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AliExpress Stores Review Update

Yep, it’s time for an AliExpress Stores review. That’s even though I first introduced you to them last week! That was when I wrote about the Xpress Stores Pro plugin and how it helped me to create 4 of my very own online stores. You can read that post here. That post also had a video showing you just how easy it is to create those stores. Naturally the post also has links to my online stores. Even if you did happen to check out those stores I’d have another look because tanks to FlexSqueeze2 I’ve made some minor adjustments and they look even better.  :whistle:

AliExpress Stores Review And Progress Update

AliExpress Stores Review

Yep, only a week and I’ve made my first ever sale! So, what did I sell, I’m so glad you asked.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

AliExpress Stores Review 2

That link takes you to the smart band bracelet I wrote about in this post. It wasn’t that post that sold it though as I wrote that after the sale. To my best knowledge this is the sales page that sold the smart band bracelet, which was probably accessed from the smart wristbands product page.

It took me over a year to make my first sale with Amazon and apart from stuff I’ve personally sold I’ve never made any money on eBay. Probably would have helped if I had an eBay store. :wink_ee: So, to get an almost instant sale from my first ever online store I think is pretty impressive.

Naturally it could have been a fluke, but it’s been my experience that flukes rarely happen in the online sales world.

What I have to do now is to promote those stores. and I reckon the best way to generate more interest. I’m hoping by writing more posts about products for sale in those stores linking to those products is the way to go. Just like the one I linked to in this post. Hopefully Google and other search engines will also pick up on those posts and start sending more traffic to my stores.`


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Is Your Link Cloaker Losing You Sales

The reason most people cloak their links is because everyone has told them that a link cloaker will improve their affiliate sales! They say that a lot of reason people don’t click on affiliate links is because they don’t trust those long ugly looking affiliate links.

Another reason for cloaking your links is to prevent those unscrupulous people from hijacking your links! This is all done in the hope of increasing your affiliate sales! Well, it seems that most of the link cloakers out there are failing their jobs. While they may be ‘prettifying’ those ugly affiliate links they’re failing in some other major areas.

This has lead me to trialling a new Affiliate Link Cloaker on my easy sports betting site. You can see that link cloaker in action in this post.

How Your Link Cloaker May Be Failing You

There are several ways that your link cloaker may be failing you. Let’s look at a few.

  • Browser Switching! I’ve never heard about browser switching before but apparently people do this to bypass potential affiliate links. According to their findings 1 in 10 people switch browsers.
  • Dead Links! If you’re like me and promote a lot of affiliates I think it’s safe to say that a lot of those links are now dead links. So instead of directing potential buyers to a sales page all they’re getting is a 404 page. Consequently any possible sale is lost. WP Link Shield, yeah that’s what the plugin is called, will instead direct those people to a sales page of your choice thereby maximising the possibility of sales.
  • Affiliate Links Banned! You’ve probably noticed that a lot of social media won’t let you post affiliate links on their sites. WP Link Shield does its job so well that it makes posting affiliate links on those sites possible and you can do it straight from your WordPress dashboard. Not only that, you can also attach those links to your own images.
  • Your List is Being Harvested! As we all know there are a lot of times when you try to exit a sales page only to be presented with some free offer which is being offered for your email address. So not only are you losing the sale but they’re leaching your list from you! You can put a stop to this.

Here are the main points for adding WP Link Shield to your blogging for money arsenal.

  • The Only Cloaker That Auto Scans For Link Errors And Redirects To Current Offers
  • WP Link Shield Is The Only Link Cloaker That Protects Against Browser Switching
  • WP Link Shield Is The Only Link Cloaker That Automatically Monitors, Notifies And Redirects Broken Links
  • All for Only $27 – The Cost Of ONE Lost Affiliate Sale?

The following Million Dollar Tipping link is being cloaked by WP Link Shield. Clicking on that link will take you to the Million Dollar Tipping page. Check out the image below. What you’re seeing in the url is my cloaked link using the keywords of my choice. You can copy that link in whatever browser you want and it will continue to cloak my affiliate link effortlessly.

link cloaker in action

That’s how good WP Link Shield does its job. Does your link cloaker do its job as well? If not then perhaps it’s time you do something about it to improve your affiliate sales.

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Social Media Plugin For Images

Social Media Works

I don’t think that anyone can argue with that simple statement. Social Media is important to bloggers! No one can deny that having someone promote your post on social media does work. It does bring traffic and it’s one of the reasons why there are so many social media plugins out there.  Social media is also important to Google. Google is all about giving their customers the best results when using their search engine. Google knows how important social media is and I’ve read in several places how they’ve incorporated social media shares in their algorithms. You can therefore assume the more social shares you get the better the result when it comes to your Google position. Have you noticed though that you’re not getting as many people sharing your content on social media as you used to? Is it because people are becoming blind to the everyday run of the mill social media sharing icons? You’ve heard of ‘ad blindness’ so why not ‘social media blindness’ Perhaps you’ve need to get a new social media plugin? One with special features! In one of my recent posts I talked about the importance of images and SEO. The reason images are important is because people love images. Google knows this which is why they have an images category incorporated in their search engine. Way before that I wrote about a WordPress plugin that used Pinterest to promote your images. A great plugin but unfortunately it limits you to only one social media site. Imagine the results you would get if you could incorporate several of the main social media sites into your images? Read the rest of this entry

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