Designing a site takes a large amount of time and hard work. You do not want to see all of your time and hard work get wasted by allowing your website to go live when it still has many problems. Therefore, you must make sure that your site is truly ready to be used by the masses. There are a number of things that need to be done before you officially put your site online. Launching your site when it still has a few problems could be a disaster for your brand. Basically, you will develop the reputation of being incompetent. Unfortunately, reputations on the Internet are very difficult to get rid of once you get them. This is why you must avoid a situation like that from occurring in the first place. Here are some of the most essential tasks to complete before your site goes live.

1. Check the search engine

The search engine on your site is a vital tool when it comes to allowing your customers to find items they are looking for in a fast and efficient manner. Problems with your search engine could cause searches to take much longer then they normally should. Many people have very little patience when they are doing their shopping. A delay involving your search engine could prevent you from making a sale. This is why you must thoroughly check the search engine before any member of the general public is able to use it. You should also verify that only the correct items are being listed when a search is being performed. A common problems of website search engines occurs when they list items that are different than the one the user is trying to find.

2. Payment system

You will be in big trouble if none of your customers are able to pay when they find what they are looking for. Verify that nothing is wrong with your merchant account by making a few purchases using your own credit card. Test all of the other forms of payment that you are willing to accept. Do not go live until each payment method is working perfectly with no glitches. You will need to make sure that your domain name registration went through without any problem.

3. Shopping cart

Customers will use your online shopping cart to select items they want to buy until the person is ready to pay for them. Unfortunately, some sites experience problems with their site that are a nuisance. For example, items disappear from shopping carts without any explanation. There have also been cases where multiple copies of the same item will show up in a shopping cart shortly before checkout. Iron out all of the shopping cart details with the person who helped you design your site. Keep testing it for as long as you have to in order to ensure that nothing like this happens when your customers are trying to buy products. You want to avoid frustrating your customers and causing them to leave.

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I’m A Proud Aussie

I have to say that I’m a proud Aussie. This is because as a rule Aussies are a pretty good bunch. Sure there are some wankers out there but they’re a minority. Generally we’re pretty generous and try to help whenever we can. We haven’t always been that way. Historically we’ve made mistakes but there are dark historical spots in all countries.

I actually came across one of those dark spots in history in a FaceBook post. The darkness was the way we treated one of our own, Peter Norman, when he stood up to do the right thing and was pretty well crucified for it. I was only 10 at the time and don’t remember it but am very proud of Peter Norman although shameful of the way we treated him.

There are many reasons I’m a proud Aussie. I live in a beautiful country full of Aussies who excel in what they do. This includes sports, current legends like Tim Cahill who’s had an enormous impact for the Socceroos at the World Cup and Sally Pearson.

We’ve got a lot of popular exports in sport as well including Jarryd Hayne who’s gone from NRL to NFL.

Lets not forget our acting talent as well. People like Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, the late Heath Ledger, Simon Baker, Naomi Watts, Paul Hogan and the list goes on and on.

Then there’s Craig Revel Horwood, a renowned Aussie dancer, choreographer and theatre director.

A lot of the stuff we take for granted is because of Aussie inventions. Take Wi-Fi for example. We owe that to a bloke called John O’Sullivan.

Aussies developed the bionic ear, the first race cam, the baby safety capsule, spray on skin to help burn victims. There are also inventions Aussies take for granted that others probably have never heard of, like the Hills Hoist, something that I have in my own back yard,

Yeah, there’s so many reasons that make me proud to be an Australian.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Domain Names

Most people today are pretty web savvy, but there are still some things that, although we see the words every day, we still aren’t quite sure what they are, how they work and what we need them for. One of those everyday mystery terms is domain names. Back in the early days of the Internet, there were big stories in the news about insightful go-getters who foresaw the potential of certain major brands and the names of well-known persons in history or celebrities, and snapped them up, registered them, and then made a fortune selling them.Those heady days of get-rich-quick on the Internet are over fo the most part, but anyone who plans a website needs to have a domain registered.

What is A Domain?

Your domain name is your handle, so to speak, and it’s used to tell the Internet your location in cyberspace. It’s similar to a physical address on your home or business in the real world, and each domain must be unique.

How Do I Create and Register My Domain?

Your domain name should relate to your purpose. Someone should be able to look at the domain name and have a rough idea if your are a business, an informational website, or a person. This make take some doing, as even variations of common names or business types may already be taken. You may be able to use a domain name that’s taken by choosing a different suffix; for example,, as opposed to Suffixes can differentiate your location (, state that you’re a non-profit (my and let users know if you’re an institute of higher learning or government agency ( or

You can learn if a domain name is already owned by performing a web search. There are companies where you can type your potential domain name into a search bar, and it will let you know if that name is already taken. If not, then great; you can claim it and register it for a small fee. If it’s already in use, or owned, the search will provide that information, along with the price of purchasing that domain name from the current owner. That can run you anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the popularity of the name.

Where Do I get a Domain?

Once you choose a name, you have to register it. This is like getting a trademark or a copyright; once you purchase and register your domain, you own the rights to it and know one else can use it. You buy and register your domain with the company used for your search. You don’t have to use your domain immediately, so if you’re only in the exploratory stage of building a website, you’ll already have your domain purchased and registered for when you’re ready to use it.

Is My Domain Fixed in Cyberspace?

When you purchase and register your domain, it’s yours and it will remain registered to that provider. You can transfer domain name to another provider for a small fee, providing that it is a valid domain, that it is registered properly and that you own that domain. However, there is usually a stipulation that the domain must have been previously registered for a specified period of time, and it can take up to a week for the transfer to be completed.

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