Using YouTube To Leverage Traffic To Your Site

I love creating YouTube videos. It’s true that wasn’t always the case. The thought of putting a video online used to terrify me. Now, I’m always thinking of new videos to put online.

Last December, man I can’t believe it was that long ago, I wrote a post on How To Make Money With YouTube! Since writing that post I have continued to upload videos and they are actually making me money. Not heaps of money, but then it’s a work in progress.

Yesterday I uploaded my latest YouTube video which you can watch below. I have to be completely honest though. The idea for the video was not my own. The idea came from one of Marc Sylvester’s, the creator of The Logo Creator, tutorials.

Using my Camtasia for Mac, The Logo Creator, Google search and my Aussie wit I put together the first of what I hoped to be a series of videos together. One that I’m hoping will not only make me heaps of money but will also send a truck load of traffic to the best ever sports betting site:innocent1_tb:

Using YouTube To Leverage Traffic

To be successful the video had to be sports related. It also had to be something that could attract a lot of interest. As Marc pointed out this type of video has attracted a lot of attention in the past and so there is no reason why it shouldn’t do so again. Just check out the image below.

Using YouTube To Leverage Traffic To Your Site

Notice how the fist video has received over 11 million views in just a year! Man I’d be happy with just 10% of that.

It took me a lot longer than normal to produce that video. I had to source the best high qualaity photos on the web which I could use. I then had to place them in the right order and come up with something smart to say that would amuse the viewers.

Finally I added a photo with the promise of more hot sports babes  with a link leading to my Hot Sports Babes posts. That way I get the traffic as well as increasing my YouTube earnings.

Just a couple of things to finish off. I just notice that with only 66 videos I now have 206 subscribers. That’s more than I have for this blog.  :party:

If you like the video I’d love for you to give it the old thumbs up.  :drunk_tb:

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Business Investment Is Important

Business Investment

Created with the Logo Creator

I could just as easily called this post Blog Investment is important because I know a lot of bloggers out there are hoping there blogs will make them a little money. I’ve decided to call it business investment instead because if you’re hoping to make money with your blog then your blog really is a business.

I came across an interesting post yesterday, Super Ninja Blogging Weapons All Pros Are Using, where the author Brittany Bullen, talks about her business investment tools. In my comment I mentioned some of the tools I use as part of my business investment strategy.

The best thing about having an online business is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The majority of serious bloggers have self hosted blogs. This is important as it means they own their blog outright and have complete control. Using those free blogs is not a serious business investment.

I moved up to VPS Hosting with Inmotion Hosting for just under $30 per month. Beginner bloggers can have a shared hosting with them for as low as $5.99 a month.

As far as business investment goes my most important business investment would have to be the Logo Creator.

My Best Business Investment

When you consider that the Logo Creator will only set you back $37 it’s an investment in your business that anyone can afford. While writing this post I noticed that for a limited time it’s for sale for only $17! That’s bloody unbelievable. Especially when you consider what you get for it. Apart from the software you also get the following.

  • 200 pre-made logos/templates to modify
  • 300 beautiful images to use
  • Bonus Baldy Bob in 3D, a $27 value
  • The ability to add your own graphics
  • Lifetime use
  • Unlimited revisions
  • The ability to insert images into Logo Text
  • You can sell the images that you create using the Logo Creator

Keeping that last point in mind I used it to create my Header Package!

As good as it is I’ve added more packs to my Logo Creator. They include.

  • The Character Creator:  This is an amazing product that helps you create the perfect mascot character for your business and services. Comes complete with the LogoCreator. At only $17 it’s a steal. If you act quickly you even get a bonus “never seen before characters!”
  • The People Creator: Comes with the LogoCreator and for a limited amount of time you get it for only $17! Wait too long and it goes up to $27. You get 50 templates to modify and 200 “Real People” images and silhouettes. Hundreds of new elements. All images can be used royalty free. You’ll never have to find another royalty free image to use to sell your product or advertise your affiliate again.
  • People Pak 2: When this pack became available I just had to have it. It came with 50 new templates as well as another 100 quality images of real people. Once again it comes with the LogoCreator.
  • Product Poppers: This is one that I plan to get in the near future. It comes with another 50 templates and 100 animated images.
  • Cartoon Marketing Mascots: This was the first package I bought to add to the Logo Creator. It comes with 110 cartoon mascots characters. Comes free with the LogoCreator.

You’ll notice that buying any of the add on packs (I’m not sure about the Product Poppers) will give you the LogoCreator as well. You’re basically getting it for free. I already had the LogoCreator and so I paid just for the individual packs.

Ever since I’ve purchased the Logo Creator and the add on packs I’ve been able to come up with all my own images for my posts. I use it for almost everything including the making of my video thumbnails for YouTube. You can see one in my latest YouTube creation. My Laughaholics series would have been pretty ordinary if it wasn’t for the LogoCreator.

Just about all my images on EZ eSports Betting site have been created with the aid of the Logo Creator. The Logo Creator is actually my #1 marketing ploy which is why its my most important business investment. It could be yours as well.

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Affiliate Products What Is Their Failing

I’m sure you’ve read on more than one blog how the best way to make money is to have something to sell. They will then go on to tell you that even though you don’t have a product of your own, you can promote other peoples products as an affiliate. All true but while you can make money promoting other people’s products the amount of money you can make from promoting an affiliate product is very limited!

Let’s look at an affiliate marketer who has a list with a thousand subscribers. He’s just started using a new theme and he excitedly emails his subscribers telling them how great his new theme is. Let’s say that 10% of his subscribers click on the link. That means 100 people are now checking out his affiliate product. Now let’s say that 10% of those follow through and buy the theme. So out of the thousand subscribers he has made 10 sales! Now what?

In desperation he will email his list again, and again trying to sell the same product. After several attempts and banging his head against his keyboard he decides to promote other affiliate products thereby flooding his subscribers with more and more emails. This explains why you get so many of these emails in your inbox.

The Problem With Affiliate Products

This is true even of the so called pro bloggers. I’ve seen some who have promoted a particular theme saying it was the best ever theme. Then some time later I notice they now have a new theme which they are promoting. Is that because they no longer believe in their old theme or because sales of the old theme as stagnated and they had to do something to get more sales? What better way than by finding a new theme to promote.

I believe this to be greatest failing of promoting affiliate products. You will never make enough money promoting just one product. How long do you think a department store would last if all they sold was one product? Not very long at all! 

You Can Make Money As An Affiliate

So while you can make money selling affiliate products it will take a lot of effort and work. Naturally the more traffic you get and the bigger your list the greater the potential to make money. Being the person that I am I prefer finding easier ways to make money.

For years I’ve been promoting OZLotto in the sidebar on this blog. Check the image below. Read the rest of this entry

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