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Where Do You Stand On Climate Change

Climate change would have to be one of the most important issues of the times but is it really happening or are the climate skeptics right in saying it’s all bullshit? You kind of have to ask yourself why anyone would push climate change if it wasn’t entirely true. Either it’s true or they’re getting something out of pushing a lie, or the very least distorting the truth. I know that the Labor Party have been pushing climate change for awhile now, in fact Rudd tried everything he could to put pressure on the Coalition to pass the Government’s emissions trading legislation. Legislation that would have cost Australians millions, possibly more than we could afford. What was farcical was that he was willing to sign off on the whole thing before any other country had committed themselves to it. It became obvious to many that all he was really interested…

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Will Commenting Harm Your Blogging Success?

Man, I love it when comments lead you to a new post. Most people seem to miss that when they sit wondering what to write about next. Analyze your comments and those of your peers folks as you are bound to find some inspiration for a post. Anyway I digress. The other day I wrote the post Why I No Longer Link To The Likes Of ProBlogger And John Chow,  that seems to have created quite a stir. One of my commentators added David Risley to the bunch which happened to get him involved in the discussion. In their defense he came up with the following post, When Comments Begin To Hurt Your Blogging Success! (Unfortunately I had to remove that link because David has decided to delete that post) This would only be true if you spent every single moment of  your time commenting, leaving no time for marketing…

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Obama’s Health Care Plan Not At All Popular

In Australia we’ve had a healthcare system, Medicare, since 1984 and while there are times when the waiting lines are longer than desired, no-one is denied treatment. Whether or not you can afford the treatment does not make a shred of difference when admitted to a public hospital. The only bone of contention is that those who opt for private cover also have to pay the medical levy, although the government has been offering rebates to encourage more people onto private health in order to relieve the pressure on the public system. Being an Aussie I’m not at all sure how the health system works in the States, but I was surprised to see the following video.     I was pretty amazed to see that Obama’s plan to introduce a health care system was met with such opposition. What the heck do we pay taxes for if not to…

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Sire’s ‘Ice Breaker’ Pick Up Line

Something that I have wanted to do for a very long time is to actually do a video of myself and host it online for all to see. The thing is that I don’t really want to be on public display, being such a shy bloke and all, but I figured, seeing as how it is the new year and all, what the heck. This particular video will demonstrate my sick sense of humor. It has sexual overtones so if you think that you may be offended don’t watch. No, there is nothing that involves the sexual act, no naked breasts or hot steaming thighs. There is not even a hint of copulation, or even the slights glimpse of sexual organs!. But even so, there is a hint of some form of sexual content so just remember, You Have Been Warned! How’s that for keyword stuffing? Remember, if you want…

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Are You A Lazy Blogger?

I read an interesting post the other day by crsenter called Using Keywords For Your Creativity which is basically how to use keywords and phrases creatively in your post. She’s also included a link to a free website that can help you find the answers to the right keywords. As usual, her posts get me to thinking, and I suddenly realised that although I know all the basics about SEO, including the necessity to use the right keywords, I do not actively take the time to source the appropriate words, phrases, linking stratagies etc to make my blogs stand out. I left a comment on her post saying as much and to my surprise she admitted that; I don’t research keywords near as much as I should either. I just go with the flow. At least she does attempt it on occasions, which is more than what I do. The…

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A Blogger’s View On Google Chrome

Yep, I am one of those guys that just has to try every new gadget, especially when it is free, so first chance I got I downloaded Google Chrome. I am actually typing this post whilst using the Google Chrome browser and I haven’t read any other reviews as I wanted this to be completely unbiased. Good Points My blogs all look great in it. This was a real worry and the last thing I wanted was to start modifying the themes to work with this browser. It was a breeze to set up, no problems at all and seemlessly imported all my passwords and bookmarks. It is bloody fast, it’s like the computer has been turbocharged as so far all the pages load a lot quicker than FireFox or Internet Explorer. Memory usage seems heaps better and it also allocates the memory diferently. FireFox used to increase the memory…

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