Making Google Happy

Making Google Happy

Let’s face it, making Google happy is something we all aspire to. Not because we like Google, most people don’t because it’s so hard to keep Google happy, but because it’s necessary if we want to be able to display Adsense on our sites. It’s also necessary if we want a good PR and a decent result in their search engine.

The problem making Google happy is such a damn chore. Ask any SEO expert. As soon as they think they have it down pat Google changes their algorithm and throws a spanner in the works. What was accepted one day is taboo the next.

SEO aside more and more web master / bloggers are getting the old Google slap or having their Adsense account terminated without any warning whatsoever. Man, it’s so hard to work Google out that I wrote a post about them called Google Sucks & How Inspiration Can Help Your Blog. If I remember correctly I compared Google to a fickle woman. And no offense to all the woman out there, sometimes I feel like Google has that bad time every month, or however long it takes for them to come up with another update, where they just love to stir things up. Yep they do it just to piss everybody off so they can sit back and laugh at all the mayhem they have created. Read the rest of this entry

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Googles Attitude Towards Publishers

Googles Attitude?

Yes indeed Googles attitude exists and we all know it. At one time or another I’m sure everyone of you have had something to complain about Google. Whether it’s because of all it’s ‘animal’ updates, the latest being the Penguin update. It’s almost like they’re running a zoo instead of a search engine. The problem is every time they come up with an update someone out there suffers because of it. That someone could have been you.

Perhaps you lost your PR or perhaps your traffic numbers went down considerably. Google also has other ways of torturing us. As publishers many of us use Adsense ads on their blogs or websites. I’m sure many of you have read of instances were Google has banned sites from using Adsense or even closed down publishers accounts without any warning. Perhaps you’ve been affected by this type of action. I know I have, specifically my Sexual Aids site and my Load Of Bullshit site.

Heck, I know of people, like my mate Mitch for example, who lost adsense on his blog because of a post he did on cleavage! Speaking of cleavage I did a post called Cleavage Is Bullshit, which I’m sure all the guys out there will appreciate. As I’ve said, I’ve already lost Adsense on that blog so I don’t have to worry about offending Google. That’s the whole problem, you never know whether or not something you’ve written in total innocence will piss Google off enough for them to cancel Adsense on your blog.

Yep, Googles attitude exist and perhaps in a way I can even understand why they do it. They believe they owe it to their advertisers and perhaps some of them would be upset if their ads were displayed on our sites when we publish these depraved posts! Heaven forbid if one of their ads appeared on a post discussing women wearing a low cut dress or something. Sort of makes you wonder though how Google can place an ad such as this one on our site! Read the rest of this entry

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Choices, Yes Or No?

Choices are important! I personally believe that customers need the option to choose between products when they’re out looking for something to buy. Let’s say that you’re shopping for a new TV and you had to choose between a store that only had one brand or a store that offered a lot of different brands, which one would you choose? I know which one I would go to. Now let’s say you chose to got to the store that only offered you one brand, let’s say the Sony Bravia, because you were looking for a Sony. What if they only offered on particular TV? How long would you stay in that store? Not too long I bet.  :noway: I’ve been in retail for most of my life and it’s been my experience that unless a customer is looking for a specific product they want to be able to choose. Sure, sometimes having to choose from many items can be a bit of a headache but they still want that option. Let’s look at this from a stores point of view. The reason the store exists is to make as much money as possible. Store owners know that their best option is to offer more choices  rather than fewer because that’s the only way they’re going to satisfy the majority of customers. More importantly, they’ll be able to target a greater market group.

Choices When It Comes ToYour Blog


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Even though the majority of bloggers and marketers out there are saying you need to give prospective customers less choices rather than more I have to disagree. I don’t even care if they can pull figures out of the air to prove their point, I honestly believe that unless someone has come to your blog to look for a specific product which you have on offer you won’t make the sale. This is one of the reasons I offer Adsense ads on my blog. Adsense offers people another choice. Sure it will take them away from your blog but if you did your job properly it won’t cost you a sale and at least you get something out of it. Even though lately I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a lot of clicks with no revenue. Still, it’s all about giving your customer that extra service. I know when I had a store and I didn’t have what the customer was looking for I was happy to tell them who could help them out Read the rest of this entry

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