GetResponse Review

Before I get to my GetResponse review I have a few things I need to say. Last week I notified my subscribers that I would no longer be using MailChimp as my auto-responder of choice. I also included a link within the email for those who wanted to remain as one of my subscribers. A lot did but most didn’t. Not surprising when you consider that most subscribers never open an email. I suppose thats one of the reasons why they say you need a huge list to make money.

I could have imported all their names into GetResponse but that’s not how I roll.  :smoke_tb: I only want subscribers who want to be subscribed to me and maybe they won’t want to be because I’ve changed auto-responders. That may be stupid of me but I want to give them a choice. Now on to the GetResponse review.

GetResponse Review My New Auto-Responder

I’ve gone for the basic package which is $15 per month for 1000 subscribers. You may well ask why I’ve gone to GetRespone when MailChimp offers 1000 subscribers for free? Honestly, the main reason is because I finally decided to place my Quality Header Package with JVZoo. In order to do that I had to choose one of their auto-responders and I went with GetResponse.

 GetResponse Review Ease Of Use: When joining an auto-responder you want to join one (more…)

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Neteller Promotion

I've mentioned Neteller a couple of times on this blog, once when I wrote Not Making Money Online? It's Not You, It's Them. The other time was when I wrote the post Online Passive Income, Is It Possible? Both times I only briefly mentioned them. This time I thought I would dedicate this post to them because they are running their Neteller Promotion. When I originally joined Neteller they weren't running a Neteller Promotion. I joined them out of necessity because there were many sites who didn't use PayPal. As a member I now have another secure method for making online payments. Before I tell you a little more about Neteller I'll tell you about their current Neteller Promotion. The March Neteller Promotion As you can see from the above banner its absolutely free to join. As for the Neteller Promotion details, for the month of March they're giving away $25000 USD! Not all at once mind you as their breaking it down over 4 weeks starting on the 4th of March and ending on the 28th March. Here is the break down.... 10 March: 2,500 USD 17 March: 2,500 USD 24 March: 5,000 USD 28 March: 10,000 USD Total giveaway: 20,000 USD! This promotion is only available to Neteller members. So as a member I have a chance of winning up to $20000 USD! I can do this with three easy steps! Sign in to your account (or sign up for a NETELLER Account if you do not already have one)…

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Pocket Hose Review

This pocket hose review has been a long time coming. I meant to write it a long time ago but for some reason I never got down to it. I originally bought the pocket hose because of the commercial I saw on TV. I was tired of the old heavy bulky hose I was used to. Tired of all the kinks it always used to get. I wanted something that was light, kink free and was easy to store away. If you’re not sure about what hose I’m talking about just watch the video below.

I bought my hose on eBay and was pretty exited when it finally came in. My first impression of the pocket hose was it was definitely light. A bit brighter than what I’m used to but that’s neither here not there. Of course the big test was plugging it in to the tap and turning the water on.

It was pretty freaky watching the pocket hose expand after turning the tap on and most disappointing when it did not shrink back to the original pocket hose size. Check out the image below to see how much the pocket hose did actually shrink. (more…)

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