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Why Thesis V2.0.3 Still Sucks

Thesis Sucks…Still

I’ve said for a long time now that if you’re serious about appearing professional you need a professional theme. When I finally came to that realisation  several years ago I bought the Thesis theme because everyone was saying how good it was. It was supposed to be the best theme out there and it was supposed to work right out of the box. LIES!!

Not one of them, and I read a lot of blog posts on it before making my decision, mentioned that you had to learn HOOKS in order to access some of it’s so called marvellous features. What a bloody con. Rather than throw it away I decided to use it on my Load Of Bullshit Blog, a fitting place for it I thought.

Well, yesterday I discovered that there was another update that made it even better, Thesis V2.0.3. I thought to myself, maybe this update made it so I didn’t need HOOKS anymore. Maybe I can finally use and start promoting this theme, yes I am an affiliate but I was never comfortable enough to tell others how good it was. I could not lie to my readers.

Anyway, I installed the update, even though they said I had to do some major work to get my site to look the way it used to before the upgrade? What’s with that anyway. You expect that when you buy a new theme but not when there is an update. So, anyway, I upgraded and then with some trepidation I clicked the view button to see the effect.

Why Thesis Sucks

What I saw was the white screen of death! My BS blog had disappeared but fortunately it came back once I restored the old sucky version of Thesis. Do you know how to find out whether something you want to buy is good or not? If the product you’re looking to buy has a forum go and check it out to see what kind of problems people are having with it. I didn’t when I purchased it but I was forced to after buying it because I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted to.

I went back to the forums yesterday only to find that other people were getting the white screen of death as well and I couldn’t find a solution for the problem so rather than waste anymore time on it I just deleted V2 of Thesis.

As to the image on this post, thanks to the Logo Creator I put it together in less than a minute and it conveys my message perfectly. You can read my review of the Logo Creator software here.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, if You’re looking for a professional theme, take my advice and get FlexSqueeze.


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Before I tell you about the Logo Creator, my latest discovery, I have a few things I want to talk to you about first. As a blogger I’ve always wanted to stand out from the rest because I knew that was a way of getting noticed. Every time I tried one of those free generic themes I wasted a whole lot of time attempting to change things to make it my own, so that when people came to my blog they would sit back and think, man, this is different. With a bit of luck they would then notice my killer title, start reading my post and got past that vital 8 seconds. You know, the eight seconds required to captivate their attention before they jump ship and start looking for another more interesting blog to read.

So, after much navel contemplating I decided to invest in a professional theme, one that easily allowed me to change the way it looked so that I could claim it as my own. Unfortunately the first theme, Thesis, was a total bust but I didn’t give up on my quest and finally bought the FlexSqueeze theme and never looked back. Even then I struggled to fine a decent header so with a lot of blood sweat and tears I designed my own.

Introducing the Logo Creator

Something else I discovered as a blogger was how images made your post stand out, but again, there were times when finding those images was a bit of a chore. That was when I wrote the post Using Images To Make Your Posts Stand Out. That post introduced you guys to the BigBox Of Mascots which I believed to be a real steal, but that was before I got my hands on the Logo Creator, another tool in my blogging arsenal that is going to make me stand out from a lot of other bloggers.

created with the logo creator

I used the the Logo Creator, to create the super blogger you see here and if you watch the video you can see just how easy it was to bring him to life. Read the rest of this entry

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Scarcity Samurai Multiplying Your Profits

One of the smartest moves I’ve ever done was when I went out and bought Market Samurai! Not only has it helped me with my SEO when it mattered, it also automatically signed me up for their newsletters which has a lot of useful information, but more importantly it allowed me to become a beta tester for the latest product, Scarcity Samurai. You’re probably wanting to know what it does and don’t worry, I’ll get to that, I’ll even show you an example on this very blog, but before I go there let’s talk about why you may not be getting the conversions that you would like on your blog.

One of the biggest problems we have when marketing is that we’re not able to get that sense of urgency over to the prospective buyer. Even if we say on the sales page that the offer is limited it doesn’t convey to them how limited it is. Heck, they see it almost every day and probably gloss over those few words when they read it not even noticing it. What we need to be able to do is to trigger that switch that is buried in every human brain, the fear of missing out.

You’ve notice how people line up for those sales, concert tickets, sporting events or even for the latest iPhone or game console. Why do you think they do that? It’s because they don’t want to miss out and it’s that fear of missing out causes them to camp out in huge lines in front of the ticket office or shopping outlet, sometimes in the worst weather conditions, just so they don’t miss out.

Well, the guys at Market Samurai have developed a WordPress plugin called Scarcity Samurai that will help to flick that switch in your visitors brain. They’ve just uploaded a NEW video that reveals how you can double your INCOME practically overnight – just by making one ‘tiny tweak’ to your website. I could say this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time and it is and I know it works because it was the main reason why I bought Market Samurai in the first place. They flicked that switch in me where I didn’t want to miss out on the discount and it worked!

** Here’s the 2-Second summary of what’s in

the video: **

1) How to flick a little known switch in your customer’s mind that COMPELS them to buy Scarcity Samurai worksyour products…

2) Why eBay auctions have a 40% conversion rate, and how you can piggyback this technique to MULTIPLY your existing profits by 2x, 3x, even 4x…

3) How you can set up an automated profit machine in just a few minutes, without a shred of copy writing know how, or needing to write a single line of code…

Watch the video here

I’m sure you guys have heard of the Market Samurai guys before and that they’re the real deal. What you probably don’t realize is that they scientifically test EVERYTHING they do before talking about it. They have to because their reputation for supplying only the best products depends on it.

At first I wasn’t going to worry about being a beta tester because I didn’t think I had anything I could use it on, but then I thought of my Hire Me page. I’m going to have to reword that page some and write a new page so that when the time runs out it directs them to it but that will come later. What I can say is the plugin worked like a dream and was so easy to use. I think it’s safe to say the Market Samurai guys have done it again.

Needless to say you have to be quick if you want to get this plugin at a discount, but that’s what scarcity is all about and like my early bird post I wrote a while back, you have to be quick in this game if you want to earn those extra dollars.

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The Latest Technique To Beat Ad Blindness

Don’t you hate it when you’re doing all the right things, or think you’re doing all the right things, to monetize your blog but it’s just not working. You’ve researched the right affiliates and you link to them from within your post or you place a banner that is supposed to get them clicking on it but nothing happens. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Could it possibly have anything to do with that thing called ad blindness? You know, where people are so used to seeing ads on the web that they are blind to them.

So, if this is true what we need is a way to overcome ad blindness so that we can get those guys to start clicking on them. Ages ago I did a post which explained how one way around it was to use a rotating banner plugin. In those days it was pretty revolutionary because it overcame showing readers just one banner every time they came to your blog. Once installed they were presented with a different banner every time the page was refreshed.

Then I reviewed a plugin that I still use today, and one that was proven to work. I wrote about it in a post called How To Get Visitors To Click A Link.Today I want to introduce you to a brand new plugin that is guaranteed to get your visitor’s attention.



how to overcome ad blindness

Did that get your attention? I bet you it did. That’s the Tada! effect and is just one of several effects you can choose from. All in all you can choose from the following effects. Read the rest of this entry

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