FlexSqueeze Latest Update Absolutely Rocks

I’ve been waiting for this update for quite awhile now so you can imagine how exited I was to receive an email saying it was available to download. Man, I doubt that anyone has ever seen me move so fast :laugh_tb: Yes, this blog is now running on the latest FlexSqueeze and I must say that the improvements Ryan’s made has made it even easier to customize than before.

He’s even added a few things that were missing in the last version, mainly drop down menus and you now can have multiple squeeze pages on the same blog, one of the suggestions that I think I may have made on his forum.

Seeing as how there are so many changes, more than I could possibly include in this post without boring the crap out of you, I thought I would put together a little video using my Total Screen Recorder Gold. The video will highlight some of the main changes and will also show you how easy it is to customize your blog.

I have to admit that after installing the latest update I found that the color picker wasn’t working. I immediately went onto Ryan’s forum, yes he does give support, and after giving him access to my admin area he found out it was conflicting with one of my plugins, Digiprove, which I spoke about in the post telling you how all my posts were copyright protected. Once he tracked down the problem he had a solution for me that very night.

Now I know some of you are thinking that you’re not ready to pay for a theme and that you’re happy with the free theme you’re currently using. That’s fine but I ask you, how much money is you free theme making for you? Not a cent right? Well apart from the fact that this is probably the easiest most versatile WordPress theme you will ever come across, being a FlexSqueeze Theme owner will make you money. I got my money back within the first two months and since then it’s all profit. I can honestly say that it is my best affiliate to date as well as being the most reliable performer.

Imagine, you will finally have something that you can promote and sell on your blog, and unlike all those bloggers who are promoting a theme they’re not even using, you will be promoting one that you use and others seeing how excited you are about your theme will be more likely to buy it.

Note: After viewing the YouTube video I was shocked to see the poor quality of the reproduction.They’ve obviously downgraded the quality as when looking at it on my computer it was perfect.

Edit:Since this post there has been another update. You can check out some of the unique features at this post.

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WassupBlog’s Posts Are Copyright Protected With Digiprove

Most people who know me, or have noticed my interaction with the fairer sex, would probably tell you that there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t do to please them! That being the case you’re probably wondering what’s taking me so long in answering a fair maiden’s request that was placed some seven days ago.

That fair maiden was Colleen of Kennewick Real Estate who, in the post about Speeding Up Your Blog in order to keep Google and your readers happy, asked the following;

On an unrelated note Sire, a blog entry from you about the Digiprove you are using might be a good topic. Until now, I’ve never seen it nor heard of it. Just a thought, as I haven’t seen anything written on it, or other ways to protect against content theft. Might be a good topic.

For those of you who don’t know Colleen, she and her husband Joe are in the Real Estate game and have many wonderful properties for sale, including this one at West Pasco Washington which has stunning views.

Anyway Colleen, sorry for the delay but you know what they say, better late than never and I can only hope that it was worth the wait.

It all came about last December when some moron decided to steal a whole heap of my posts which eventuated in my post about stolen content, and then a followup post on the final outcome. I would recommend that post to anyone who would like to know what to do if the same thing ever happened to them because there are some great comments there which helped me and I am sure can help others in return.

Although most people know that they own copyright to all material that they post on their blog it can sometimes be difficult to prove it and the necessity of proof can be required when chasing those fools that pilfer your posts. This lead me in a search of a plugin that would certify to everyone that I am the sole owner of material posted on this blog.

The result of that search resulted in the installation of Digiprove.  As they say on their website:

Digiprove’s online copyright proving service is well-known to creators. Now we’re making it even easier to secure the copyright of your blog posts. The “Copyright Proof” WordPress plugin automatically Digiproves the content of every published blog post (new or edited). This gives you indisputable proof of the content, and the date and time of publication.

Not only that, but for every post that you make:

  • A notice and icon will be displayed at the foot of your blog post referencing the actual Digiprove certificate.
  • You will receive by email the digitally-signed certificate which protects your post
  • If you prefer, the certifying page will have a link-back to your blog site.

So much more effective than simply including a copyright notice.

You will notice an icon at the end of this post that signifies that this post is copyrighted. Clicking on that badge will take you to a numbered certificate that is dated showing me as the copyright owner. There is no way that anyone can argue that fact.

Something to note is that the plugin, though fully functional, is in Beta mode which is why it is currently free of charge. The website does state the following;

Once the first formal release of Copyright Proof is made, we will apply some commerce! However it is our intention to keep the service free-of-charge to personal/hobbyist users and to educational establishments and registered charities.

While it is still completely functional as a free user I no longer have access to certain sections of the website which are reserved for paying members. Cost for personal use is $8 per month or $80 per year but for now I am completely happy as a non paying user.

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The Need For Speed Computer Style

In my last post I talked about some measures that I’ve taken to speed up my WordPress blog and while this is something I have to do every now and again I’m lucky enough not to have to worry about my PC. I used to worry about it some time back when I used to take ages deleting old files and stuff in order to get the old gal to go a little faster but now I’ve got a little utility to do it for me.

The program I use is called TuneUp Utilities and I’ve set it up to scan my computer every Friday. So, every Friday at 5.15 pm it searches the hard drive and corrects any registry problems, removes invalid shortcuts, frees up disk space and optimizes hard disk performance.  As you can see from the following image of the start page although my PC is fully optimized I have one problem that threatens my overall computer health. Clicking on the link tells me that I haven’t checked the hard drive for errors over the last three months and that I should check it for errors using Tuneup Disk Doctor which it’s now doing as I write this post.

I admit it, I’ve been slack because although it does a rudimentary cleanup of the system during it’s weekly checkup I do need to manually optimize it occasionally just so as to make sure it doesn’t delete files that I still need.

What I like most about it is it’s ease of use as everything works at a click of the mouse and whenever it comes across a problem it tells me clearly what it is and gives me a selection of solutions that will resolve the problem that is easy to follow. Just as an example, as part of the optimization process it presented me with a list of programs that were rarely used and upon my order removed them from the computer. A whole lot easier than going through the ‘Add Remove Programs’ Windows option.

So, just to summarize here are some of the tasks that TuneUp Utilities will do for you.

  • Secure data protection
  • Reliable data recovery
  • Dependable registry cleaning
  • User friendly controls
  • Simple and thorough 1-click maintenance
  • Individual Windows styling

If your computer isn’t running at it’s optimum level perhaps it’s time you tackled the problem by utilizing TuneUp Utilities arsenal and what better way than by making use of their free trial offer.

TuneUp Utilities 2010 - Download Now!

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