I wrote a post some time back about Charging People For Removing Their Links. The reason I’m getting all these requests is because these guys have all been notified that they’re in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This is a bad thing, especially if your website is business related. The reason being that once you get on the almighty Google’s bad side you’re site can be delisted from the Google search engines.

 Here is what Google has to say about it.


Violations of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Your page has been blocked from our index because it does not meet the quality standards necessary to assign accurate PageRank. We cannot comment on the individual reasons your page was removed. However, certain actions such as cloaking, writing text in such a way that it can be seen by search engines but not by users, or setting up pages/links with the sole purpose of fooling search engines may result in permanent removal from our index. Please read our Webmaster Guidelines for more information.

Once you have modified your site so that it meets our guidelines, you can submit your site for reconsideration.

While there can be a lot of reasons why these guys are in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, the point that interests us is the one where people have been trying to rig search engine results by using unscrupulous back-linking techniques.

Last week I wrote a post called Is CommentLuv Bad For SEO? That post was necessary because of posts out there which were writing crap about a great plugin. Perhaps this misconception has come about because a lot of requests from Googles to remove such links so as to appease the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, were being found in the comments! This has nothing to do with CommentLuv and everything to do with the people leaving the comments.

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Free Broken Link Checker

I thought it was only the other day that I wrote about checking your links when in actual fact it was close to a year ago. Oh, how time flies. That post was called Google Tip, Check For Broken Links. It was an important post because broken links can be very harmful to your blog or website. I mentioned a couple of free broken link checkers in that post. In this post I’m going to go one better.

Before I get to that though I want to bring back SEO Sam to reinforce the importance of checking for broken links.

Free Broken link checker
You see, broken links are the weak link in all your SEO efforts to get noticed by Google. In essence broken links tell Google you don’t care. This in turn turns Google off your site.

The reason for this post is to introduce you to a new tool that has been brought to my attention. It’s been awhile since I’ve linked to another blog, which just goes to show how much I liked this post. And no, it had nothing to do with the fact that the blog owner, Barb Brady, is a pretty blonde.  :cheesey: Read the rest of this entry

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How To Promote YouTube Videos

In last weeks post I told you that making money with YouTube was possible. I also mentioned how one should share their videos via as many social media sites as possible. The reason for doing this is because you want to get as much traffic to those videos as possible. I showed in that post how important traffic was to increasing the earning potential of your videos. Driving traffic to your video is a very important facet of being able to promote YouTube videos. The question is, apart from social media, how can you promote YouTube videos?

Promote YouTube With SEO 

  • SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the best way to drive traffic to your video. How many of you just upload your video and hope for the best? That’s a common newbie mistake and one that is easily to overcome. Using SEO where others don’t will give you a definite advantage. If search engines can find your video they can send a lot of traffic your way.
  • Keywords are important. The first thing you need to do while uploading your video is to give it a catchy title, one that you think people will search for. You then need to fill the keyword field putting in as many keywords as possible. It’s these keywords that help people to find your video. Your title should also contain one or two important keywords. Note: YouTube refers to keywords as tags. If you’re not sure what keywords to choose you can use something like Market Samurai to do all the hard work for you. Read the rest of this entry
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