Commentators, How Do I Reward Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

I reckon those of you who read my blog regularly would realize by now how I hold my commentators in high esteem and I how I love to reward them for leaving a comment. Those of you who don’t, well let me list them here for you in order that it may encourage you also to join in the discussions on this blog.

  1. Do Follow: First of all, by using the Do Follow plugin I have removed the No Follow tags and so Google will now be able to follow the link, left in the name field when you leave a comment, to your blog or site.
  2. The F Group: I am a member of the F Group, a group that promises to follow all commentators to their blog and reciprocate with a comment of their own.
  3. Brian’s Threaded Comment Plugin: This plugin makes it easier to respond to an authors comment rather than have to use the old ‘@ Name’ Crap and then scrolling up and down to see what the conversation is all about.
  4. CommentLuv: This is a neat little plugin, developed by Andy Bailey, that reward you by including a titled link to your last blog post at the end of your comment. If you register your site at commentluv you can actually choose from your last 10 posts!
  5. Top Commentators Widget: Read all about how being a regular commentator can increase your backlinks via this plugin.
  6. KeywordLuv: KeywordLuv by Stephen Cronin is the latest method that I am using to reward those who take the time to leave a comment. Everyone knows the value of keywords, well with this plugin will separate your name from your keywords in the link to your blog or website thereby giving you improved anchor text.  All you need do to to utilize this plugin is enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage of it. For example, if I was to enter Sire@Wassupblog in the name field it would show up as Sire from WassupBlog.

You can thank Kristi of Kikolani fame, her latest poem The Sweetest Drug, for that last plugin as it was her comment on my Commenting Etiquette post that inspired me to install it.


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  1. Hi Sire,

    Thanks for the mention and linkback. # 6 Keywordluv sounds really fantastic and I’ll install it too. Is this a very new plugin as I’ve never seen it in blogs. Oh BTW, I’m not getting any option to select my last 10 posts.


    1. It’s actually been out for awhile but I couldn’t get it to work. Then kristi comes along and I found the extra incentive. :wink_ee:
      Sorry I can’t help you with the commentluv options as that is way out of my league. Possible a server problem on Andy’s end.

      1. Hey Sire,
        ” Couldn’t get it to work”… you make it sound like one difficult plugin to install. Hope not as tough as my Threaded Comments plugin in which you know what is it safe for me to install on my blog.


        1. Actually Pete I found out later that the reason it didn’t seem to be working was because I was logged on. Once I logged off there it was as sweet as could be.

          Sire´s Last blog post..Dragon Over Skyline With Some Simple Editing

  2. I have installed the KeywordLuv plugin as well. Thanks for the credit. :) You are a fine role model for commentator appreciation, and for that, you should have many blogging world karma points coming to you!

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..Explaining Web 2.0 Features

  3. I can do with all the karma I can get Kristi as it may make up for all those evil thought that goes through my mind every once in awhile. I reckon I may browse over to your blog to see what witty comments I can leave. Oh, and so I can check out your keywordluv.

  4. Twitter:
    Well, I’ll own up to not fully understanding the benefit of the keyword luv plugin, but I like all the other stuff you have, and I think I have all of it myself. Course, we need to find a way to shore up how to get to that F Group thing so that we can make sure we’re all following each other, though, as mouthy as you and I are, we tend to follow almost anyone who writes on our blog.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Marketing Your Business With Your Website

    1. Mouthy? Moi? Surely you jest old son… :lol_tb:

      As for the KeywordLuv plugin, I think that there are supposed to be definite SEO advantages of separating the name from the keyword itself.

  5. That is true Mitch, that is so true. Then again we have a lot of good attributes to make up for our ‘mouthiness.’

  6. Its nice to see there are still some bloggers who actually recognize the people who take the time to comment.

    With commentators, blogs would be nothing.

    Good stuff.

    Geoserv´s Last blog post..NewsDots and FAQPAL get overhauled

  7. F Group you say. Sounds like something I should check out. ;)

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..7 Very Common Startup Mistakes – Are You Guilty? ;)

  8. I really like KeywordLuv and CommentLuv. This is the first time I’ve heard of the F group though.

    Susan´s Last blog post..Y

    1. That’s probably because the F Group is an idea that I came up with and one that I reckon will work really well if enough bloggers took it on.

      1. Twitter:
        True, but you know, Sire, something you might need to do from time to time is email a copy of the list so we know who’s on the list and can go visit each other.

        Mitch´s Last blog post..Widget Bucks Has A New Widget

        1. That’s a great idea Mitch, and I will be sure to do that. I notice that you have a post on Widget Bucks. I joined only a few days ago and I can’t get the widget to display on this blog?

          Sire´s Last blog post..Dragon Over Skyline With Some Simple Editing

          1. Nope as far as I can see it should be working. I’ll leave it a vit longer to see what happens.

  9. Twitter:
    No, but that’s okay because we can’t seem to help ourselves.

  10. Well done for taking the steps to reward your readers. I have implemented keywordluv on one or two of my own blogs and I have found the quality comments build nicely as well as regular readership.

    It also stops these people using their keywords as their name, it’s always nice to actually be able to respond to a name rather than keyword!

    Anyhow – you have a new reader!

  11. Thanks Olly. I implemented the plugin as a last resort. Even though I had asked people not to use keywords many still did and the problem arose as to what to do so as not to ostracize my readers. Keywordluv provided the answer and if it has gained me just one reader it was worth the install. Thanks for joining my gang. :clap_tb:

  12. I haven’t tried the KeywordLuv, Top Commentators Widget, or Do Follow I thought Do Follow was natural anyways… little did I know!

    I’m off to install top Commentators mod now I bet you’re in it too Sire!

    bbrian017´s Last blog post..My SEO Experiment, Increase Organic Blog Traffic

  13. I hope so Brian, I would have hated to have done all that work for nothing. :grin1_ee:

    As for the other plugins I reckon that any incentive that you can give to try and solicit that extra comment is well worth it.

  14. No worries Barbara, and I do love your blog. I’m going to ad it to my bloglines first chance I get. There is one plugin that I would use if I were you, because of the amount of comments you get, and that is the threaded comments plugin. it would make it so much easier to follow the conversation.

  15. Cool, I actually joined ‘Tweet MY Blog ‘ under you and installed that peel back thing, but again I am not seeing anything.

    1. Twitter:
      That’s great, Sire. You’ll appreciate how your posts will automatically get posted to Twitter; great stuff indeed.

      Mitch´s Last blog post..Growth Revisited

      1. That part of it works, let’s see how the rest of it goes. BTW, did you see the Tweet My Blog banner displayed on the blog at all?

          1. Well to tell you the truth I though that it would appear at the top of the header, like it did on your blog, which I thought was strange as they told me to install the code in the footer? Don’t tell me I installed the wrong code?

          2. Twitter:
            If they told you to install code in the footer, that’s wrong because you never install any code in the footer. Let me clarify; are you talking about a 125×125 ad, like what you have in the boxes above already? Send me a direct message through Twitter; let’s move this conversation there.

  16. Hi Sire – Like you, I cherish all of my comments (and the authors). CommentLuv is my favorite comment plugin. I like the fact we can award our commenters with a way to show others what they write about, too.

    You’ve listed other plugins I haven’t heard about. When I’m looking to add more, now I know where to find the information. Thank you!

    Barbara Swafford´s Last blog post..Who Taught You – Open Mic

    1. I did try Google Chrome and I have just tried IE7 and still nothing. They look good huh? Makes not seeing them now even worse, thanks mate. :wallbash_tb:

      Only kidding Mitch. :cheese1_ee:

        1. WOW! That does look good. I’m glad I got the color right. Thanks for going through all that trouble Mitch.

          1. Twitter:
            No trouble at all, my friend. :thumbup_tb:

  17. Fantastic post! As I’m new to blogging this helps me a lot! I will be adding the KL and CL plugins ASAP. Would be nice though to have one plugin that contained all of the popular extra bits… save having to install so many plugins.

    Joe´s Last blog post..Why You Need a Spyware Scan Remover

  18. wow some great advantages out there. I liked your blog and your idea of giving commentators some good love will be back :)

    Sohail´s Last blog post..Windows 7 Pre-beta – Download the trial version and extend it for 120 days for FREE

  19. I hope so Sohail because I just love return visitors, especially when they comment :grin1_ee:

  20. That is an impressive list of ways to reward commentators. I think some bloggers are wary of some of these plugins due to the potential increase in spam comments, but as long as it is correctly monitored (along with Askimet), it can be a win win situation for both commentators and blog owners alike.

  21. Sire, your comments on my blog have been very consistent in their quality and I can speak from experience how much of an impact that makes. It is great to see feedback that is more than just a cookie-cutter “great post!”.

    Thanks for the inspiration, and keep up the great work. Oh, I have signed up for your Cool Blog Links program! If any of my fellow commenters have yet to, I recommend that you also look into it.


  22. Thanks Abdallah, and just so you know, although I really try to leave good quality commnets on other peoples blogs I try even harder on yours seeing as how I don’t want to get sued by a bunch of lawyers. :wink_ee:

    Oh, and I’ve just approved your membership on Cool Blog Links. You should receive an email shortly with a code to place on your blog which will allow visitors to vote for your blog as well as keep track of certain blog statisitics.

    Sire´s Last blog post..Aussie Builders Encounter A Logical Scientist

  23. I have heard about do follow and no follow but I wonder, how do you tell what kind of blog you are visiting? Do the do follow blogs announce that they are do follow?

    1. Hi Britney, some bloggers display an icon to show that they are a dofollow blog, but there is an easier way to check; All you do is right click on the name of a commentator and select properties, if it says external it’s a dofollow blog and if it says external nofollow it’s obviously a nofollow blog.

  24. @Britney you could install No DoFollow Firefox Addon and you can see easily without checking the page source.

    Hey @Sire,keep up the good work!
    .-= Nice Blogger@Do Follow´s last blog ..Digg Added NoFollow on All External Links =-.

  25. Top commentator widget is good if you have really popular or website with many pages, because otherwise it will be low valued for commenter. But it is good to know that so many bloggers thin about commentators.
    .-= John Birch@Zenmed Scar Treatment´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

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