Thesis V2.03 White Screen Of Death

Way back in 2013 I wrote a post called Why Thesis V2.03 Still Sucks. I’ve never liked Thesis which is why I run in on my Load Of Bullshit blog. Anyway, two years ago I tried to update that blog in the hope that their latest Thesis V2.03 would be better than the one I was running V1.8.6. As it turned out Thesis V2.03 was even more crappier than the one I was running. Shit, it wouldn’t even load. All I got was the white screen of death.

So I hit the Forums in the hope someone there could help. No joy there at all. So I decided to stick with the older version.

Anyway, I’ve noticed of late that Google has been sending out emails about how important it was to have blogs / websites that were mobile friendly. (More about that in the next post). Something had to be done because Google hated the version of Thesis that I was using.

So, some two years later I head on over to the Thesis to download their latest theme. Imagine my surprise when they were still using Thesis V2.03!   :doh_tb: Surely they would have resolved the white screen of death issue?

So I installed the latest Thesis V2.03 only to find that it still did not work. I still got the irritating white screen of death. Once again their forums were useless!  :wallbash_tb:

Thesis V2.03 Is Dead To Me

Thesis V2.03 still sucks
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That’s it! I’ve had enough. I know I paid good money for Thesis but whats the point if it doesn’t do the job properly. I did the only thing I could do. Something I should have done all those years ago when I discovered that Thesis was nowhere near as good as they all promoted it to be. Shit, as far as I was concerned then it’s absolutely crap.

So, I have given Thesis V2.03 and every other Thesis the bullet. It’s now dead to me and will never run one of my blogs again.

I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who will swear by it. But you know what I don’t care. I’m happy that it works for you. It obviously never worked for me.

I’m not fussed though because my Load Of Bullshit blog now runs the best theme ever. FlexSqueeze2!

As always it was so easy to set up. I made the blog even wider than my other blogs with double sidebars on the left. I decided not to have the title in the header opting for integrating it into the header itself. The blog looks so much better. Heck it runs better and yes it’s Mobile friendly.

Don’t forget to look out for my next post where I’ll show you why I thing the FlexSqueeze2 mobile version is so much better than most of the other themes out there.

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Explaindio Review

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately telling me how great the Explaindio Video Creator Software is. According to all the hype it’s “Changing the Way Videos are Made!” Anyway I bought the software on Saturday. I created the video on Sunday and I’ve uploaded it today, Monday. Now it’s time for my Explaindio review. But before I give you the Explaindio review let’s look at what has been said about it so I can review it properly.

[redbox]Only Explaindio Video Creator:

explaindio review– Allows you to easily create Animated Explainer videos
that also include whiteboard sketch and HD Video clips.

– Allows you to easily add HD Video with Audio – that
means you can quickly import HD video clips into slides
and activate the audio without going through the hassle
of using an external program.

– Allows you to move and size animated explainer elements
so that you are no longer locked into a particular
animated slide style because with Explaindio you can
resize and move the animated elements as you wish.

– Allows you to easily import slides from VMFX – that’s
right, you can import most VMFX slides right into
Explaindio and even customize many of the animated
elements in those slides.

No more jumping between programs and then frustratingly
trying to stitch together animated, white board, and
HD Video/Audio segments.

Now you can do it all seamlessly with one program.

Now let’s look at what I put together and then I’ll write my Explaindio Review!

Explaindio Review How Good Is It?

OK, first off I want to say that all links linking to Explaindio are my affiliate links. However, unlike other people promoting affiliates, I’m not going to talk it up just so I can make a sale. I’m going to tell you exactly what I think of it. good and bad!

Explaindio Review – The Good

  • Allows you to easily create Animated Explainer videos
    that also include whiteboard sketch and HD Video clips: This part is true. The actual process of creating the video was pretty simple. Especially when you use the built in templates/slides.
  • Allows you to easily add HD Video with Audio: Once again this is a very easy process. I did however find a small failing with the audio. I’ll bring that up later.
  • Allows you to move and size animated explainer elements: This is not true of all elements While you can move texts and sketch images you can not move animated images.
  • Allows you to easily import slides from VMFX: I don’t know what VMFX is so I wasn’t able to test this particular feature.

The best thing, for me, about Explaindio is the sketch feature. I just love the way it works. It comes with heaps of SVG files but there is no reason why you can’t get more. The businessman in the video below is one I got in a previous package. Basically if you have an SVG file Explaindio can sketch it for you.




Explaindio Review – The Bad

Before I get into the Explaindio’s failing let me say that it may not be the softwares fault but my own failings.

  • Like I said at the beginning of the Explaindio review the built in templates/slides were a definite plus as they make the animated video production very simple. The failing is that other than the text and outlines you can’t really edit much. What would be really great would be if you could create you’re own animated slides as it wouldn’t take long to exhaust the built in ones.
  • When importing video you are limited to 30 seconds of audio. In my video above I couldn’t use it at the beginning of the video because it cut off the last 5 or so seconds of my spiel. I had to use Camtasia to finish it off.
  • While I liked the idea of being able to add audio the final product was so out of sync I couldn’t use it. I had to export the video and then use Camtasia to add the audio. I tried several things but the audio sync just wouldn’t gel.
  • I could not extend a portion of slide that I was using. If you watched the video above you would have noticed the part, “But like Fred she is worried about,” went by way too quickly. I tried to extend the timing but that didn’t work. It’s probably just one of the bugs that needs to be ironed out.
  • This next one is that when adding text to the ‘sketch files’ you can’t use the return key. So if you wanted to add more than one line you have to physically add each line via the “Add text’ function.

 Even with the above mentioned failings I’m more than happy with Explaindio. When you consider that it only cost $39.95! I even got a buck off for recommending them on FaceBook! For that price I get regular free software upgrades. Upgrades which I’m sure will resolve those failings I mentioned.

The fact that after the launch you will only be able to get Explaindio as a monthly or yearly subscription really sold it for me. I really dislike those monthly subscription deals.

Because I can see so many uses for this software there is no way in hell I’m going to take advantage of the money back guarantee. For me it’s not so much the marketing part that I’m interested as I intend to use it to jazz up my YouTube videos to make them more interesting.

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How To Create A Reflection Of An Image

how to create a reflection of an image1

Have you ever wanted to create a reflection of an image? I have but it was all too hard. I found out you could do it with Photoshop but there was so many steps involved in the couple of videos I looked at I just couldn’t be bothered. Besides, not everyone has or can afford Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements 13 will set you back over $133! Not so the Logo Creator which is what I used for this tutorial and to create the image above.

How To Create A Reflection Of An Image Tutorial

I was wondering whether or not this could be done with the Logo Creator when the guy who made the software posted a tutorial on how to create reflections with it. I simply adapted it so I could create a reflection of an image.

As you can see from the tutorial it was really a very simple process to create a reflection of an image using the Logo Creator.

Considering how cheap the software is it would make the perfect addition to every serious online marketer. Check out my post on Investing In Your Business to see some of the great specials on offer for the Logo Creator.

You can see the actual header I created in the tutorial on the special page I created for Fortuna my Lady Luck Of Sports! Speaking of which I love the way Flexsqueeze allows me to have different headers for different pages. Come to think of it, I actually made a video tutorial oh How You Can Have A Different Header For Every Page Of Your Blog.

A special thanks goes to Brian Hawkins of Hot Blog Tips for being the first to comment on and share the How To Make A Reflection of an Image video. Brian has actually written a really cool post on a Free Table Of Contents Plugin. This is for those of you who write really long posts.

I hope you liked the tutorial on how to create a reflection of an image. Have you ever wanted to be able to create a reflection of an image?


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