Don’t you just love this technological age we live in? There’s always something new to learn. Not all that long ago I wrote a post about ERP software, something that I had never heard of previously. Today I’m writing about something else I’ve never heard about called citrix monitoring.

What Is Citrix Monitoring?

From what I can gather it’s something that has come about because of the way more and more people are interacting online. Business need to know what kind of experience people are having online while accessing their virtual desktops. Are they getting a good experience? Are their problems, if any, being resolved? Apparently this user experience data is collected by Citrix applications and the monitoring can refer to the process of collecting the data in regards to the performance of the Citrix applications. Simply put, if the user is having any sort of problem then the Citrix Monitoring is able to pick it up.

It may even go beyond whether or not they’re having a problem by actually monitoring their user experience while interacting with todays complex modern IT services. One can only imagine how important this information can be to companies IT administrators. Being on top of it can put them in from of competitors who are have absolutely no knowledge of Citrix monitoring or are simply deciding to ignore it.

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