist.
  2. Formulate Comment! After reading the post, take the time to work out what you are going to say before you just hack away at the keyboard. Try to add to the post if possible. This may include some of your own personal experience.
  3. Proof Read Comment! This is very important. So many commentators are in such a rush to get to the next blog that they publish their comment, complete with stupid moronic mistakes because they didn’t take the time to proof read it. Can you see my hand in the air? Yep, I have been guilty of this offense and it is something that I plan to improve on this year.
  4. Don’t Spam Comments! This is a real no no. You should never leave a spam comment. This is where your sole intention is to leave a link within your comment to a site or affiliate you are promoting. Most of these comments are pretty short lived and a waste of time.
  5. Read What Others have To Say! It’s not all that hard to skim through what other people are saying and it is the only way to add to the conversation. Imagine being amongst a group of people discussing a topic, not really listening, and then coming up with something completely off topic, something that causes a quiet uncomfortable pause as everyone tries to work out where you are coming from. That could be the effect of your comment, and as such it will be disregarded.
  6. Name And Not Keyword! I know that everyone is trying to get maximum exposure for their keywords but I really think that blog hosts would like a name rather than a keyword such as  ‘Ultimate Blogging Tips’ when people leave a comment.
  7. Nothing To Say, Then Don’t Say Anything! This can happen at times and rather than an a generic ‘thanks for the post’, ‘ nice post’ etc. it is best not to say anything at all. As Forsaken of Domain Marvelous suggest it you can always show your appreciation by taking the time to ‘social bookmark the post’.

These are all very important rules, but there are many more that could be added to the list. Perhaps you have one that you would like to be listed? If so leave a comment, and if I like it I will add it to the post with a link to your blog.

I would like to add part of the comment that was left by April of Cranial Soup who inspired me to join Friendfeed with her Top Ten FriendFeed Friends, as I know not everyone will read all the comments ;) When you are ready to leave a comment on a particular post you should also keep the following in mind as that comment should enable you;

1. to participate in a conversation
2. to establish a reputation
3. to command respect from others
4. to reach out and draw people into your circle
5. to turn the blogger into an ally that is willing to give you a prime link in the body of one of his posts

Don’t forget to join Cool Blog Links and increase your Blog’s exposure.

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  1. To get traffic from commenting, its very important to comment intellectually on the blog post. Time well spent on intellectual comments will bring value in terms of traffic for the blog.

    ZK´s Last blog post..Wish You a Happy & Prosperous 2009

    1. comment itellectually? just go with your thoughts, save the intellect for something really important. after all, only have a limited amount of thoughts in your brain and it seems a shame not to save the good ones until you really need them

      rob´s Last blog post..Dani’s Dairy #2

      1. Commenting intellectually may not be a waste as it may lead to more traffic to your blog or site.Sure save the best for yourself but don;t leave useless comments as they have no value to anyone.

      2. As far as you post something meaningful and contributing to the post or to the comments of the post, you will sound intellectual. There is no need for commenting which makes people to do additional research just to understand what you mean. Once I happened to hear a friend saying that he jingles word with the use of a thesaurus and then post them just to look intellectual. That is obviously one of its kind I have heard. I dont understand the logic behind posting comments which doesnt hit the readers brain easily..
        .-= Mack@Las Vegas Real Estate´s last blog ..Commercial Real Estate Bubble =-.

        1. Unfortunately for your friend using the thesaurus to substitute a whole heap of words could actually have the wrong effect.

          The important thing is to always leave good quality comments, especially if you want people to follow you to your blog.
          .-= Sire´s last blog ..Nigerian Scam Contacting FedEx Diplomatic Courier Company BS Phishing Email =-.

  2. That is so true ZK, and well said I may add. Thanks for leaving a comment mate.

  3. Hey Sire

    Apparently, commenting is one subject that’s close to your heart. Not only you are active commenting, a big part of your blog revolves around commenting.

    Skimming has been and will always be the reading habit of many. So point #1 is indeed the mother of all commenting habits. Whether people will follow is another story……just like I’m prone to make mistake #6. It’s a habit that’s hard to break but somehow, I try not to do it here… ;-)


    Yan´s Last blog post..2009 is the Year of Internet Marketing

    1. Who would think you could do so many posts just on commenting. Heck, I could almost start a niche on it, NOT! As for #6 Yan, don’t think I have noticed how good you have been of late, but you must remember that the keyword plugin helped you out a little.

  4. Another important rule of commenting is “to not comment when you have nothing to say”. Some people have the tendency of leaving generic comments, such as, “Great blog”, “Great post”, and similar. I guess they expecting to please the author and let their comments pass through. This is usually not the case with some bloggers though. Generic comments = spamming.

    A good tip for commentators; if you do not have a constructive comment to make, the blog authors would appreciate more if you take out the time to social bookmark the post instead of leaving a generic, “Thank You” comment. :wink_wp:

    Forsaken´s Last blog post..Welcome, 2009

    1. Thanks for your comment Forsaken as it lead me to add #7 to the post. I do believe this is your first ever comment on my blog, and a good one at that, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on the topic.

  5. Boo, guess who! hehe.

    I am so guilty of #3 and even after I proofread. The main one for me is leaving i instead of I even though I swear I hit that darn shift key lol.

    #5 is important for another reason also. Even if you can’t think of anything constructive for the post itself, you can still ADD ON to anothers comment…notice the caps and don’t just say something super silly like “what he said!” UGH

    Oy don’t get me started on real names; I don’t got that kinda time. LOL

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..$100 First Prize! The *Best Blog Review Contest* Is In Full Effect!

  6. Hey Dennis, I’m a bad one for #3 myself and I love those blogs that allow you to edit your comments. I’ve added the plugin to allow commentators to edit their comment just to give them that opportunity to correct any errors if it is required.

    1. Am I missing something here? I don’t see any edit mode but since #3 is one of your commenting 101, I might need one here….


      Yan´s Last blog post..2009 is the Year of Internet Marketing

      1. Yan, there is an editing mode, but for security reasons I have set it for 5 minutes, which I think allows plenty of time to double check even after publishing the comment.

        1. I swear I didn’t see it at all on my end but then I figure I might NOT need it as I proofread 10x.


          Yan´s Last blog post..Interview with Jim Regan – The Net Fool

          1. You shouldn’t have said that Yan, because now I am going to have to catch you out, just like Mitch does to me :lol_wp:

          2. LOL… we’ll see to that.

            @Mitch: Don’t start another cat and mouse game.

            PS: Oh by the way, I’ve updated my PR list to include yours and Mitch’s as well. No reciprocal link is required.

            Yan´s Last blog post..Interview with Jim Regan – The Net Fool

          3. Thanks Yan, even though it isn’t necessary I’m sure I can squeeze a link in for you sometime soon.

          4. Mitch

            I have lots of typing mistakes but certainly not @ wassupblog. I figure you might need a bigger magnifying glass than Sire’s to start picking on mine……. lol


            Yan´s Last blog post..Interview with Jim Regan – The Net Fool

          5. Don’t tempt him Yan as Mitch will go out and buy him a spelling microscope to proof read your comments

          6. Twitter:
            Cat and mouse game? Me, Yan? I’m so innocent. LOL However, if you’d like, I’ll start calling out your typing mistakes also. :-)

            Seriously, I only pick on Sire’s posts when he’s talking about people making sure they’re typing everything properly. Overall, I don’t know that we care for the most part, as long as the message come through. Alvin Phang has lots of typos and missed words, but because we know what he’s saying we let them go. I heard him talking on an audio once and he talks like that, so I figure English isn’t his first language, and since I only know English it’s not fair to pick on him about that.

            Thanks for adding us, Yan. Of course, your blog has always been listed on my blogroll.

    2. I’m looking for one that plays nice with commentluv, can you link me to yours?

      Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..UPDATE: Changes Made To The Permanent BackLink Page

      1. Your wish is my command. It was a great idea for another post. You were referring to a plugin that allows you to EDIT comments were you not?

        1. I was, thanks man.

          Still wondering why my avatar isn’t showing.

          Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Do You Have Blank Blog Advertisement Slots?

          1. No worries mate. What’s that about your avatar? I can see it fine.

          2. Hmm odd, it’s there now. lol

            Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Do You Have Blank Blog Advertisement Slots?

  7. Twitter:
    First, go back and read #4, and if you miss it, read it again. :-)

    Second, good stuff here, Sire, and though you know I wrote a lot on commenting last year also, I didn’t go after the same gripe that you did, which is the short and somewhat inane comment. Over the past few days I have looked at some comments, then looked at the post they were commenting on, and decided it was more spammy than anything else and deleted them. But I haven’t picked on the name as much as you have, one because I don’t have the plugin you do, and two, if those people want to be known by their nome de plume’s, then who am I to say otherwise? As long as it’s clean.

    As for the “don’t say anything” rule? Well, that will explain why I don’t comment on every single post that someone writes, even my friend’s, because sometimes, there’s just nothing I can say. So I hope I make it back up on those posts where I actually do comment.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..My Favorite Eighteen Blog Posts Of 2008

  8. Mitch, my friend, you know I leave those errors in the post just so you can pick me up on them don’t you? Seriously mate, you don’t know how often I’ve read that post and I’ve never picked up on that error. Heck, I even had to read it twice over after you pointed out there was an error there. You wait buddy, I am going to go over your posts with a magnifying glass from now on. :wink_ee:

    1. Twitter:
      See Sire, that’s the difference between us; you’d need a magnifying glass for me! LOL Actually, you know, once I added that Odiogo thing, I go back and listen to some of my posts now, and when something sounds odd I look at it and I’ve found some missing words myself. It’s just the nature of the beast, I figure.

      Mitch´s Last blog post..My Favorite Eighteen Blog Posts Of 2008

      1. Now that’s an interesting way to proofread. :)

        Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Do You Have Blank Blog Advertisement Slots?

        1. It’s for when you want to pick up on those little itty bitty mistakes.

      2. I’ve seen that ‘Odiogo’ thing on a few blogs and I reckon that it’s something that I have to look into. Do they have something with an Aussie accent?

  9. Hey, some great tips there Sire…damn this is what I missed on my time off huh?

    Gotta agree with you on the whole ‘Name and not keyword’ bit, a name is much more personal and a lot better than a ridicoulous keyword term that makes you realise they are just in it for the links!

    I like bloggers that actually ask questions in their comments, as it gives me something to honestly reply to, and lets me know that they are thinking about what they are reading :)

    Dan´s Last blog post..Make $10 (Or More) By The End Of The Day

  10. That is so true Dan, and sometimes those questions may even lead to a new post. just as the one from Dennis did. So, you had some time off did you, and how did that feel?

    1. I can completely vouch for that. I’ve gotten tons of posts ideas from comments on both my and other blogs.

      1. That’s your problem Dennis, everything you come across gives you ideas. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad trait to have considering your a blogger.

        1. So it’s no longer a problem? LOL

          Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Do You Have Blank Blog Advertisement Slots?

          1. I knew you would have a little dig with that one. :nono_tb: :lol_tb:

  11. Hello Sire & all,
    I am a bit afraid to leave a comment here. You all will have to much fun picking on my poor grammar.

    I am sooo glad that so many people have gotten into the habit of leaving their name in the slot that says NAME! Trying to reply to someone that is using a keyword just irritates me.

    I think if the author of the blog uses his/her real name on post rather than Admin that seems to lay the ground rules.

    I find that if a new person leaves an iffy comment and has not addressed anyone by name, I tend to think it is an automated commenting tool. I am not sure how the automated comment things work so, I may be completely wack on this. Maybe you guys have some insight into this that would make it easier for us to spot this type of thing.

    Ok, I do not want to nick pick but, as I am writing this I noticed that right under the ADD COMMENT button you have text that reads; This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage. I wonder if you have people that take that out of context and think they should leave keywords & forget the name part.

    I am leaving now before ya all yell at me. ;)

    Sheryl Loch´s Last blog post..Blog Co-Op at The Internet Marketers Guild

    1. Hmm, shouldn’t that be y’all?? (hehe that was just too perfect)

      Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Do You Have Blank Blog Advertisement Slots?

    2. Twitter:
      Hi Sheryl,

      First, I’m with Dennis, it’s y’all! :-) Second, I’ve started taking a more critical look at some of those comments with “fake” names coming through also. Most of the time it’s very easy to tell it’s an auto generated post because the response just doesn’t quite fit what I’ve written about. If it’s iffy, I delete, and I’ve yet to see anyone come back to ask me why I deleted their post so I usually feel pretty good that I must have been right.

      Mitch´s Last blog post..Page Rank & SEO – A Short Blogging Research Project

    3. Don’t let those guys, Mitch and Dennis, put you off Sheryl, they are totally harmless, or at least that is what they let me believe.

      Never be afraid to comment here Sheryl, we’re all a friendly bunch, and no-one is going to pick on your grammar, least of all me. BTW, I think the grammar on that comment was fine and I see nothing at all wrong with ‘Sire & all’, those guys are just nit picking. :wink_ee:

      As for the keyword love, someone will always take it out of context, but don’t worry, I know how to deal with them.

      1. Hey listen boy! HeHe y o u a l l know I’m justa joshin :tongue3_tb:

        Sheryl is one of my awesome readers as well. :thumbup_tb:

        Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Threaded Comments Have Arrived! Edit Comments Is Coming…

        1. Yeah, we know mate, just love to rub it in when you give me a chance. You don’t give me many.

  12. Nice article. I think that if everyone followed these easy steps the commenting pool would be cleaned up a lot. I’ll do my part to spread this knowledge.


    Judging by the comments I see in my spam queue, I would say there are a lot of stupid poeple out there, or people who think I am stupid and would allow their comments to pass.

    Good post, problem is, the people reading it aren’t the people leaving the stupid comments.

    Geoserv´s Last blog post..Where’s my Pagerank?

  14. That is probably true for a lot of people Geoserv, but perhaps some of those who see this will learn to clean up their act.

  15. Man I’m so guilty of soo many of those. Maybe I should add that to my new years resolutions, go for less comments and higher quality. You put up some good guidelines to follow, they are all the top ones, you sound almost like it’s from experience lol :) Thanks for putting these together I’ll try and work harder to follow them here in 09.

    Jonathan Muller´s Last blog post..50 Blogs You! need to Read

  16. Damn it Johnathan, you’ve found me out mate. Most of these I have learned from experience, either from doing it myself or from having it done to me. It’s all cool as long as one learns from personal mistakes and ones made by others.

  17. No worries about pickin on me, I made my living from dealing with the ‘peanut gallery’ for years. ;)

    I do agree that most people that will read your advice here already have a pretty good idea of proper commenting. I have spent many hours trying to get people to understand a little networking etiquette only to see that much of my time was wasted on people that do not want to change. Yet, they still ask me why they are getting no where. DUH!!

    My biggest reason for working at home is so, I can have my DELETE button! I can also yell and scream at people who post and not have charges filed against me. See it works, Dennis did not even hear me call him a butthead! ;)

    Just keep up the good advise and get to the smart ones one at a time.

    Sheryl Loch´s Last blog post..Tracking Blog Comments on BackType

    1. Oh oh OH! Aight I see how it is. It’s on now! :jittery_tb:

      Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Threaded Comments Have Arrived! Edit Comments Is Coming…

    2. Hi Sheryl, thanks for coming back. I was afraid those too goons, only kidding fellas…lol, scared you off. I agree that a lot of those reading this may already know it but the question is are the following by example? I know that even I make the occasional mistake. Anyway, I reckon no matter who you are there is always room for improvement.

      1. Twitter:
        Man, goon yet! lol I even made a good comment with my other post; sheesh! :guns_tb:

        Mitch´s Last blog post..My Search Engine SERP Tests

        1. Hey Mitch, no offense mate, just having a bit of fun with the ladies and acting all macho like. Hey I like your guns, I hope your aiming way low, at least beneath the kneecaps. Say you watched my video yet. I’m hoping to become a star. :lol_tb:

          1. Nope the one of me in this post.

          2. Twitter:
            Which video you talking about, the one to the right with the guy with the long beard?

            Mitch´s Last blog post..Is Control A Facade?

      2. I am not a goon! Although I may hire them from time to time. :smoke_tb:

        Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Threaded Comments Have Arrived! Edit Comments Is Coming…

        1. I thought I saw some shady characters hanging around your blog :hmm2_ee:

  18. No one can ever say that your comments are not of the best quality April and that is part of the reason why I always look forward to those moments when you choose to grace my blog. I love the analogy of it being like ‘social dominoes’ and how it only takes one push to send us over the brink into traffic bliss.

    Once again, thanks so much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

    1. If anyone still has any doubts on the value of good comments, you just proved that what I said was true.

      Thanks for the prime linkage!

      And please…share some of your services & blogs on Friendfeed. Don’t underestimate its value for driving traffic to your site. A great writer and social guy like you could do quite well, if you’d only add some feeds to your account.

      app´s Last blog post..Free Paintshop Pro Brushes: Algae

  19. April, I am still finding my way around FriendFeed. I’m sure you’ve done another post that will show me what I’m supposed to be doing there. Feel free to leave a link in your comment.

    As for the ‘prime linkage’, it was my pleasure and it was your comment that inspired me to add it.

  20. I have sometimes been guilty of #5, but only when I have a gazillion tabs open and the post I am responding to has an excessive amount of comments. I might read about 50 of them, at most, before hitting the “End” key.

    And you know how I am with #2 & 3. I usually leave a comment that could stand on it’s own, as a well formed full blog post. My Backtype page speaks for itself.

    I am very self conscious about leaving text online in places where it lingers longer than 1 hour. I worry about what people will think, enough to do my best to make sure that my spelling, grammar, and punctuation doesn’t lead them to be distracted away from the message. (I have been known to speak fluent Typonese in chatrooms, though)

    I would add to your list, and it applies to almost all of the items already there, to remember the purpose of leaving a comment:

    1. to participate in a conversation
    2. to establish a reputation
    3. to command respect from others
    4. to reach out and draw people into your circle
    5. to turn the blogger into an ally that is willing to give you a prime link in the body of one of his posts

    CommentLuv and dofollow are nice, but they do not compare to genuine respect that leads to another blogger saying something nice about you and your site, promoting you directly to their readers. This is the kind of advertising that is worth a fortune and in most cases not for sale.

    Commenting is a game of social dominoes. You are setting up your comments all over the internet and it just takes one blogger to tip it over and send you a ton of traffic, and start other bloggers talking about you, too.

    “Great post” isn’t going to do that, neither will a spam comment, bad grammar, misspellings, or breaking any of the other rules on the list.

    app´s Last blog post..Add a TwitThis Button to your Blogger posts

  21. Sire,

    I’m guilty at #5 and $6 too but #5 only when there’s tons of comments to go through. Good that you’ve got so many posts on commenting. I think it’s a very important topic. You’re helping to improve the blogosphere and we do appreciate that.


    Peter´s Last blog post..Internet Business Opportunities:Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    1. It’s true Peter that commenting is a very important tool if used correctly, which is why I have devoted so many posts to it. It is surprising how many different avenues one can approach a particular topic with.

  22. Truth is that a good comment can attract more visitors to your site. I am sure many people click on the commentator who adds value to the conversation.

    Make Money Online Tips´s Last blog post..Top 3 Ways To Make Money Online

  23. Thanks for sharing it. it really helped me to build a lot of backlink in my blog. and allows to increase the PR on my blog

  24. to tell you the truth i read every post and try to give an honest opinion to the bloggers article to the best of my ability in which its as close to relevance as possible

    almir´s Last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

    1. That’s good Almir, as long as you stick to that regime I think you will find that it pay off by earning you the respect as a good commenter. This in turn will lead people to your blog as they will want to learn who the person is behind the comments.

  25. This is a good commenting article. You should try running a social commenting workshop. Who knows you might become the guru in this sphere.

  26. Thanks Jamie, I reckon I will leave that for the real gurus.

  27. This is a very good post. It should be read by all those who take blogging seriously. Thanks you very much for sharing these tips.

  28. Thanks Claire, I appreciate the comment and the sentiment behind it.

    1. Yep, I am with you on that one. You are also guilty of not reading the comment policy :wink_ee:

        1. Actually John it was number 6, but not to worry mate, I reckon you’ve got the hang of it now. You would be surprised how many people refuse to adhere to the rules, which is surprising as the rules are simple and the benefits for following them obvious. Thanks for the comment.

  29. yep this is definitely true and it upsets me when i find a comment of 3 lines but that has no relation with my article , and prefer to have no comments that to have tons that have nothing to do with my post

    1. That’s so right, especially as a post with a few quality comments is a whole lot better than one with a heap of crappy, spammy or worthless comments.

  30. When I was new to blogging I was used to spam a bit as I was a bit desparate to become famous or get noticed by other bloggers and reader. But very soon i realized that it is a malprctice and people dont even bother to click on your name or link. Consider it as my confession. lol.

    1. As long as we all learn from our mistakes, and remember it’s not the amount of comments you leave, it’s the quality that counts.

  31. if you don’t like get spam comment on your blog then you should not spam on other people blogs, because i believe in karma :-D

    I agree with you..

    1. So true, and yet so many people fail to see this, or knowing it just don’t give a damn.

  32. I follow 5 practices out of 7 outlined by you. I read the post, take time to comment but it’s my usual practice that I don’t recheck my comment again, sometimes I make errors in quick typing so I should check it once. I will try to follow it. Apart from it I enjoy KeywordLuv where I can leave my name and keyword as well and I don’t like to spam the blog :) I want to contribute to the blog as much as possible. They were cool tips and should do good for any new comer entering into the world of blogging hehe.

    1. Thanks Mark, I’m glad that you were able to get some use from the post.

  33. First of all I like the theme of your blog, perfect for halloween. Right on.

    I agree with your points, especially no.6. WHy should we put just our keywords when the webmaster uses a Keyword Luv plugin.

    1. Hey Mark, the theme is only temporary and it’s good to see you have read the post and not used a keyword as your name. :bye_tb:

  34. These are great tips, some of them were pretty funny too. I especially like the one about short lived comments because things are so out there or “far to the left”.

    1. Thanks cruz, I’m glad you liked them.

  35. I’ve been receiving post that talks about lame jokes that are not funny at all. And totally irrelevant, how do they expect their comments to be approved. lol

    1. Some people are just dumb asses

  36. Your 7 points are not new but true. Too often people miss use the possiblity to comment for spam. But I think that your post will not prevent them from doing it. On the other side if you really want to get only “true” comments” the best way will be to switch of html and the possiblity to post the url of their website. That this is also no good solution is clear so I guess the best way is to make a mix of both.
    .-= Netty´s last blog ..Athens =-.

    1. Perhaps my post won’t stop everyone from doing it, but even if it makes one person change their way it was worth it.

      Also whilst it’s true that the content is not new, I hope I have presented it in such a way that it is more inspiring to action than others that are out there.

  37. Nice tips. I think that commenting out of context just for the sake of a link takes all the fun out of it, too!

    1. Thanks Todd, and another thing about commenting out of context, unless it’s related in some fashion they usually get deleted on this blog.
      Sire recently posted…How Would You Like To Win An Apple iPad?My Profile

  38. These are some great tips and rules on how to comment on blogs. It amazing just how much crap you can get through from people spamming and using automated systems. nothing beats a real human sitting here and typing a relevant response. I delete hundreds of crap comments a day on my blog and at times its really frustrating.

    1. Hey Paul, it’s almost as bad when you ring customer service and get some automated answering machine :guns_tb:

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