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Rinse And Repeat Business Style


Many, many years ago shampoo companies used to have some simple instructions printed on their bottles that went something like ‘Wet hair, apply shampoo, lather and then rinse. Some time later marketers were looking for some what to increase the sales of their shampoos. Some bright spark said why don’t we add repeat on the end of the instructions. The shampoo labels the read ‘Wet hair, apply shampoo, lather, rinse and repeat. Just by adding this one word to the instructions caused the sale of shampoos to almost double.

Rinse And Repeat In Business

You may well have heard or read about the ‘rinse and repeat’ phenomena in relation to business and wondered what it was all about. Simply put, once you’ve found a proven method of making money you simply repeat your previous successful attempt in order to make more money.

The first time I used the rinse and repeat process was when I started my latest online lottery site to supplement the income produced by my first lottery site called Buy Online Lottery Tickets. My latest lottery site is called Get Online Lottery Tickets and is just starting to come into its own. Read the rest of this entry

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Blogging For Money How To Make Money With Your Blog


There are a lot of bloggers who blog simply for the joy of it but more often than not bloggers appear because they’ve read somewhere how easy it is to make money online blogging. Unfortunately, regardless of what they’ve read blogging for money is not that easy. If this is true why are there so many blogs out that that tell you otherwise? Because they have something to sell. Let’s face it, people bullshit when money is to be made.

The Money Is In The List?

How often have you read that the money is in the list? Quite a few times I bet. Read the rest of this entry

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Make Money With YouTube? Is It Possible


I’ve done a lot of posts on how to make money on the Internet. They include everything from having a niche site, like my lottery sites, Buy Online Lotto Tickets and Get Online Lottery Tickets, to monetizing your blog with LinkShare. Some posts are honest reviews of sites and tools that I’ve used to help me make money online. Others are tips and tricks on how to increase your online revenue.

Its Not Easy To Make Money Online

Forget about all those sites that tell you making money online is easy. Don’t believe them when they tell you they have a product that will make you thousands every month, because if you do you’ll be lining their pockets not yours. Making money online requires a hell of a lot of effort. Even though the lottery sites I’ve mentioned above are bringing in a increasing source of revenue they’ve taken a lot of time and effort to get them to a money producing stage. They also require a lot more time and effort if I want to increase their monthly revenue.

How To Make Money With YouTube

I’ve been producing videos for YouTube for awhile now but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been uploading them to make money rather than to increase traffic to my sites. Naturally I still use them for traffic generation, I’d be silly not to. So how do you make money with YouTube? Read the rest of this entry

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