Google Tip Check For Broken Links

There are heaps of Google tips floating around the web a very importan Google tip would have to be that Google hates broken links. A broken link is an url on your blog that doesn’t go anywhere. It used to, when you first wrote the post, unless you mistyped something, but for some reason it now goes to a  404 Not Found. Imagine if you were lost whilst driving around and stopped to ask for directions only to find that the moron sent you on a wild goose chase costing you valuable time. You have to admit, that can be quite frustrating.

Google tip from SEO Sam

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Google Tip Google Hates Broken Links

That’s SEO Sam and he’s here to remind you to check all your links on your post, not only Read the rest of this entry

Best WordPress SEO Plugin Is…

Throughout my  blogging career I’ve used several SEO plugins, from the All in One SEO Plugin to the Platinum SEO but I’ve given them all away for the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. The reason for changing to this plugin is because it does so much more than all the others I have used. Whereas they were great for optimising the general aspects of the blog they were somewhat lacking when it came to optimising actual posts and pages.

This is where Yoast’s plugin comes into it’s own. While you can use Market Samurai to work out the best keywords to use, WordPress SEO by Yoast makes sure that you utilize your keywords to your best advantage. It will make sure you used it enough times. That you’ve used it in your image tags. That your title, url and heading contain them. All in all it will make sure that every time you publish a new post or page that it is fully optimised.

I’ve taken a couple of screen grabs to show you how the post has rated so far. The first one is a general view of how the best Best WordPress SEO plugin scores the post. Read the rest of this entry

Good Friday The Day Jesus Gave Up So Much For Us

I’ve been posting Friday Funnies for about a year now but not today. Nope, today is Good Friday and that to many Christians is a very holy day. Way too holy to belittle with jokes and so I’ve decided to give Friday Funnies a miss this week, and I’m sure you guys won’t mind.

I’ve done a couple of posts over the years, always around this particular time too  :giggle: , the first was called Easter, It’s More Than Just A Public Holiday and included a poem I put together for the occasion. Because Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ it shows us what a huge sacrifice the Lord made for us. In the poem I tried to convey a sense of that sacrifice as well as relate a little of the Easter story. I hope you take the time to read it.

Good Friday

I wrote he second post, Good Friday And What It Means To Me, last year and I tried to show you guys exactly how I felt about Easter. To me it’s more than just a holiday. It’s a time to spend with the family, to think about Jesus’ life and what we can do to be a little more like him. Most of that time that requires some sort of sacrifice and most of the time people won’t be prepared to do that. Perhaps if we think of the great sacrifice Jesus made for us we would be more prepared to sacrifice a little for Him.

Anyway, whether you believe in Easter or not I hope you have a great and safe weekend.


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