Where Do You Stand On Climate Change

Climate change would have to be one of the most important issues of the times but is it really happening or are the climate skeptics right in saying it’s all bullshit? You kind of have to ask yourself why anyone would push climate change if it wasn’t entirely true. Either it’s true or they’re getting something out of pushing a lie, or the very least distorting the truth.

I know that the Labor Party have been pushing climate change for awhile now, in fact Rudd tried everything he could to put pressure on the Coalition to pass the Government’s emissions trading legislation. Legislation that would have cost Australians millions, possibly more than we could afford. What was farcical was that he was willing to sign off on the whole thing before any other country had committed themselves to it. It became obvious to many that all he was really interested in was getting a feather in his cap, one where he could parade to other world leaders how he was able to convince Australians to sign up before anyone else. Lucky we didn’t because no-one else did. The whole Copenhagen thing was a washout.

So, why would scientists manipulate data to make climate change seem more than it really is? Would it be because they didn’t want to be seen as wrong? Perhaps there was a monetary gain for them. I reckon a lot of them would be working for the government to provide them the data they need to propagate their policies. It’s apparent now that had we signed those papers the Government would be collecting a lot more taxes, taxes that probably wouldn’t have helped the environment one little bit.

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Will Commenting Harm Your Blogging Success?

Man, I love it when comments lead you to a new post. Most people seem to miss that when they sit wondering what to write about next. Analyze your comments and those of your peers folks as you are bound to find some inspiration for a post.

Anyway I digress. The other day I wrote the post Why I No Longer Link To The Likes Of ProBlogger And John Chow,  that seems to have created quite a stir. One of my commentators added David Risley to the bunch which happened to get him involved in the discussion.

In their defense he came up with the following post, When Comments Begin To Hurt Your Blogging Success! (Unfortunately I had to remove that link because David has decided to delete that post) This would only be true if you spent every single moment of  your time commenting, leaving no time for marketing and such. I can’t see anybody doing that.

I personally believe that taking the time to comment can only enhance your presence, especially when others are found lacking in this area. It’s all about time management, and taking the time to interact with people is as important, if not more so, as focusing on ways of increasing your blogs revenue.

If you consider your commentators as customers how much more likely are they going to send people your way if you show them, by replying to their comments, that you value their input?

Sound like a good time for a poll. I think a simple yes or no will do the trick.

Can Commenting Harm Your Blogging Success

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I would also love you to weigh in on the discussion. Who knows, if we make our feeling known, perhaps we can change the way some of the big boys think. Don’t forget to Tweet, Stumble or whatever all posts involved, and it would be great to get as much feedback as possible.

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Obama’s Health Care Plan Not At All Popular

In Australia we’ve had a healthcare system, Medicare, since 1984 and while there are times when the waiting lines are longer than desired, no-one is denied treatment. Whether or not you can afford the treatment does not make a shred of difference when admitted to a public hospital.

The only bone of contention is that those who opt for private cover also have to pay the medical levy, although the government has been offering rebates to encourage more people onto private health in order to relieve the pressure on the public system.

Being an Aussie I’m not at all sure how the health system works in the States, but I was surprised to see the following video.


I was pretty amazed to see that Obama’s plan to introduce a health care system was met with such opposition. What the heck do we pay taxes for if not to be provided with certain services, and I really believe that a government funded health care should be one of those services. I reckon that being able to receive medical treatment should be the right of every citizen, and they certainly should not be denied that right just because they can’t afford it. Sorry, but that’s barbaric.


Anyway, like I said, I’m an Aussie and I’m not at all sure how things are run over there in the States. Perhaps the stuff I see over here where people die because hospitals will not admit them because of lack of medical cover is totally false, I don’t know, but I’m sure that someone out there will be glad to fill me in on the actual facts.

Just to have a quick idea of how people felt about this I thought I would set up a quick poll. It just requires a yes or no answer, but perhaps you would like to substantiate your answer by leaving a comment.

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