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Educational Games To Play With Your Kids

5 Educational Games to Play With Kids

The period of childhood is a very strategic and specific one. Children do not remain children forever, and the activities they engage in as kids help them build up

educational games

 life skills. It is important to include playtime in the routine of kids. The activities engaged in during playtime can also be tailored to enhance strategic thinking, problem-solving and emotional skills. Here are some educational games to play with kids. These games were selected based on their ability to develop essential skills in children.

Kids learn fast and soak up activities from their environment really quickly. So, educational games, puzzles and hard riddles that challenge them should be aimed at teaching them essential skills in a fun and relaxing way. Everyone from teachers to babysitters to parents will find the following games enlightening for kids.


Although this is an old and traditional game for kids, it is still very much relevant in helping them to build essential life skills. Here’s what a child learns from hide-and-seek. When you hide and tell the child to find you, they begin to engage their minds in exploring possible hiding places. As they engage their minds, they also are building up critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Also, as kids hide, they analyze the environment and hide in most suitable places engaging their minds and building up analytical skills. Hide-and-seek is also so much fun, so you get to build these skills while having fun.

Simon says

This game is ideal for toddlers, as it helps them build communication skills and develop a healthy respect for authority. In Simon Says, the adult or older person is Simon, and the child must obey will Simon’s instructions. Simon says also improves the listening abilities of kids, as the adult can twist it up by giving instructions without adding the “Simon says” prefix, which means students must listen intently. This game is also a lot of fun as weird instructions could be incorporated.

Puzzles and Riddles

Puzzles and riddles are both traditional and effective games for building essential skills in kids. There are also several age-appropriate puzzles for toddlers. Puzzles can build different skills in children, from critical thinking skills to problem-solving skills. Puzzles can also build emotional skills and team spirit in children. Riddles are always a fun and exciting challenge for both young and old. Most children thrive on challenges and riddles are a great tool for this. Simply collect some good riddles with answers and tell the kids that you want to see if they are able to win the game of correctly figuring out the answer. Riddles help children learn higher order thinking and reasoning skills.

Odd one out

Odd one out is tailored to help children identify distinctions. These distinctions could be in colors or other characteristics. This is a good game to play with a child that is struggling with identifying colors.

Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are great for developing cognitive skills. Scavenger hunts could also be modified to help kids with counting and identifying colors and items. If a child has an issue with telling two things apart, scavenger hunts are ways of helping them through it. Scavenger hunts can also be themed. Find me two pairs of purple socks and a blue napkin, for example, teaches the child colors, the meaning of pairs and what a napkin is.

The games highlighted above are both fun and education. They will be even more fun if you attach rewards to them.


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Funny Side Position Facts You Probably Never Knew About

funny side side positions

We all know that sleeping people can be funny and cute (seen from the position observer), but when it comes to facts, most of them are serious and scientific. However, if you dig deep enough, you’ll find some interesting and peculiar enough facts to make sleeping funny from this point of view as well.

For instance, did you know that the sleeping position says a lot about someone? For instance, people who sleep on their side are considered to be tough on the outside but cuddly and sensitive on the inside. On the other hand, people who sleep on their back are thought to be very strict and well-structured (just like a soldier). Finally, people who sleep on their stomach are extremely sociable and free but tend to hide anxiety within their core. Read the rest of this entry

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Many Benefits Of Fine Arts Charities

Benefits Of Fine Arts Charities

Fine arts programs face hard times in coming years as schools and public organizations abandon them in favor of more technologically-based programs. Many educational organizations these days feel as if laptops and mobile devices are more important to a child’s future than art, music, and creativity. The answer to this dilemma has been charitable organizations such as street pianos in NY projects which bring musical instruments to the streets of New York City in a lively, artistic display that reinvigorates interest in the spirit fine arts inspire.

Pianos on street corners

Many disadvantaged neighborhoods are enjoying the benefits of having pianos and other musical instruments on display during warm seasons. People who pass by can sit down to share their talents with passersby or they can simply admire the art that goes into creating the display. It reminds people that these things are still important to the world. They might not have the same use as a new mobile device, but they inspire the kind of talent and imagination that makes the world a more beautiful place.

Music brings hope

The sad fact is that some children can’t afford musical instruments. Without exposure to music, they might never be inspired to fight back against the odds and learn how to play the piano, guitar, or clarinet. For these children, charitable fine arts programs introduce a love of music to children who might otherwise have been left out of the pack or never seen an instrument they will go on to master. Many children don’t know what interests them until they see it. Thanks to these street pianos, children are seeing the instruments that may one day inspire them to create something the world truly needs right now: hope.

Givers reap the rewards too

When people donate to charitable programs that introduce children and teens to fine arts, they make the world a more beautiful place. They are able to walk through those neighborhoods and see the sense of joy they’ve brought to members of a community that truly need the kind of inspiration only fine arts can provide. The outdoor decor of some of these street piano displays not only invigorate the neighborhood but they fill it with the sights and sounds of people who are working to build something better for themselves and the rest of the world.

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Home And AC System Maintenance

Maintaining Your Home Heating and AC System

Working from home provides a lot of opportunities, like having more quality time with the family and gaining the ability to set your own hours. Another bonus is the chance to get things done around the house that you may not have time for with a traditional 9 – 5 occupation. Big things can still be left to professionals if you lack the skills or the equipment. However, small things like home maintenance and repairs are easier and quicker than you think, and they rarely require specialized knowledge.

One important chore is making sure that your home heating and cooling systems are running the way they should. Cleaning and big repairs should be left to a professional, but seasonal inspections and regular filter changes will help keep major problems to a minimum. Here’s a handy checklist of things you can due to ensure that everything’s in order. These apply to both forced-air systems, which are mainly electrical and heat and cool through a series of ducts and vents, and hydronic systems, which are radiant heat systems that are mostly powered by oil or gas.

– Do a spot-check for leaks, a buildup of debris and things like frayed wiring twice a year, at mid-Fall and mid-Spring.

– Before the beginning of each season, you should also check your thermostat by turning it to the highest setting. If you hear the furnace or heat pump kick on, and it stays running, it’s working properly. If it doesn’t turn on at all or it shuts down after a few minutes, it your system may need service.

– Filters should be changed every month in order to keep your air quality high and avoid clogs that can overwork your system.

– Inspect and clean all vents, blowers and housing. Duct work should be cleaned by a professional every three years at minimum, and yearly if you have pets, live in an environment with a lot of dust or pollen or if you or a family member has respiratory problems.

Donaldson Filters dealers and similar companies carry a range of filters for industrial and residential use. Your filters for your heating and cooling, water and car should be changed on a regular schedule to keep them running at optimal performance. DIY home and vehicle maintenance are great ways to gain a sense of accomplishment while saving money.

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