Online Passive Income Is It Possible

Online passive income is what almost every internet marketer strives for but very few actually achieve. According to the ever popular Wikipedia, passive income “is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.” Naturally, an online passive income is when you’re able to do this online.

They say that the money is in the list and for a lot of people that is true. Not me though because I don’t shove affiliate products down my subscribers throats. I’n sure many of you have subscribed to one or two yourself and you’ve probably noticed that you get the same offers from different people arriving in your inbox at roughly the same time. Some of these people have huge lists and probably do rather well at it. The question is, is this what you would call a true online passive income?

I would say the answer to that is no. Why? Because they have to continually look for products to sell to their subscribers. If they didn’t their money would dry up and they’d have to go back to finding a real job. They also have to find more bait to grow they subscriber base as they drop off from being continually bombarded with crap email.

Online Passive Income A Reality

The only way to find a real online passive income is to have something that people are willing to pay a monthly subscription to. This is not easily done. Andy Bailey is trying his hand at it by getting people to subscribe to updates for his commentluv premium, which I wrote about in this post. If you were smart you would have taken the opportunity of paying for the plugin outright, as I did, with lifetime free updates.Unfortunately, that opportunity is now gone. Read the rest of this entry

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Mistakes Bloggers Make

I’ve been a blogger for some time now and I reckon over the years I’ve made a few mistakes. It’s not all bad though because I’ve learned from those mistakes. I’ve also seen certain mistakes made by other bloggers and it came to me that I’d write a post about some of the mistakes bloggers make. After all, learning by ones mistakes and the mistakes others make is a good thing right?

Anyway, by discussing these mistakes, some that newbies may make, some made by bloggers who are not so new, I’m hoping that I can prevent others from making the same mistakes. So, in no particular order, here are some of the mistakes bloggers make.

Top Five Mistakes Bloggers Make

mistakes bloggers make

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Quality Blog Headers Update

Quality Blog Headers

You may well remember the post I did awhile back called Make Money Online Selling Headers which was all about offering quality blog headers to those who require them? Some of you have been asking whether or not I’m still going ahead with it and if so what’s taking me so long. The answer is of course yes! If I say I’m going to do something I do it! The reason it’s taking so long is twofold. The firs is I’m putting together a package of quality blog headers and you just can’t rush quality. The second is the size of the package. At the moment I’ve put together about 150 quality blog headers and I’m aiming for a total of 200 quality blog headers.

I’m also planning to let others sell the headers as an affiliate using JVZoo as my affiliate base. At the moment I’m thinking of a 50% commission rate which I feel should encourage some to take it on. I’m also thinking of offering my list members a chance of purchasing it at 50% off. I’m not sure how to go about this. Any ideas anyone?

Truth be told even though the bulk of these headers are perfect for blog headers as they don’t have any slogans on them they could also be used for websites. I’m open to suggestions for slogans for these headers if you’re at all interested in purchasing it, just leave a comment of what you require.

To sweeten the deal I’m also including 200 banner size images of the headers. These would be great for sites like Cool Blog Links as well as other advertising potential. That’s not all. I’m also going to incude a set of unique call to action banners like the one below. Read the rest of this entry

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