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Choices? Should You Give Customers More Choices

Choices, Yes Or No?

Choices are important! I personally believe that customers need the option to choose between products when they’re out looking for something to buy. Let’s say that you’re shopping for a new TV and you had to choose between a store that only had one brand or a store that offered a lot of different brands, which one would you choose? I know which one I would go to. Now let’s say you chose to got to the store that only offered you one brand, let’s say the Sony Bravia, because you were looking for a Sony. What if they only offered on particular TV? How long would you stay in that store? Not too long I bet.¬† :noway: I’ve been in retail for most of my life and it’s been my experience that unless a customer is looking for a specific product they want to be able to choose. Sure, sometimes having to choose from many items can be a bit of a headache but they still want that option. Let’s look at this from a stores point of view. The reason the store exists is to make as much money as possible. Store owners know that their best option is to offer more choices ¬†rather than fewer because that’s the only way they’re going to satisfy the majority of customers. More importantly, they’ll be able to target a greater market group.

Choices When It Comes ToYour Blog

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Even though the majority of bloggers and marketers out there are saying you need to give prospective customers less choices rather than more I have to disagree. I don’t even care if they can pull figures out of the air to prove their point, I honestly believe that unless someone has come to your blog to look for a specific product which you have on offer you won’t make the sale. This is one of the reasons I offer Adsense ads on my blog. Adsense offers people another choice. Sure it will take them away from your blog but if you did your job properly it won’t cost you a sale and at least you get something out of it. Even though lately I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a lot of clicks with no revenue. Still, it’s all about giving your customer that extra service. I know when I had a store and I didn’t have what the customer was looking for I was happy to tell them who could help them out because I knew it would add to their having a positive experience while in my store. Whenever possible I try to offer my customers choices. Take this post on a Fishfinder Digital Watch! Even though the post was for a specific watch I gave my prospective customers a selection of four more watches to choose from at the end of the post. One of the reasons I use Amazon is because I know they have a huge selection of products. On more than one occasion I’ve made a sale of a product I didn’t actually promote. This is only because I sent a customer to Amazon and their many choices got me the sale and the commission. It’s why I offer more than one product at the end of my Friday Funnies posts and why those posts generate so many clicks. So, tell me, what are your views on offering you customers a choice? Speaking of choices, here’s a few more for you :wink_ee:

[amazon_enhanced asin=”0963594923″ /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B008UFXCFW” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B00AJ2OMRQ” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”1118026985″ /]

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  1. Twitter:
    You are right Sire, potential buyers already have an idea in their mind what they are looking for, by giving choices its possible you have what they want, or they could choose to buy something better and more expensive but the choices have to be there, my wife loves to browse and compare then she will choose

    1. That’s why I try to give them more than one product to choose from antjon. Sometimes it could be more expensive and others cheaper. It all depends on the product on offer.
      Sire recently posted…Sexy Sal’s Blonde Joke & Irish Humor FF #62My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Hey Sire,

    I’d have to say I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I think a blogger needs to decide what the purpose of their blog is.

    For example: If the intention of the blog is to sell photo equipment and every post on the blog has something to do with photography…

    …Then it stands to reason that all the promo stuff would have to do with something about photography..


    If your blogging for the love of blogging, then I totally agree that having a wide selection of goods on your blog is a great idea…

    I suppose it depends on how a.d.d you are. Personally I’ve made more money selling 1 product vs selling a bunch of products..

    But I know a few folks who do very well having a larger selection of products to choose from…

    One final thought, selling other products in the same niche is never a bad idea :)

    Awesome post brother man!
    Larry Rivera recently posted…Why Losing Will Make You FILTHY STINKING RICHMy Profile

    1. Hey Larry, I actually have a photo blog and usually when I review a camera I try to give them a few other cameras to choose from.

      The good thing about promoting Amazon products is they might have clicked on a particular link but end up buying something different. That only works because they’ve got the option of choosing other products.
      Sire recently posted…Getting More Traffic To Your SitesMy Profile

  3. Makes sense. If you’re familiar with Quantcast, then you’ll know what age group the majority of your readers are. Any age group, for that matter, are interested in not just one thing. A reader for instance who came here to read a Friday Funnies post is not just interested on a good laugh. He/she may have also a thing about, say, cinema home systems, which he/she will find in the skimlinks ads at the bottom of your posts. Or, perhaps female readers may also find sexual aids something of interest. Wait, I’ve not checked the latest surveys. Is it male or female readers who most often click on that link to your other site Sire? :)

    1. That’s so true James and if they happen to buy something non related then that would be due to something called an ‘impulse sale’ which I’ve written about before.

      However, they are more likely to buy something humor related which is why I’ve included those humor reltated products at the end of the post.
      Sire recently posted…Mothers Day Helping You To Monetize Your BlogMy Profile

  4. The girl in that picture is cute!

    in my experience in the car business,it is weird how often the dealership is more apt to narrow the choices to the consumer rather than enlargen them.

    1. But you do give them a choice. I can’t imagine you trying to sell them just one car out of the lot because they wouldn’t stick around long.
      Sire recently posted…Googles Attitude Towards PublishersMy Profile

  5. The point is the sellers don’t give any choices! They don’t want us to think, to choose, they want us to buy! They pay marketers big money to make smart ads and campaigns aimed for a specific group of products. It’s like hypnosis.

    1. That may be true but many buyers prefer to choose between products. This gives them the opportunity to choose one best suited to their needs.
      Sire recently posted…Money Making Potential How I Improved ItMy Profile

  6. Hey !
    This is a different concept. I really liked that. You are absolutely right that we should give more choices to our customer so that they can get the solutions of their problems from us. I really liked your concept of your store services, definitely your customer would be happy after asking you the place from where he can get his things.
    Thanks for sharing your idea with solid reasons.

    1. Thanks Katherine, when I was in business I was all about providing a great customer experience. I just wanted to take this concept online.
      Sire recently posted…Is There An Alternative To ClickBank?My Profile

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