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Story Of Christmas A Christmas Poem

Christmas Poem

Hey guys, I reckon you’ve noticed my Christmas theme? It’s all thanks to the versatility of Flexsqueeze. Speaking of Christmas I thought it was time I wrote another Christmas poem. My first Christmas poem as in way back in 2010! My second Christmas poem was a couple of years later in 2012.

Now it’s 2015 and so I thought it was about time I came produced another Christmas poem. I normally don’t have too much of a problem publishing some of my poetry, but when it comes to writing religious poetry I’m my own worst critic! It just never seems good enough!

Anyway, after much head scratching, rewording, editing, crossing out and trepidation I managed to come up with my latest Christmas poem.

The Story Of Christmas

Allelujah! A King is born in Bethlehem
With innocent eyes he gazes at them
Three wise men journeyed from afar
Lead all the way by a shining star

Bearing gifts for the birth of His Son
A star their guide since their journey begun
A gift of gold for their King to be
Frankincense to worship whilst on one knee

Myrrh to celebrate His sacrifice
Paying for the sins of man’s vice
Much to be born by a newborn child
The child of God yet ever so mild

Jesus taught all who would listen
The ways of God, His Father in Heaven
Miracles performed to help them believe
Died on the cross many to bereave

Years have passed yet on Christmas day
Millions of the faithful gather to pray
Praising Christ for the sacrifice He made
For giving His life for our sins He paid

Praising our God the Lord most high
Allowing His Son on the cross to die
Much did He love His Children on Earth
We now celebrate the day of His birth

Merry Christmas to all, near and far
Remembering why they followed the star
Of all the gifts that we freely shared
Glory to God, for our lives he spared

This is the first Christmas poem that I’ve posted to YouTube to.

A Christmas Poem

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  1. Awesome as always Peter, love your poem. Christmas has always been a very special time of the year for me and my family. This year even better, I have my reasons. Thanks for sharing and I wish you a Merry Christmas man!
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  2. Really nice poem Peter. Also, the new Christmas theme is looking really good on your blog. Christmas has always been a special occasion for me and my family members. This poem should help us in a quiz and contest
    Taylor Davidson recently posted…Cribbage Rules: How to Play Cribbage?My Profile

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