Embracing The Difference In Fellow Bloggers

This morning I’ve had the pleasure of reading a post by Jordon of NotAProBlog. As is his want Jordon precludes the post with a good video on the subject which in this case is Allyn’s extremely funny post, When A-List Turns To A-Hole.  Well it seems that Allyn has removed that particular video because all the f-bombs pissed off some people who withdrew their consulting deals. Let that be a lesson to some of you, there are people who take what you say and do too literally at times and this can bite you in the ass at a later date.

It was obvious to me that Jordon didn’t like the way Allyn handled himself in the video and so he brought all his 13 years as a professional stand up comedian into play to show others the error of his ways. Truth be told it was all rather convincing, on the surface.

Jordan says of the video;

It’s horribly unfunny. It has virtually no wit whatsoever

Now that is obviously his opinion, and he has a right to it. Personally I found it to be bloody hilarious as did the majority of his commentators thus far, including David Risley himself!

Where Jordon lost me was when he took something that Allyn said out of context.

…building a business means building customers. REALIZE THIS: someone who takes time to comment on your “social” blog is giving you what we call a “buying sign” …meaning they are on the verge of making a purchase, all you have to do is add in a feature and a benefit (like replying to a comment on the blog) and then CLOSE!
– Allyn Hane

Naturally the first place to look was at Allyn’s posts. I can just imagine his disappointment to find that Allyn, just as I do, actually interacts with his commentators by replying to comments.

Like a tabloid news hound he’s off trying to dig some dirt on another blogger who was only expressing a personal view. Naturally, if you dig long enough you are bound to find something that you can manipulate to your own personal benefit. Jordan found just what he was looking for by trawling Allyn’s Tweets. He comes up with this;

Nearly 1500 followers @allynpaul has got there. I’m sure it would be highly beneficial to connect with these potential customers, but apparently Allyn has failed to do so. Only one @reply this past month and it’s pretty much based around a hashtag seemingly created to self-promote his beer business. The rest of Allyn’s messages are mostly self-centered in nature – either to push a new piece of content or just to talk about himself.

Thanks for that Jordan, I am now following Allyn. So, let’s talk about Twitter. To compare your Twitter followers to your commentators is pretty far fetched. People come to your blog because they want to read or like what you have to say. The majority of people who follow you on Twitter don’t know who you are and don’t give a shit about what you have to say. Unless it’s someone you know, I reckon it’s pretty safe to say that the only reason they’re following you is in the hope that you follow back.

As to him promoting himself by Tweeting relevant articles, so what, so does the  majority of other Twitterers, which is not at all surprising considering all the blog posts out there telling you how to use Twitter to market yourself and your products. I’ve only got about 300 followers, last I looked, but of those, thanks to Tweetdeck, I only follow Tweets left by those I know. I do however respond to all my commentators as I believe them to be two completely different and unrelated entities.

Now, I’m not saying that the argument Jordan uses in his blog is wrong, as I believe it shows a lot of merit, only that the way he uses it against Allyn is somewhat misplaced.

As we head 0ff into the new year, I think it would be nice if we could all remember that every blogger is different, and rather than finding ways of forcing our own beliefs on how one should behave whilst on their blog, we should accept them for who they are and respect that whatever they do, they have their own audience who they are performing for. If you don’t like the show, leave, no-one is asking you to stay.

In closing, Allyn and Jordan are two entirely different bloggers with their own personalities and it would be unfair to expect either of them to change the way they post on their relevant blogs. Jordan has his followers who admire him for who he is and Allyn has his followers who do the same, and I lay you 10/1 odds that if Allyn changed the way he posts, he would lose many of his followers, as they love him for who he is.

OK, that was a little heavy, I’m off to watch Allyn’s video again so that I can lighten the mood a little.

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How To Stop Infolinks From Appearing In Your Comments

I reckon that there’s probably quite a few bloggers out there who use in-context text links, such as Infolinks or Kontera, on their blogs as a means of earning extra income. I bet that the majority of them have never given a second thought to the links appearing on the comments left on the posts other than to rub their hands together in glee at the added potential for making a few extra cents.

I know, because I was one of them, until I read Holly’s post on Ethics In Blogging. You see it’s all good and dandy when it appears on your post, but you may be overstepping ethical boundaries when those links appear on someone else’s content, and that’s exactly what comments are, the property of the commentator, who may not want certain text in their comment linked to certain sites.

That alone was something I had to ponder, but then that same day I got hot with another of Holly’s posts that set some serious alarm bells ringing. In her post, In-Context Links? No Comment!, she dropped a huge bombshell. Although she would still read Infolink infected blogs she would no longer comment on them! She also showed several screen grabs of comments that she left on MY blog! Shit, Shit SHIT! I worked so hard to get Holly here and now I was going to lose her because of some double underlined links.

What to do, what to do? Do I throw away the couple of bucks a month I make just so I don’t lose any of my commentators, and by now you all know how important you guys are to me? What a conundrum. Hang on a second. Didn’t someone once say that for every problem there is a solution. All I had to do was turn Infolinks off in the comment section.

How To Turn Infolinks Off In Your Comments

I initially bought the FlexSqueeze theme because it required almost no input from me to make changes in the way my blog looked. This required some sort of manipulation of one of the core theme files in order for it to work, and so it was with some trepidation that I set about solving the problem.

The obvious file that needed editing was comments.php, and the obvious code was , which was supplied by Infolinks guys. The thing was where the heck did I put the damn thing. After looking at the file for awhile I was no nearer working out the answer so I decided to use the old Aussie ‘She’ll be right mate’ attitude and hope for the best.

I pasted right at the beginning of the file, saved it and prayed that my blog didn’t blow up in my face when accessing the comments. Why I didn’t use my test blog is beyond me.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it bloody worked. :clap_tb: So, if you’re like me and want to do the right thing, unless you are using the FlexSqueeze theme, don’t forget to say a little prayer before saving the file. :innocent1_tb:

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Of Gary Vaynerchuk And His Belief That You Can Cash In On Your Passion

You know, I love blogging! I love blogging not only because it allows me to share the things that I believe in. Not because I can roam the Internet to read and learn from what other people believe in. No, what I love most about blogging is that it allows me to interact with those people who are willing to interact with me.

That is so important, and yet the comments on some my previous posts revealed to me that not everybody believed in the importance of that interaction. Some said that it was impossible to do, that there just wasn’t enough time and that I was being unrealistic. Well you know, even though every fibre in my body was screaming BULLSHIT, I tried to be very diplomatic about it all and my comments, as they usually are because that’s the type of person I am, were very reserved.

Well, one of the comments left on this post by Scott Web showed me that there are actually some big boys who believed as I do. He mentioned a name I’ve never heard of before, Gary Vaynerchuk, and his comment led me to believe that Gary and I were on the same page on certain things.

I had to find out whether or not this was an accurate assumption, and so I Googled his name and I came to his blog and I discovered the guy knew exactly what I was on about.

I highly recommend that you watch the following video, from beginning to end. It’s a long video, and Gary drops the F bomb, as well as other expletives, on more than one occasion, but it is an inspiring as well an instructive video. I assure you that it will change the way you tackle your business, your blog and life in general.

I know that after watching this video it strengthened my resolve to continue on pushing the importance of interacting with my readers. I’ve also added his blog to my list of blogs to follow. You will find it on my blogroll shortly.

I’m also very interested to learn more the man and his beliefs and I figure my best chance of doing this is to purchase his book Crush It.

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