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Built-in lithium battery: 3.7 V / 260mAh, can work for two hours.
Charging time: 2-3 hours
WindowsME / 2000 / XP/MacOS9.2.2 or above version of the operating system (Windows 98 system needs to install the driver)
Memory: Built-in 2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB memory card (Optional) this goods bulit in 8GB
Support System: Windows Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista,Mac O/S and Linux

Tiny camera lens on the watch face is so discreet no-one will notice it – the built in microphone and USB connection look like just another button
2GB built in storage capacity takes hours of video surveillance in computer ready AVI format. Also captures photos or records sound
Perfect for making recordings of meetings or lectures or for capturing holiday memories when you do not have your camera at hand
Rechargeable lithium battery and water resistant

The Spy Watch Mk II kit includes travelling USB charger, full instructions and presentation box.

Braven Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/PowerBank 0SBA 650

The Braven 650 Bluetooth Speaker/PowerBank features 2x custom HD audio drivers provide stereo audio amplified by left and right channel passive sub woofers. A 3w speaker output will enable your audio to fill a room with crisp, full sound. Can be used wirelessly with any Bluetooth device from up to 33 feet away. If your device isn’t Bluetooth compatible, you can still connect using the included 3.5mm audio cable. With a 2000 mAh portable USB power bank, the Braven 650 can play music, take calls and provide a soundtrack for other media for up to 20 hours. This same power bank can be used to quickly recharge other USB mobile devices when you’re on the go. The aircraft grade aluminum exterior has been machined to precision, creating a beautiful sleek design. Custom high fidelity audio drivers deliver powerful room-filling sound to your conference calls, music and media. The built-in speakerphone makes it easy to take and make calls hands free or in a group. Easily switch between playing audio and making or receiving calls. The internal mic is compatible with Bluetooth enabled phones, Face time, iChat, Skype and other applications (not all phones will support these features).

The My Weigh XL-550 Digital Talking Scale has a 550 pound capacity with a 0.2 pound resolution and also weighs in kilograms (200 kilograms x 0.1 kilogram). This scale has a large weighing platform and easy to read display, as well as a talking feature. The rubber feet are designed to keep the scale in place and not scuff up your floor. You do not have to push any buttons to turn on this scale. Just give it a quick tap with your foot and it will turn on. This scale is shipped with batteries included and is covered by My Weigh’s 30 year warranty.

How I Stopped My Email Spam

I’ve often talked about stopping spam on blogs but apart from a post I did on my loadofbullshit blog, namely How I Stopped Spam Getting To My Inbox, I don’t think that I’ve ever written one on this blog. The reason for writing about stopping spam on my BS blog is obvious, because writing about all the BS going on in the world is what that blog is all about. Still that’s no reason why I can’t write about it on this blog and for the life of me I don’t know why I didn’t write about this sooner. Considering that the reader base and traffic on WassupBlog far exceeds my BS blog I feel like I’ve done everybody a great disservice by not posting this sooner. Heck, who knows how many people I could have saved from putting up with email spam if only I had posted this earlier. Review Of…

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Eviltron The Best Ever Gadget For The Jokester

There are a lot of scary things out there. But here at ThinkGeek Mindlabs(TM) we think there are certainly few things scarier than one’s own imagination. The human mind can play Insert alternative description here devious tricks on itself, especially when given a small amount of outside stimuli to work with. Your thoughts can easily lead you into a maze of paranoia and put you into a very uncomfortable state of heightened awareness. That odd noise that just came from the attic or the “face” you just saw hovering for a split second outside your window – these things can really stir your thoughts. So, we used this simple principle to create our newest mind toy, the ThinkGeek EvilTron.

This fiendishly small device features six creepy sound choices perfect for frightening your “friends” and co-workers. Simply choose your favorite sound (or use the random mode), place it in a dark hiding spot and watch the madness begin. Perfectly suitable for dorm, office and home use. Or try putting it in someone’s car – that gets them every time.
EvilTron Logo

Your Highly Tested EvilTron Sounds Are:

* Something unsettling creaking
* Unidentifiable scratching sounds
* Gasping last breath
* Sinister child laughing
* Eerie whispering of ‘hey, can you hear me?’
* Random Mode

Give Them An Apple MacBook Air For Christmas

Apple MacBook Air (5,2) Core i5 1.80 GHz 13″ 256GB SSD (2012)

Victorinox SwissMemory MB USB Storage Device

* 58mm
* Color: Ruby Translucent
* SwissMemory 128 Contains the Following Tools:
Removable USB Flash Drive with 128MB Memory Capacity
Nail File with Screwdriver
Key Ring
LED Mini Light
Retractable Ball Point Pen
* Compatible with:
USB 1.1/2.0 interface
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
MAC OS X, OS 8.6 and higher
Linux 2.4 and higher
* Windows 98 drivers available at
* The Secure-LOCK software will keep your data safe from unauthorized access.
* LAST 2!

Get Great Sound With A Cambridge Audio 100

Hot on the footsteps of the DacMagic Plus, the UK’s best-selling hi-fi brand is excited to announce another arrival to the DacMagic family. The DacMagic 100 is a superb value entry-level digital to analogue converter designed to enhance a whole range of digital audio devices.

Based on the same compact chassis as the iD100 iPad / iPhone dock, DacMagic 100 is the ideal partner for this digital dock and significantly upgrades quality of audio stored or streamed from a docked Apple device. In addition, three digital connections are ideal for upgrading the audio performance of a wide range of products including TVs, network music players and Blu-ray players. But perhaps best of all, DacMagic 100 is equipped with Cambridge Audio’s latest USB audio input which allows studio master, uncompressed 24-bit / 192kHz files to be upgraded from any Windows or Apple computer.

Developed at Cambridge Audio’s Research and Development Centre on London’s Southbank, the DacMagic 100 has been created by a team obsessed with delivering the very best sound reproduction from digital music of all formats.

Since launching the original DacMagic in 2008 – the first dedicated DAC for the computer music generation – the way we listen to music has shifted dramatically. CD sales have declined rapidly and the popularity of online music collections as well as streaming services have exploded. DacMagic 100 provides an even more accomplished enhancement solution to digital music by extracting the highest quality 24-bit music data from PCs or Macs. The end result is a dramatically vibrant, detailed sound and one that’s remarkably free from jitter – a problem which normally degrades music stored on hard drives or sent across networks.

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