The Need For Mobile Speed

Improving Mobile Speed Mobile Speed is important! As much as it pains me to say this, if we want to get more traffic we need to keep Google happy. Failing this would cause us to lose our standing in the search engine causing a huge drop in traffic resulting in less income. And we don’t want that do we. I’ve written several posts on how to boost the speed of your WordPress blog. One of the later ones was when I moved to Inmotion Hosting a VPS host because a shared hosting was just too slow. That post was called WassupBlog Now Hosted On A VPS Host. Yeah, I come up with some killer titles I followed that post with How To Optimize Your WordPress Blog. Although I would have been more than happy to leave it at that I happened to come across one of Mitch’s Mobile Friendly vs…

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How To Secure Your WordPress Blog From Hackers

I really like the guys at Inmotion Hosting. Normally when your blog get puts a huge load on their server the host usually shuts you down. The then send you and email and tell you to fix the problem. On the weekend I was notified that Ez eSports Betting had suffered a brute force attack! Instead of the usual “Hey dude, your site is stressing out our server fix it or else” email the guys at Inmotion Hosting they temporarily disabled the login script. This is so much better than taking your blog offline as you’re the only one affected. As for everyone else business goes on as usual. They also provided a link as to how you can prevent these type of attacks. As I wanted to make my WordPress blog as secure as possible I took their advice. Secure WordPress From Devilish Hackers As you can see I produced a…

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Changing The Category Header On Your WordPress Blog

Do you remember the post I did on Changing The Headers On Your WordPress Pages? I was thinking the other day about how cool it would be to have different category headers for my blogs. Well, now that I’ve updated to FlexSqueeze2 I’m able to change the headers on my categories as well! How cool is that?  Why Change Your Category Header? Why changer your category headers? I’m so glad you asked.   To me the most important reason for changing the image of your category headers is it shows your readers right from the start what each category is all about. They don’t say a picture is worth a thousand words for nothing you know. Then there is also the added SEO benefit. You get this by giving your header the appropriate SEO related (by using your keywords) name. Another reason I like is it makes my blog stand out…

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How To Fix Rich Snippets

Ever since Google introduced its rich snippets, webmaster and bloggers alike have been tearing their hair out trying to make their sites compliant. I know, because I’ve seen how many people are Googling rich snippets, hoping that Google can solve the problem that they started in the first place. Unfortunately it seems a lot of them aren’t finding a solution to their problem. At least this post will fix rich snippets for Flexsqueeze owners. So why all the fuss? According to Google….   Adding structured data to pages on your site helps Google’s algorithms understand their content and index them better. The structured data gathered from your site can be used to improve the page’s search entry, for example, to generate rich snippets, which provide an improved page summary in our search results. There are several ways that you can add structured data to your web pages: by adding markup…

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How To Optimize Your WordPress Blog

I promised you in the last post that I would tell you how to optimize your blog so that you can increase it’s speed and at the same time keep Google happy. Before optimising this blog and moving it to {inmotion hosting}, it used to take over 12 seconda for the page to fully load. Now it takes around 3 seconds. You have to admit that is a pretty big difference. This post will be the first of a series of posts that wil explain how it did it. The first step was to resolve the issues suppled by Google’s Page Speed Insight. The initial scan of this blog showed that as far as Google was concerned I had some high priority issues to resolve. For the purpose of this post I will show you how to resolve these issues starting off with serving scaled images. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2012-2015

Andy’s IM Graphics Plugin Review

I have gotten a lot of emails from people who say that although they love the FlexSqueeze theme the fact that they’ve just purchased a professional theme of their own prevents them from outlaying anymore money on another one. Even so they wish their theme had the ability to incorporate professionally designed images right into their posts or sales / landing pages and, pretty please, is there a plugin or something that would allow them to have at least that portion of flexibility that FlexSqueeze has. Unfortunately I’ve had to disappoint them all by answering in the negative, until now. Rather than emailing them all with the good news, an impossible feat as I’ve deleted most of their emails, I though the next best thing is to write a post about a plugin I’ve just purchased that will allow them to do just that. Why buy it when FlexSqueeze already…

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Installing A Custom Header On Your WordPress Blog

Most bloggers would agree that it is important to choose the right theme for your blog. While there are a lot of great free themes out there most of them have a major flaw and that is they are way too hard to alter the way they look in order to claim it as your own. I mean what is the point of having your blog look like every other blog using the same theme. If you want your blog to stand out from the rest then it has to look different from all the others on the Internet. One way to do this is to change the theme’s header. The problem is unless you know CSS and PHP it is very hard to do. I’ve lost count of all the themes that I discarded simply because I couldn’t work out how to change the header. I hate to think…

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