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Cheap Smartwatch From EZ eSports Store

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know how much I love watches. Even though I have a smartphone and everything I still wear a watch because it’s so much easier to look at my watch than it is to dig the smartphone out of my pocket.

WTC-L38 cheap SmartWatch-Sapphire-screen-heart-rate-monitor-Message-Reminder-call-Smart-Watch-gear-2-smartI’ve actually done a few posts on watches from a Flud Men’s Boombox Watch to a Casio men’s watch. Because I’m such a bells and whistles gadget type of guy I’m currently wearing a watch that has a built in TV remote. How cool is that? You wouldn’t believe how much fun I have changing channels and the volume whiles family and friends are trying to work out who’s controlling the TV!  :devil_tb:

What I have always wanted though was a smartwatch. The problem is most of the smartwatches  are way too expensive. That’s when I went to my Sports Store to see if I had a cheap smartwatch.

As it turns how they had quite a few smartwatches and after going through all of them I found a cheap smartwatch that I just had to have.

Cheap Smartwatch That’s Also A Sports Watch

You can see the cheap smartwatch that I fell in love with in the image above. This link will take you to the cheap smartwatch page that tells you all about this cheap smartwatch.

Some of the things I love about it is;

  • It’s also a sports watch with heart monitor and many other features including a step counter.
  • It will connect to my smartphone notifying me of messages and calls.
  • It will allow me to answer calls as well as dial
  • Has a camera
  • It has an IR remote so that I can still work my TV using my cheap smartwatch!

How cool is that? That’s why I wasted no time in buying it. It’s now in transit and I just can’t wait until it arrives. Once it does you can be assured that I’ll be writing a review on it.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a cheap smart watch you should check out the WTC L14 wearable Smartwatch. As I’ve only covered some of it’s many features you should check it out at my EZ eSports Store.

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      Hi Santanu, just so you know I actually did buy this watch and as soon as it gets delivered I will be doing an updated post reviewing my newest smartwatch.

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