I’m Sire and I’m a Blogaholic! The problem is, unless I get lots of comments I’m just not getting the complete fix that I am craving for. But I don’t just want any comment, I want the sort where commentators have put a bit of thought into. I believe that comments on a post add to the blogging experience of all readers as long as they pertain to the post itself. In order to get the best comments I have devised this comment policy.

To encourage comments I have enabled ‘dofollow’ so you can be assured your comments will be picked up by the search engines. I have also installed the CommentLuv Premium plugin that will parse your last post providing a link to it. 

But that’s not all! I’ve also activated threaded comments so you can actually reply to a particular comment and not tag it on the end of everyone else’s. Lastly I’ve activated the Keyword name part og  CommentLuv Premium. This means you can leave a keyword along with your name. You can do this Your Name@Your Keywords. Remember, name first and only three keywords, any more and the plugin will remove your keywords. If you use a keyword instead of your name I will delete your comment.

There may be some that think I am being a bit harsh and that I should accept all comments but the thing is I take pride in my posts and I want to be able to show the same pride in the quality of my comments, as should you.

I Will Not Tolerate Spammers!

comment policy
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So, what is spam?

  • Spam is when you do not follow this comment policy.
  • When you leave keywords instead of a name.
  • When you leave a comment without reading then post
  • When your comment is nonsensical and has nothing to do with the post.
  • Comments like Great post!

If your comment manages to see the light of day then you can give yourself a pat on the back because it has passed my stringent quality tests. As I reserve the right to edit or delete comments and to moderate any ensuing threads you can also be assured that this is a family friendly blog that does not allow any phobic content that may be based on race, sex, nationality, religion or whatever.

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  1. I don’t blame you for trying so hard to make sure you’ve got quality comments. Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there who only leave comments in order to leave links to their sites or want to spam out your comment section.

    A bit harsh? No. It’s your blog, honey. You have every right to expect viable comments. Besides, it wouldn’t be a BlogSire blog if there wasn’t a bit of controversy in there somewhere. LOL

    Christines last blog post..Free Short Story Competition

  2. Controversy, yep that could well be my middle name Christine. As for the spam and the crappy comments, it’s a good thing that I allow myself the privilege of booting them off and boot them off I will.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

  3. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of comment luv now is there? As for those blogs that have way too many comments, if I have something to say I normally scroll to the bottom and say it. Even if I may be rehashing something that has already been said I reckon I’d probably put a different spin on it. Yeah, I know I’m being slack but when you hit the big 50 you need to live your life as efficiently as possible. :wink_ee:

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

  4. Gotta respect a solid comment policy.

    Sometimes I don’t comment on a blog because there are already so many comments and many of them are crap… even if I thought I had something reasonable to say.

    Comment luv is getting huge… maybe I should install it too :P

  5. I like this policy – Do you moderate all comments? Also, you mention disabling “no follow”, but you don’t say how.

    DeBorah Beattys last blog post..Google Chrome – How’s It NOT Hanging?

  6. Deborah, the first comment always goes to the moderation panel, but once it is approved all other comments are instantly published. Having said that I still scrutinize all comments and delete those that I feel are not worthy of being published.

    As for making this a ‘do follow’ I am using one of the many do follow plugins that are available for the WordPress platform.

    Sires last blog post..What To Do With Phone Call Scams And Their Phishing Trip

  7. That is true but there are many who abuse it, but it is their loss as their comments get deleted.

  8. Keywordluv is a great tool to encourage commenting and discussion on your blog. The reader is rewarded with a useful backlink for leaving a relevant comment to the discussion.

  9. Keyword Luv has made a tremendous difference in my blogging as it helps bring in more traffic which ultimately translates into $$$$.

    1. Cool, maybe you could send some of that my way. :cheese1_ee:

  10. As my knowledge KeywordLuv is a WordPress plugin, which rewards your commentators by separating their name from their keywords in the link to their website in the comments.

  11. You got that right Umair

  12. Hi There,
    All i would say here is that, we bloggers all strive to get meaningful comments which will improve traffic and ratings. I’m sad to point out that while KeywordLuv and CommentLuv increase traffic and therefore also comments, they also tend to attract spammers.
    Spammers give me a tough time, but ther isn’t much that we can do about them :-(
    BTW, what do you do to stay away from spam since you have also installed the commentluv plugin?

    1. It’s simple Elina, I do what all good bloggers should do, I spam the obvious spam comments and delete the ones that did not put any effort into their comment.

  13. Unfortunately, there are always those who abuse everything that is potentially good. That’s true in the blogging world as well as everywhere else.

    In my quest to find good solutions for spammers, I cam accross someone who claims that spammers help your blog’s ranking just like any other comments. I wonder if there is any truth to that?!

  14. Sounds like crap to me Hanna. Even if there was some truth to it I will continue to delete them as it’s my opinion they bring the value of the blog down and that is more important than ranking.

  15. I installed a new PC and don’t remember what you wanted me to use in the “What Do They Call You?” field. As you know in most blogs and Social Networking sites I use Internet Strategist. For those that use KeywordLuv I use Internet Strategist @GrowMap.

    One blog I frequent prefers I use GrowMap, someone (you?) used to change it to I.S. or IS and to make the few who insist on names happy I have a pen name that I use when pressed.

    If you tell me here what you want me to use I can look it up when I can’t remember. Feel free to change the field in this comment as needed. :-)

    1. Hey IS, I will refer to you as IS as it so much easier than writing the Internet Strategist as it is a bit of a mouthful. Internet Strategist is fine as I now know that is what you actually go by on you blog.

      1. Thanks Sire. I was about to comment on and share another post and could not remember. One of these days I hope to get caught up and visit more often.

        I really like the dark brown used in your replies on the tan comments. Looks great. Did you see the new logo on my blog? Working on the post, attributions, and then will change Avatars and Gravatar to match.

        1. Choosing the color of the comment box is one of the many attributes of this theme IS, and it’s why I love it so much.

          Yes I did and t I thought it was really good. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  16. It is really advisable that there should be guidelines in leaving comments in order to avoid spams. And also, it a good way to interact with other people.

  17. That’s true Claire, in fact it’s good policy to have guidelines in almost all facets of life.

  18. Hi. I saw your link via Extremejohn.com’s Alexa page. I think its a great idea to have posted this as to what you expect from commenters. I have many people, as I’m sure you’ve had, that simply put ‘nice blog’ or some bull crap like that and that’s it. Makes one wonder if they even read the article :( I think people leaving comments like that are really disrespecting our work. I’ll bookmark your site and be back.

  19. Thanks Christa for a great comment, and I’m not surprised that you’ve come from ExtremeJohn’s blog as he’s done an awesome job on it.

  20. I agree that guidelines are necessary. However, do you guys believe that people pay attention to them?

    I post rules/guidelines on my blogs but I still get stupid comments like “that real nice, thanks.”

  21. Of course not, but when they don’t it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I SPAM them! :devil_tb:

  22. I agree that spam comments are useless to any blog, and with comment policies, it can help somewhat. But do you all think that plugins like keywordluv encourages spamming?

    1. Sure it does, but it also encourages commenting and that’s worth the small effort of deleting spam.

  23. I have to say it is disappointing when people take advantage of a great plugin like Keyword Luv. I let my vistors know that if they do not leave quality comments they will not get a link and they still try to spam the heck out of it. I wish they would just spend a couple of minutes to write a comment worthy of approval. Thanks for the great post

  24. It is a little, but most that try that on this blog get their comment deleted or delinked so they’re just wasting their time.

  25. @Kristella: Girl, you just hit the nail in the head. Of recent I went all out to participate in one of them blog commenting contest and after 10 meaty comments, I realized the blog just wasn’t worth my comments at all. Not even for the money. The blog was plagued with dumb, useless comments most of which could not be understood due to language barrier. People just kept posting one line comments referencing what had already been said in the posts or saying “that’s right. Content is king for sure. Keep blogging”
    It was chaos.

    @Sire: I’m seeing a lot of comments here that are from people that spam Keywordluv blogs. I’m 100% sure cos I recognize their names instantly from certain posts on my blog. They always only comment on posts that mention commentluv and keywordluv. They finally made me shut down my Keywordluv post after 74 comments. Some are so stupid that they even use my contact form to send me their comments. LMAO.
    Spammers will go to any length to get their foot thru the door.

    You’re evil! LOL. I don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling when people don’t respect my comment policy. Most times, I get pissed especially when it’s beyond obvious that it’s carefully crafted spam. I’ll take your hint and probably start delinking all comments that fail to follow my policy ;)

  26. Udegbunam, as long as they supply a name I don’t mind them using keywords, as that’s what keywordluv is all about. I try to allow for differences in language, at least they try.

    I’m sure I miss a few here and there, but I assure you I delete or delink more than I let through.

  27. That was quite poignant. Even if I don’t make the cut I thought I would let you know I appreciated your sentiment.

    1. Hey Anne, I reckon I’ll let you slip through :smile1_ee:

  28. Anne (previous commenter) left a link to your Comment Policy over at her blog and I couldn’t help but take a peek.

    You are so honest! Chuckled when thinking about you sitting there not getting your fix, sifting through spam comments sand wondering why you ever started blogging in the first place. :)

    1. Why thanks so much Heather, it’s so nice of you to say so.

      Note to self….thank Anne for sending Heather, and check out Heather’s site.

  29. Sire, I’m feeling a little lost. It’s been a couple weeks since I was here and feel in love with the blogging tips. I’m enjoying these reviews of the money making systems but I’m curious is this is a regular focus of yours I’d missed or if this is a new shift for you… and if so, what lead you into this journey? I’m about to begin a hunt for revenue streams as well so this is definitely great information! Is this being your favorite results wise so far?

    1. I’ve always been interested in trialling these things Kimberley and when I do I post about it here. I’ll always publish the results so that others can learn from my experience.

  30. Sire, I don’t see a problem with a robust comments policy, besides you own the site so you should have complete control over content.

    I have had comments on one or two of my blogs that were really just gibberish! Total nonsense!

    I have learn’t quite a lot from reading interesting and diverse blogs.

    All things considered are you still pleased you installed KeyWordLove?

    1. All considered most do the right thing and it’s so easy to spam or delete a comment that it doesn’t bother me when I have to do it.

  31. You run your blog just like mine. I believe in rewarding people who contribute to my blog, but if they spam I punch them through my screen and mark it as spam. It’s the way to go. P.S. I’m new here and would like to say wassssup.

    1. Hey Anthony, it’s nice to see you here, and I’m glad to meet a fellow blogger who feels as I do.

  32. I think you strike a good balance, between offering a dofollow link and making sure that your blog does NOT end up looking spammy.

  33. Good grief, now I’m nervous!

    1. Why So Kissie?

  34. Thanks for the do-follow blog. I think it really helps give people more incentive to leave comments. Although you do run the risk of people not reading your content and just leaving those crappy comments like “Nice post!”, at least you can make people happy and give more people a reason to read your blog.

    1. Yes, it is an incentive but that’s not why I do it. I do it because I want to reward people for taking the time to read and comment on a post. Don’t worry about those “nice post” comments, they never see the light of day.

  35. Comment spam is a fact of life if you have a blog. Using WordPress, you have not only solid built-in tools to prevent comment spam, there are also a wide range of comment spam protection and defense plugins and methods to choose from if you feel you need additional coverage and protection.
    But spammers always will find better way to make spam comments.

    Lastly I would like to leave a note of appreciation for the informative bog you are maintaining.
    Well done

    1. Sorry your comment has been delinked because your comment is copied almost word for word from this site.

  36. Sire, I am impressed by your due diligence.
    On my blogs mainly on niche market subjects I have probably 2 thirds spam comments to useful ones. Even on these sites the one third of none deleted comments are useful content.
    Google says “content is king” and the majority of traffic comes from there, so we NEED comments and editing is part of our job. Even those that run blogs for a hobby or interest need people to engage with! Comments are the life blood of a dinamic site. I for one wouldn’t have it any other way.
    I use the wordpress platform for speed and the introduction of the API key does 90% of the work for me.
    To Your Success

    1. Hi Nick, you’re not kidding when you said we need comments, and we all crave for good comments which is why I have a comment policy. It allows me to delete any comment that I feel isn’t worth of inclusion.

      By doing this I feel I’m improving the quality of the blog which makes my readers happy as well as Google.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  37. I agree with Sire, having quality comments to your post is one way to keep your content at the top. Besides, leaving relevant and wise comments doesn’t work only for the blogger himself but for the commenter as well, it’s a win-win situation.

  38. Hi Sire

    I’m a first time visitor to your blog, I got your link from Kimberly Castleberry I have been reading your comment policy and agree with your standards. I wonder if you have akismet enabled on your blog, I have had trouble in the past with flagging real comments as spam. Anyways if your looking for some trackbacks or comments I have installed the keywordluv plugin here link removed yes its do-follow
    james recently posted…Boris Johnson Lets Rip At Government!My Profile

    1. Hi James, if you wanted me to visit your link you should have entered it in the url and I would have followed it to your blog. The only time I allow links in a comment is if it’s related to the post itself.

  39. Unfortunate that it is now necessary to have strict guidelines, but your are right to do so. More people should be as stringent as blogging will soon lose it’s credibility if spammers are allowed posts without any value. Good work.

  40. Strict commenting policy is essential for any popular blog as there is a big army of spammers are trying their best to fill the whole Internet world with their junks(Spam links). I am a new to your blog and I liked you commitment for providing us a good reading environment through strict comment moderation.

    1. A comment policy isn’t for the spammers benefit as spammers don’t really care if one exists or not. It’s to make sure that those who wish to leave a good comment know what is expected of them.

  41. Hi Sire,

    I’m a big commentluv fan – I’m quite new to blogging but can already see that it’s more about engagement and community than about isolated sites – the whole nature of blogs lends itself so well to that and as the world moves more online it addresses one of the criticisms that people don’t interact as much personally. Comment luv makes it even better and is completely win-win as far as I can see. I put it on our (rather new) site right away as soon as I heard about it.

    I have enjoyed looking at your site and will definitely spend more time here when I have it. I love your honesty and approach. Please do visit our little site if you have time, as a new blogger with lots to learn (I am struck by how vast the whole internet world actually is) I would love to get any feedback you might have on it.

    many thanks & take care,

    1. You are so right about blogging and it’s interactivity Alan which is why I am amazed that there are bloggers who do not take the time to reply to their commenters.

      Commentluv is a great tool for getting people to comment but it’s commentluv premium that rewards both the commenter and the blogger.

      1. Sire,

        just out of interest why don’t you install ReplyMe to let people know when you’ve responded to their comments?

        I don’t like the ‘send me all follow up comments’ option as that can be too many emails but ReplyMe’s pretty good isn’t it?

        I might have a look at commentluv premium but as I don’t make any money with my site (and that’s not the point) I tend to stick to free plug-ins only

        Alan recently posted…What’s Your Problem?My Profile

        1. Replyme is a good plugin and I’ve actually recommended to other bloggers to install it. I actually use another plugin that has the same facility, or at least I thought so. It’s only supposed to send you an email when someone has replied directly to your comment.

          1. Weird – I got a mail for this reply but not for the first one.

            Apologies if I’ve caused any confusion, probably an error on my part!

            Alan recently posted…What’s Your Problem?My Profile

            1. Sorry – I think I know why,

              you have ‘notify me of follow up comments via email’ which to me implies that I’ll get all comments on this page/post even those that aren’t in reply to my comment. So I unchecked that the first time. Second time I didn’t.

              Now I’m not sure whether to uncheck it or not -but it seems from what you’re saying it’s only replies to MY comment that will notify me (which is the way I like it),


              Alan recently posted…What’s Your Problem?My Profile

  42. I think this comment policy is a great way to encourage people to engage in conversation on your blog. As long as the comments aren’t spammy, everyone wins. Besides, someone who may have originally come to your blog to drop a link would read your posts in order to create relevant comments – and if they like what they read, they may bookmark the blog to come back later. I’m definitely getting commentluv for my blog!

    1. It’s also great because it gives me a good excuse to delete those comments that lack the quality necessary to survive on this blog.

  43. How do you find the time to adequately monitor comments while at the same time writing important content? I fear that if I use CommentLuv I will be spending hours a day making sure that the spamlords have not taken over.

    1. Commentluv Pro has a built in utility that combats spambots and I use Akismet to take care of the rest. Not much spam gets past those two.

  44. OK Sire,
    I knew you had this post but I couldn’t remember exactly what it said. I am receiving a ton (like about 150 comments in about a week and they are all one-liners probably copied and pasted. I need to delete most of them but I didn’t know how to decide until I visited your site again. Thank you for this information, I’ll put it to use!

    1. Hey Linda, always glad to help a fellow blogger. You’d be surprised how many comments I delete every day.

      You may also find this post useful.

  45. Hi Sire,

    I agree with you that blog commenting has mainly become a source for people to write crappy comments just for the sake of back links. The comment policy you’ve put up is really commendable and I decided to put something similar on my blog as well. Thank a lot!

    1. You are very welcome Noorani, I’m certainly happy that you got something out of it.

  46. Great post! As you start to get more comments on you blog (and more spam) you’ll find yourself in situations where you’re trying to decide whether to approve, edit, or a delete a comment. By creating and posting a clear comment policy you’ll make it easy to moderate your comments (or delegate moderating them to an assistant) and spend less time trying to decide what to do.
    Lisa recently posted…ParfumMy Profile

    1. True, but the main reason is so the commentators know what is expected from them.

      1. Hi Sire. i am glad to have found your site. I think the main strength behind your blogging policy is when you look at the lenght of time it has been running. You have been running this thread for nearly four years and people are still posting on it. Sure sign that it is what bloggers want.

        1. Thanks Chris. I actually thought about closing the comments on this page but decided against it as you never know when someone wants to add something interesting :wink_ee:

  47. Hi Sire, I think your idea of what commenter’s can and can not do is great. It leaves on question in peoples minds as to what is acceptable and what is not.

    For years I have moderated posts on my blogs and as you do delete the crap. Could you please tell me has the introduction of your proposed rules on commenting improved the spam blog comments you get? In other words has it reduced the rubbish you normally have to waste your time going through and deleting?

    This is of interest to me as I think if you have had found some success with this approach I may add something similar to my blogs to help people give more topic related posts rather than spam comments.

    1. For those people who have taken the time to read the policy I would have to say that the comments have improved. Of course many do not read it so for them it’s made no difference whatsoever.

      Naturally, having an active policy gives me something to point to when people email me asking why their comment isn’t appearing.

      1. Thank you Sire for the feed back. I think I will have to take action also with comments. Somethimes you just worry about how people will take your actions. I do like the part about telling them its in the active policy as to why you did not allow their comment.
        As I have been reading quite a few of your blog posts I can say I think it as only worked for the best as it seems that your comments being left are of a higher quality, which is what we are all after.
        By the way I will join your blog if that is ok!

        1. I have to admit Mark, I’m rather partial to good quality comments :thumbup_ee:

          I don’t know about joining my blog but you can always join my list. :smoke_tb:

          1. Lol yes i ment list. Some times my mind is way ahead of my fingers! Oh and I did join the list that is.

            I love the great comments you have on here too that is why I keep coming back to read more. I did wonder if the nun ever did get a flight! roflmao.

            1. And I appreciate you coming back to do so. I also left a comment on your blog but it went into moderation. I stopped doing that ages ago as Akismet captures the bulk of the spam comments and I know how people love to see their comment appear after entering it.

  48. Thanks for making the policy clear. Some people are looking for a link. Can you blame them? And if you tell us how to get it and at the same time give you relevant user generated content, I see it as win-win.

    1. Nope, can’t blame them at all unless they try to get it by leaving a crappy comment.

  49. I think you have to try to take positives out of spam comments. If at all possible take heart from the fact that people want to leave comments because your blog is succesful even if sometimes the content of comments leaves a bit to be desired. i find it’s the automated ones that don’t make sense at all that annoy.

    1. Honestly Chris I’m actually doing people a favor by deleting poor comments because by doing so others won’t get a bad impression of them :wink_ee:

  50. sire you want get more no of comments but it’s having quality.i don’t blame you actually so many people commenting for back linking.when you want get more it will happens and spam out your comment section..

    1. Yep, it’s like I’ve always said, quality is more important than quantity.

  51. Thank you for keeping the links do-follow, it really makes a difference and encourages people to take their time and write a worthwhile comment.

    1. You’re welcome.

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