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Sire’s Scary Halloween Poem

scary halloween

I suppose you guys have noticed that my blog now has a Halloween feel about it? Something that I do on a constant basis is to change the theme so that it’s in keeping with the current holiday season and seeing how Halloween is just around the corner I thought it only fitting to give it that Halloween look. Lucky for me the FlexSqueeze makes it so easy to do.

Anyway, a little over three years ago, or three Halloweens ago  :wink_ee: I wrote a post called A Poem For Halloween The Night Of Frights and as it turns out that particular post brings in quite a bit of traffic every year around this time. Now I wonder why that is?  :smoke_tb: That particular poem had a twist to it and because it was so long ago I thought it only fitting that I should post another Halloween Poem!

Screams Of Halloween

It’s Halloween, the night of fright
Which child will go missing tonight?
Do they know on who’s door they knock?
For imagined treats, perhaps a shock!

Dark and scary, they venture still
Smiling pumpkins upon window sill
Dares’t they knock upon the door?
Knowing not who knocked before

Did they get the treats they sought?
Or perhaps some dreadful evil wrought
Upon young flesh sweet and innocent
So hungry for fresh souls to torment

Looking around, eerie sounds abound
Is that the baying of the devils hound?
Jack-O-Lantern’s smile or evil grin
A little fear brings goosebumps to skin

Though breath comes fast still they knock
Door creakily opens as though to mock
Candles light a path to their treats
Will they enter or quickly retreat?

Temptation too much for them to bear
They venture slowly in to claim their share
The door swings shut they whirl around
Demons, ghosts and ghouls did abound

Passersby heard their terrified screams
Their flesh did crawl as from their darkest dreams
But walk on by past the house obscene
After all, are not screams part of Halloween?

After posting this I thought that you might like to hear me give you a personal rendition and so I made a video and uploaded it to YouTube. I tried to give it a scary sound but I’m not sure that I succeeded  :laugh_tb:

Well, that’s it my scary friends. Did you enjoy it? Did it make your skin crawl? Which poem did you like best, the one from the other post or this one? If you enjoyed the video, please take the time to head on over to YouTube so you can give it the thumbs up. If you do I won’t have to haunt you  :devil_tb:

If you really liked it you know what to do, write me a comment telling me what you liked about it but most of all share it with your friends on the social media. Give it a Tweet, share it with your FaceBook friends, Stumble it or even give it a Google +1. You know you want to, before the ghouls come to get you.  :devil_tb:

Halloween Zombie


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Goodbye Josie, Forever In Our Hearts


Last night the family gathered around Josie to say our goodbyes as she left us behind. She was my beloved sister-in-law, sister of Anna and Sam. Auntie to Frank, Nadia and Ben. Mommy to Amelia and devoted wife to Nicola Zollo. Eldest Daughter to Maria and Giovanni Caruso; She will always be their cherished Guiseppina.

I’m honestly at a loss for what to say. We all loved Josie so much. She was always a guiding force and a shining beacon. Even though we knew she was not well we did not expect to lose her so suddenly.

There are many flowers in the world
But only one named Josephine
To her parents she was Guiseppina
Forever will she be in their hearts.

To Nicola she was Josie,
A part of him she will always be.
To Amelia she was mummy,
A guiding light she will always see.

To the rest of us an angel,
Always there in time of need
A flower, so pristine, so perfect
Too perfect for these earthly fields

So God plucked her from her loved ones,
so suddenly, it left a void,
We now know He had a purpose,
So, in heaven she could bloom.

Josie Zollo: Born 10 September 1956

                    Died 8 August 2012 

To see an updated memorial to Josie please visit A Tribute To Josie Zollo.


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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet, That Is The Question?


There was a post that I wrote some time ago where told of my experience with Shakespeare and it culminated in a Shakespearean style piece which I called To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question? Although my poetry and other creative posts don’t always fare that well I persist with them because I find they push my creativity and I enjoy that immensely. Not only the challenge of coming up with something different from the norm but the immense satisfaction of sitting back and admiring my work after its completion.

Another reason for doing something a little different is because there are already so many posts out there covering this topic I thought it best to be a bit more creative.

Colorful Trees

To tweet or not to tweet, a question asked by many
Tom, Dick and Harry or even Mary, Kristi and Jenny
They may all be wondering whether to tweet or not
What they should be asking; Is it worth a shot?

Your Twitter rep is important, so keep it in mind
Do not tweet crap for fear of leaving it behind
Only tweet works, that you find are worth the tweet
For then your twitter rep, in time will become elite

What of self promotion, is that not a good excuse
To give a blog a tweet so that you also get some juice?
But that will only work if a great comment you’ll leave
A comment that adds value that readers will receive

Some will tweet to line their pockets with money
But if you do too many, others won’t think you funny
Your tweets must be interesting, that others will enjoy
Just keep in mind it’s a social tool and not a ruddy toy

To put it in a nut shell you should tweet posts but rather than just tweet and run off you should also take the time to leave a great comment, especially if you can leave one that stands out from the rest. Tweeting a great post which you have made better by leaving a great comment will give both you and the blogger exposure.


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