Review Of AdClickMedia

A month ago I did a post about a Google Adsense Alternative I was trialling. The month is up and it’s time to do a review of AdClickMedia to see whether it is a Google Adsense alternative. As you know for the test period I removed all Adsense Ads replacing them with AdClickMedia ones. The question is, did it perform as well as Google Adsense ads.

This may not be as important to those who are not allowed to run Adsense ads but it is very important to anyone considering dropping Adsnese for something else. Ergo, this review of Adclickmeida.

Review Of AdClickMedia

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and so I’m going to answer the question with the following image. Read the rest of this entry

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Google Adsense Alternative

There would be a lot of bloggers out there who would love a Google Adsense alternative for their blogs. Some because the all wise Google has denied them the privilege of displaying their ads on their sites. Then there are others where Google in it’s infinite wisdom has decided to disable their Google Adsense because of some so called infringement. It’s happened to me, to my mate Mitch and I am sure to many others.

Those of you who frequent my blog know that I cover a whole lot of topics, from humour to ways of making money. I’ve actually written 154 posts about making money. This post adds to that making it 155 posts. Like the title says this post is about another Google Adsense alternative. I’ve written about other such Google Adsense alternatives but this is the first time I’ve giving one free reign on this blog. Read the rest of this entry

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Professional Headers Now Ready For Sale

Yep, after all that hard work I’ve finally finished the professional header package and have offered it up for sale. Please take the time to view the Professional Header sales page to see for yourself exactly what I am offering. 

Even though FlexSqueeze has the ability to do some really cool Sales or, as some people call them, Squeeze Pages, I’ve decided to go for the no frills look. Instead of trying to tell them a whole lot of hype and crap in order to get them to buy the professional header I wanted to show them what they were going to get.

When I first wrote the post telling you guys I was going to put a professional header package together I included a heap of banner size images to show you what I had come up with so far. At that time I had intended to display all my headers in the same fashion on my sales page. However, when it came to designing the profesional header sales page I decided against it for two reasons.

  1. Although the images of the professional headers would be bigger than those I’ve seen on other header sales pages I thought they would still be too small. I wanted something that would show them exactly, or at least as close as possible, exactly what they were getting.
  2. I never expected to have 201 professional headers in that package and putting all those images on a single page would make it extremely long, not to mention they would give it a very slow loading time.

Professional Header Video

professional header

The solution was to make a video. The video is in HD format giving them the best representation of what I believe are professional headers. It also links to my Get Online Lottery Tickets site so they can see a real life representation of one of the headers. I thought I couldn’t expect others to buy them if I didn’t find them good enough to use myself. To tell you the truth I love the way that header came out and I couldn’t of done it without the Logo Creator and one of the add on packages I bought for it.

I would love it if you took the time to check out my Sales page and to come back here and tell me what you thought. What would really make my day though is if you would take the time, and I know how busy you are, to head on over to YouTube and ‘like’ the professional header video.


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