Scary Hallows Eve Ball

Scary Hallows Eve Ball Poem

Scary Hallows Eve Ball Poem

With Hallows Eve just around the corner, I decided to upload my scary Hallow Eve’s Ball Poem. I called this poem Scary Halloween Ball Poem 2019. Yeah, I know it’s a little long-winded, but it all has to do with SEO, something that’s important if you want your videos to get noticed on YouTube.

This is my fourth scary Halloween poem. The first scary Halloween open was Home Alone On Halloween. My second scary Halloween poem was Screams of Halloween, and I wrote that about three years later on October 2012. The last one, Scary Halloween Poem was on October 31st 2015. See all my poems here.

My Latest Scary Halloween Poem

Once a year around the land
The ghouls join to form a band
On Hallow’s eve in unhallowed hall
Creatures come for the Halloween Ball

Skeletons jiving, rattling their chains
Zombies strutting feasting on brains
Witches swaying swooshing their brooms
Banging cauldrons and predicting dooms

The Halloween Ball music reverberates.
Calling all monsters to participate
While humans gather collecting sweets
Moaning ghosts are fluttering sheets

Creaking coffins as vampires emerge
Mournful voices adding to the dirge
When it comes to the scary Halloween Ball
All horrors are welcome to the unearthly sprawl

Witches and Warlocks with bumps and grinds
To werewolves howling blowing their minds
Swamp creatures emerging from pungent lake
Their writhing smelling bodies starting to shake

The music stops when Lucifer joins the band
But starts again when he waves his taloned hand
He strokes the spoked tines on his evil pitchfork
Creating a seething eerie sound for his evil work

Unearthly sounds filling the unearthly ballroom
Minions, ogres and banshees dance in the gloom,
They’re bopping and rocking at the Halloween Ball
All manners of monsters the moment enjoyed by all

No mortal to be found amongst this evil crowd
Only the dead and dreadful wearing their shroud
Bloodletting screams and mournful moanings
Contribute to the music and the crowd’s groanings

The sirens song out of reach of mortal beings
Woos the demons with their soulful fleeings
In the human realm, their song entices the mortal
But in the demon realm causes them all to chortle

But even for the dark soul, good times must end
As the sun rises for the ghoul and the evil fiend
Alas, for another year for all the evil that crawl
They must await the next ghastly Halloween Ball

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Story Of Christmas A Christmas Poem

Christmas Poem

Hey guys, I reckon you’ve noticed my Christmas theme? It’s all thanks to the versatility of Flexsqueeze. Speaking of Christmas I thought it was time I wrote another Christmas poem. My first Christmas poem as in way back in 2010! My second Christmas poem was a couple of years later in 2012.

Now it’s 2015 and so I thought it was about time I came produced another Christmas poem. I normally don’t have too much of a problem publishing some of my poetry, but when it comes to writing religious poetry I’m my own worst critic! It just never seems good enough!

Anyway, after much head scratching, rewording, editing, crossing out and trepidation I managed to come up with my latest Christmas poem.

The Story Of Christmas

Allelujah! A King is born in Bethlehem
With innocent eyes he gazes at them
Three wise men journeyed from afar
Lead all the way by a shining star

Bearing gifts for the birth of His Son
A star their guide since their journey begun
A gift of gold for their King to be
Frankincense to worship whilst on one knee

Myrrh to celebrate His sacrifice
Paying for the sins of man’s vice
Much to be born by a newborn child
The child of God yet ever so mild

Jesus taught all who would listen
The ways of God, His Father in Heaven
Miracles performed to help them believe
Died on the cross many to bereave

Years have passed yet on Christmas day
Millions of the faithful gather to pray
Praising Christ for the sacrifice He made
For giving His life for our sins He paid

Praising our God the Lord most high
Allowing His Son on the cross to die
Much did He love His Children on Earth
We now celebrate the day of His birth

Merry Christmas to all, near and far
Remembering why they followed the star
Of all the gifts that we freely shared
Glory to God, for our lives he spared

This is the first Christmas poem that I’ve posted to YouTube to.

A Christmas Poem

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Scary Halloween Poem

scary halloween poem

Seeing how today is Halloween and all I thought I would post another scary Halloween poem. This is my third scary Halloween poem. The first scary Halloween open was Home Alone On Halloween. My second scary Halloween poem was Screams of Halloween and I wrote that about three years later onOctober 2012.

I just finished today’s, my latest scary Halloween poem and I’m going to share it with you now.

Witches Ghouls And Ghosts A Scary Halloween Poem

Its Halloween, sun a setting
The ghouls and demons are fretting
So much to do so little time
Lest they forget the yucky slime

Witches, their cauldrons stirring
Their evil black cats purring
Black hats and brooms just sitting
Evil spells the witches knitting

To catch unwary children ringing
With empty sweet bags swinging
Not knowing what waits behind the door
Perhaps not candy but ghastly gore

Are there vampires, fangs just dripping
Blood from victims they’re gripping
Bodies strewn across the floor
Of kids in costumes who rang before

Goblins and Ghosts I’m sure await
behind the door to deal their fate
To the unsuspecting costumes wearing
hoping for candy from their scaring

Not knowing what monsters they’ll meet
While visiting houses in their street
Where skeletons and Jack o’ Lanterns abound
Many emitting an eerie sound

Blood stained doors Mummies waiting
Costumed Children on door steps debating
Should they ring in hopes of candied loot
Or flee home taking the shorter route.

I’ve been thinking of doing another scary Halloween poem for ages now and 3 years later I’ve finally managed to come up with what I feel is my best scary Halloween poem yet. What do you guys think. How does this poem compare with the other ones.

I’ve also made another YouTube video of me reciting my latest scary Halloween poem. This time I tried not to overdo the scary voice.  :devil_tb:

I have to admit I love the FlexSqueeze theme. Being able to change the colour of the background in individual posts is a real bonus.

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