IMSC PingFresh Review Does It Work

This post is more than just a IMSC PingFresh review, it is also a review of the customer service of the people behind what I thought would be a remarkable plugin. But first, let’s tackle the IMSC PingFresh Review!

IMSC PingFresh Review

The IMSC PingFresh plugin is supposed to a “Viral Traffic Booster Explodes Profits, Skyrockets Rankings, Accelerates Social Signals…..All On 100% Autopilot.” That’s the claim. After a whole lot more hype it claims “This Easy-to-use plugin Can Open Up the Traffic Floodgates, Boosting Your Traffic by 538% or more” Or more? Does this mean that a 538% traffic increase was the least you could expect?

Anyway, the following is an image of Sean Donahoe, the man behind the plugin, his claim and what I found to be the reality. Something I put together with help from the Logo Creator.

IMSC PingFresh Review

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InMotion Hosting Review VPS Hosting Reviewed

InMotion Hosting Benefits

Before I get to the InMotion hosting review I want to talk a bit about the benefits of a VPS host. It’s been four months since I moved this blog to InMotion hosting, which I wrote about in my post, WassupBlog Now Hosted On a VPS Host. I reckon enough time has gone by and it’s time for me to write a InMotion Hosting review. As I mentioned in that post the first thing I noticed once WassupBlog went live is the vast increase in speed. This is important because we all know how much Google loves a site that loads quickly. In fact, I’ve heard it said that a site’s PR can be affected if it loads slowly.

I have to admit I was sad about leaving BlueHost because they were a great host but unfortunately WassupBlog outgrew them. My love for plugins probably attributed to that and I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to say my goodbyes. After some research I decided on InMotion hosting partly because of the cost, partly because of the good reviews but mainly because they used, and included cPanel for free. Over the years I’ve come to love cPanel as its a powerful web hosting control panel that lets you easily manage your website, email and so much more.

Probably the biggest benefit, something that I only found out about after moving, is that a VPS host gives you a lot more security. As you all know this blog previously was always hosted on shared hosting sites. This means that hundreds of other sites were hosted alongside me. What I didn’t know was that if a majority of those sites had a bad rep with Google it was quite possible they were passing some of their bad reputation to me. If I had known of that possibility I would have moved a lot sooner.

I’ve always prided myself on maintaining a clean site, one free from any malicious software. Unfortunately I can’t vouch for other sites and it seems that if the hosting account of a particular user of a shared hosting server is corrupted with malicious files then all the accounts on that server could be affected. Something else I didn’t know. This means that VPS hosting offers you a lot better security.

I’m sure most of you at one time or another have had a warning from host warning you that your account would be suspended or terminated if it’s discovered that you suddenly are using more resources than you’re allowed. This occurs even though many web hosting companies advertise that there have “unlimited” resources and hosting available. It’s this particular message that has forced me to move from several hosts. What I found to be most distressing was the way they not only took the offending site offline but all the sites Read the rest of this entry

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Why Thesis V2.0.3 Still Sucks

thesis sucks

Thesis Sucks…Still

I’ve said for a long time now that if you’re serious about appearing professional you need a professional theme. When I finally came to that realisation  several years ago I bought the Thesis theme because everyone was saying how good it was. It was supposed to be the best theme out there and it was supposed to work right out of the box. LIES!!

Not one of them, and I read a lot of blog posts on it before making my decision, mentioned that you had to learn HOOKS in order to access some of it’s so called marvellous features. What a bloody con. Rather than throw it away I decided to use it on my Load Of Bullshit Blog, a fitting place for it I thought.

Well, yesterday I discovered that there was another update that made it even better, Thesis V2.0.3. I thought to myself, maybe this update made it so I didn’t need HOOKS anymore. Maybe I can finally use and start promoting this theme, yes I am an affiliate but I was never comfortable enough to tell others how good it was. I could not lie to my readers.

Anyway, I installed the update, even though they said I had to do some major work to get my site to look the way it used to before the upgrade? What’s with that anyway. You expect that when you buy a new theme but not when there is an update. So, anyway, I upgraded and then with some trepidation I clicked the view button to see the effect.

Why Thesis Sucks

What I saw was the white screen of death! My BS blog had disappeared but fortunately it came back once I restored the old sucky version of Thesis. Do you know how to find out whether something you want to buy is good or not? If the product you’re looking to buy has a forum go and check it out to see what kind of problems people are having with it. I didn’t when I purchased it but I was forced to after buying it because I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted to.

I went back to the forums yesterday only to find that other people were getting the white screen of death as well and I couldn’t find a solution for the problem so rather than waste anymore time on it I just deleted V2 of Thesis.

As to the image on this post, thanks to the Logo Creator I put it together in less than a minute and it conveys my message perfectly. You can read my review of the Logo Creator software here.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, if You’re looking for a professional theme, take my advice and get FlexSqueeze.


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