Link Removal Requests How I Handle Them

Have you been getting a lot of link removal requests? I know I have and I also know I’m not the only one. My mate Mitch has received so many he even wrote a post about it called Annoying Link Removal Requests! That post also has a video that I’m sure you will find interesting. The reason your getting all these emails is because for one reason or another the sender of the email has upset Google causing them to receive the “Unnatural Link Warning” email. Here’s one I’ve received just the other day. We’re seeking to address an “Unnatural Link Warning” that Google has issued to LINK REMOVED. As part of our exploration into this matter, we have discovered the backlinks sources found on your website might be faulty in some way and causing Google’s protocols to react with this response.  We kindly ask you to remove the backlinks listed…

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WassupBlog Too Sexy For Google

Too Sexy For Google? It’s true, I’ve just discovered that this blog is just way too sexy for Google. How did I discover that I was just way, way too sexy for Google? I am so glad you asked.   Here is the email that I have received from the the Google Police. Hello, This message is to alert you that one of your websites is not currently in compliance with our AdSense program policies and as a result, ad serving has been disabled to your website. Issue ID#: 24529858 Ad serving has been disabled Example page where violation occurred: Action required: Check all other remaining sites in your account for compliance. Current account status: Active Violation explanation Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2013

What Do Customers Want?

I’m currently working for a major retail company and they are very customer orientated. They know how important customers are and they do everything they can to give them a positive customer experience when they are in the store. To be able to do this though you really need to know what a customer wants to ensure they leave having a positive experience while in the store. What do customers want is a very important question and one that every business owner should ask themselves if they want to be successful. I’ve been with these guys now for a couple of years now and as good as they are there is something that really baffles me and that is the importance the place on presentation. While I understand how important presentation is I personally believe having the stock on show for the customer to buy is so much more important….

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Are People Reading Your Posts

Are people reading my posts is a question that I have asked myself on a fair few occasions. It’s also a very important question because as bloggers the reason we do what we do is so people can stop by and read what we have to say. But how do you know if people are reading your posts? Is the fact that they’re leaving a comment enough proof of them reading them? If only that was a true indication! You know as well as I do that the majority of comments left these days are by people who are only interested in getting a link back to their site. They don’t care in the slightest what you have to say and more often than not formulate their comment from your title or from quickly scanning some of your content. Sometimes their comment is so bad you know they’re full of…

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Rudd Or Abbott For Prime Minister

Rudd or Abbott for prime minister? That is the question on everybody’s lips. If you listen to the media you will get the impression that it’s all a huge popularity contest. But it is so much more than that. It’s a question of whether Australia can survive another three years under Labor’s rule. Something else to keep in mind is if the people vote Rudd in will they actually get Rudd? After all we voted him in last time and the Labor cohorts, without consulting the Australian public mind you, knifed him in the back and put Julia Gillard in. Julia won the election for them as planned but once the euphoria of having Australia’s first female Prime Minister died down so did Julia’s popularity. This was helped by her lies and her ineptness at running the country. Once again the Labor cohorts saw that they were going to lose…

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Guest Posts And Why I Don’t Accept Them

Guest Posts, No Way I’ve read in a lot of place how important it is to do guest posts and I agree it is important to the person writing the post. By the amount of requests I get for guest posts I believe they know it to. I normally do not accept guest posts unless someone has approached me with a very unique topic. Like this particular post about the importance of language in a post. Naturally I have certain requirements that have to be met before I accept a guest post. They include the following. Unique content: This is very important to me because I don’t want a rehash of stuff that has been posted somewhere else. Quality: Again, very important. I take the time to write quality posts and so I expect the same from guest posters. This also means they have to pay attention to their grammar…

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Making Google Happy

Making Google Happy Let’s face it, making Google happy is something we all aspire to. Not because we like Google, most people don’t because it’s so hard to keep Google happy, but because it’s necessary if we want to be able to display Adsense on our sites. It’s also necessary if we want a good PR and a decent result in their search engine. The problem making Google happy is such a damn chore. Ask any SEO expert. As soon as they think they have it down pat Google changes their algorithm and throws a spanner in the works. What was accepted one day is taboo the next. SEO aside more and more web master / bloggers are getting the old Google slap or having their Adsense account terminated without any warning whatsoever. Man, it’s so hard to work Google out that I wrote a post about them called Google…

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Googles Attitude Towards Publishers

Googles Attitude? Yes indeed Googles attitude exists and we all know it. At one time or another I’m sure everyone of you have had something to complain about Google. Whether it’s because of all it’s ‘animal’ updates, the latest being the Penguin update. It’s almost like they’re running a zoo instead of a search engine. The problem is every time they come up with an update someone out there suffers because of it. That someone could have been you. Perhaps you lost your PR or perhaps your traffic numbers went down considerably. Google also has other ways of torturing us. As publishers many of us use Adsense ads on their blogs or websites. I’m sure many of you have read of instances were Google has banned sites from using Adsense or even closed down publishers accounts without any warning. Perhaps you’ve been affected by this type of action. I know…

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