Choices For Time Clock Systems A Necessity

Choices for Time Clock Systems

Choosing a time clock for your company is a very personal process, and one that is as individualized as choosing the right telecommunications system and security system. You see, there are many types of time clock systems available, and depending on the type and size of your business, and your own needs and preferences, you may find that one type of time clock is preferable to another. Visit this website for suggestions on what might work best for you.

It used to be that time clocks did not vary much from the traditional punch-paper fashion, but today you’ll find that there are many different computerized options, including time clock systems that can be integrated into existing business networks and POS systems, biometric clocks, and high-tech systems that are appropriate for security-conscious businesses, such as fingerprint scanners and even voice recognition systems.

You should know that if you would prefer to use a paper-based time clock system, such systems are still available, though you may have to dig a bit in order to find them. Paper-based systems are more laborious and hands-on, which means the chances of errors and/or abuse are higher. It’s for this reason that most businesses have switched over to electronic systems, but since some businesses may still want or need to use paper systems, you can find them. Paper-based time clock systems will print or press time stamps onto cards, and the cards are stored with the clock.

For an electronic-based system, you’ll have many options available to you:

standalone time clock systems that require employees to log in and out only at that unit

integrated systems that enable employees to log in and out at any computer or POS system

fully integrated systems that offer management the option to log in and out and check on employee logs remotely

While paper-based time clocks require each employee to have a separate paper card for punching in and out, electronic time clocks provide a myriad of options that include:

barcode-based badges

badges or cards with magnetic stripes

pin codes

proximity-based badges (usually contain a special chip)

advanced options for recognizing fingerprints, facial features, and voice


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