Testing Market Samurai’s Keyword Research Tool

There has been a particular product that I’ve seen a lot of reviews about all over the net, and I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if you’ve seen them as well. I’m talking about Market Samurai and yes that is an affiliate link that will allow you to download a free copy so you can test it for yourself.

So, even though I’ve been hearing for ages about how all ‘these first-time internet marketing “newbies” who have been using this TOP SECRET Market Samurai software to easily capture front-page rankings, traffic and sales in their first few weeks online’, why have I waited until now to purchase the software?

Well you see things are finally starting to change around here. By the end of next week I will be out of work, after being self employed for some thirty odd years. While I’m not going into details, let’s just say that the payout figure was nowhere near what I needed to retire, and while I will be taking some time off for a long deserved rest I will need to find another source of income, and I figured why not blogging?

You guys all know how, although I’ve always known about the importance of keyword research I’ve never really applied it because I believed it would spoil my blogging experience. Well what if Market Samurai can do all the hard work for me, then I would have the best of both worlds.

You may be wondering why I purchased it rather than just trialling it for seven days. Well for one thing I’m still working and I knew I didn’t have time to run it through it’s paces and the other thing is that I didn’t want to miss out on the 35% savings for getting in early. If I let the trial expire I would have paid $149 instead of $97. The other reason is that to be an affiliate you have to own the software first, and I figured why take the chance of lost sales just for the sake of a few lousy bucks.

In case you haven’t heard of Market Samurai, it’s a keyword research tool that promises the following.

  • TOP RANKINGS in Search Engines
  • Finds the most PROFITABLE KEYWORDS
  • It will show you what it will take to DOMINATE YOUR COMPETITORS…

And believe me the Internet being the size that it is there’s a whole lot of competition out there so it’s a good idea to get the edge on them whenever you can. If you’re interested in future updates you may want to subscribe to the blog. Better still why not take the free trial and join me in the journey to what I hope will be financial freedom.

Try Market Samurai now for free!

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Protecting Your Online Activity With A Password Manager

The Internet is truly a wondrous invention but it has two sides. The good side allows us to communicate with others way across the other side of the world. It’s a vast source of entertainment and information but unfortunately it also has it’s dark side.

Yep, just about everything has a dark side so why should the Net be any different? The Net is the perfect tool for those who wish to abuse it and it could be anything from those annoying people who spam your blogs to those who try to rip you off or worse still steal your identity, and we all know how bad identity theft can be. Whilst I try to expose as many schemes as possible on my Load Of Bullshit blog more are being produced every day. I know that blog actually works because I’ve had many people thanking me for writing those posts. I’ve even had a company threatened me with a law suit if I did not remove a particular post but that post still stands to this day.

One thing that many people fail to do online is use proper passwords. Instead they use passwords that are easy to remember and more often than not they use the same password for multiple sites. Who can blame them when you consider that some people may have to remember hundreds of passwords. That used to be me until I found the right password manager!

With the right password manager, instead of using easy to crack passwords, you can be using passwords like ‘9fr*@]d\504a@iZ$*jR1f ! Can you imagine how hard it would be to crack Credit Card Theftthat little number? Now I know that there are some of you who think their passwords are safe enough but if you have to enter them manually you should keep in mind that there are ways where your keystrokes can be recorded meaning that your password can be stolen.

With the password manager that I’m offering you in this post there are no keystrokes, it’s all done via a simple cut and paste process. As I may have mentioned I need to have access to hundreds of passwords and so I needed a program that would allow me to access them with ease. The password manager I use not only allows me to categorize my sites by using multiple directories it also has a great search feature that directs me to the password I need within seconds.

You would expect to pay a pretty penny for something such as this. If I were into list building I could even use it to build a huge list because this program is truly exceptional. But I’m not so I ain’t going that route. I could even offer it to you once you subscribed to this blog but I’m not doing that either because I only want people to subscribe because they like WassupBlog and want to be kept up to date with my offerings and musings. Imagine those who have not subscribed are actually missing out on securing their online activities.

No, KeePass Password Safe is absolutely free and you don’t have to jump any hurdles to get it because that is exactly how the author intended it to be. Check out the site as it had a lot of screen captures and be sure to download it because it will be the best thing you’ve ever done to maintain your online security.

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Reviewing MyLikes As An Advertiser

While I’ve done a couple of posts on MyLikes as a publisher I thought I would put them through their paces as an advertiser. Out of all the blogs I own the one that has proven to be the most difficult as far as promoting it goes has always been my Top Sexual Aids blog.¬† The main reason for this is obviously the content of the site and while there is nothing wrong with sex as a whole people get a little funny about it when it comes to talking about ways of making it better through sexual aids.

I did think about giving Google Adsense a go but when they emailed me saying they would no longer present ads on that site I thought better about giving them money to promote it. I mean how does that work, they’re too high and mighty to run ads on there but it’s quite OK to take my money as an advertiser? Not bloody likely.

Then I remembered MyLikes and so I decided to give them a go. Setting it all up was a real snap, as you can see from the following image all that is required is a little information about your campaign.

You can even set a sample tweet to give your publishers an example of what you are looking for. I left this blank as I wanted them to use their imagination. You also want to set your cost per click and your campaign budget. At first I tried  5 cents per click bu this created very little interest so I raised the stakes to 15 cent per click, which worked a whole lot better.

Another thing you may want to take note of is the section where it says ‘In what geographical locations do you want clicks from?’ I chose that I would only accept click from the US because I figured this was the best way to get more click per buck. This means that although I’m getting traffic from the rest of the world I’m only paying for those who live in the States. At least that’s how I think it works.

So, how did it all go. Let’s look at Google Analytic for the answer.

You can see where the campaign cut in, the apex peaked at 84 visits which is great because I was only getting a couple of visits a day if lucky. Once the campaign ended I was still getting about 10-20 visits a day. What was really surprising is that spike near the end where it got to almost 500 visits for the day. I can only assume that one of those Tweets got the attention of a Twitterer with a huge following who passed it on causing it to go viral.

Overall I am very pleased with the way MyLikes performed and I would highlight the fact that the possibility of your post going viral, and the ease of use makes it, in my opinion, vastly superior to Adsense. At the moment traffic is still pretty high, so much so that at the writing of this post it’s ranked #7 on Cool Blog Links, and that itself is pretty cool, not to mention the click through rate on the products/affiliates I have on that blog.

If you’re already a MyLikes member all you have to do is click on the Advertise link at the top of your page. If you’re not a member it would be a good idea to join because it’s a double edged sword that works in your favor. The first razor sharp edge slices open the purse strings leaving it wide open for your Twitter earnings to fall in and the second opens your site up exposing it to the greater market that is waiting for you.

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