Revitalise Your Blog Make More Money

Yes, if you want to make more money blogging, you must revitalise your blog! Even if you're going to continue to make more money blogging, you must revitalise your blog. It's essential to revitalise your blog to continue to increase the amount of money you're making online. Revitalise Your Blog Meaning So, what do I mean when I'm talking about revitalising your blog? I suppose the best way to answer that question, is by telling you what I'm doing to revitalise my blogs. Update Your Affiliate Links It's 2019, and I've decided to take a hard look at all my affiliates. Which ones are performing and which ones are not? The ones that are not converting I've given the flick. The ones that are I'm reviewing their landing pages as well as the banner images. Perhaps new banners will perform better. That's something I should be doing more often. Affiliate Banner Placements We all know that the best place for advertising banners and affiliate links are above the fold. This is because that's where the majority of views will be exposed to them. Not everyone will scroll below the all-important 'fold' of your post. Revitalise Your Content Creation Revitalising my content is especially important for two of my blogs that I've been neglecting. Mainly Well Blog Me and BlogSire! These were two of my early blogs, and because I've let them fall by the wayside, they have lost a considerable amount of traffic. I am now writing more regularly on those blogs.…

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Initiative Q A Scam

Initiative Q A Scam? I Hope Not Is Initiative Q a scam? That was the first thing I asked myself when my son-in-law sent me a link to join Initiative Q. Naturally, the first thing I did was to go online to see if it was a scam. I couldn't find anything to say that it was. Perhaps, that's because it's early days yet. I looked into it a little more and found that all they required for me to join was an email address and my name.. I didn't have any qualms about supplying that as it's readily available online anyway. I did find one site though,, that asked the Initiative Q founder if it was a pyramid scheme. I'd already come to the conclusion that although it looked like a pyramid scheme, there was no exchange of money so it couldn't be one. So, I joined, and I can now invite 5 other people to join using this link. Once those 5 join, they need to contact me so I can verify them. After that, that link will no longer work. The image above shows how many Q's I have just for joining. That will rise when each of the 5 new members joins by clicking my link. I don't know how good the Initiative Q will turn out to be. All I can say is I missed out on the BitCoin roll out, and I'm not going to miss out on the possibility of striking it rich with Initiative Q.

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Lotto Agent A New Player In Town

Lotto Agent: Get Lottery Tickets From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Lotto Agent is one of the biggest and most trusted lottery concierge services and online ticketing agents in the world. The company is owned by Agento Limited, and its headquarter is located in Belize. The primary advantage of Lotto Agent is that its users purchase real lottery tickets and can even check their scanned copies. The company is present in almost each country of the world — the only exception are countries where it’s illegal to take part in the lottery draws — where it offers more than 20 world’s biggest and most popular lotteries, including the fabulous MEGA Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, Loteria Nacional and hordes of other games.

Brief Overview


    • Availability of numerous lotteries
    • Availability of multiple payment methods
    • Availability of bonuses, discounts and promos
    • Availability of videos of lotto draws
    • Scanned copies of tickets
    • User-friendly and good-looking site
    • 6 language versions
    • Email alerts to winning users
    • Zero commission on winnings
    • Excellent customer support
    • The Lotto Agent app for Android
  • Multiple draws and subscriptions


  • No syndicates

Lotteries to Play on Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent offers a great variety of public lotteries including the most popular lotteries today, such as:

    • American (MEGA Millions, Powerball, Pick-6 New Jersey, Lotto Texas, SuperLotto Plus, New York Lotto).
  • Other (UK Lotto, Mega Sena from Brazil, Powerball Australia, Lotto 6/49 from Canada, France Loto, Lotto 6 aus 49 from Germany).

The Site

The site is available in 6 world languages. It is not overloaded with bulky design and unnecessary elements so that it looks fresh and user-friendly. On the very first page, the user gets addressed by a teaser showing the lottery with the largest Jackpot which he can win with Lotto Agent. Below it, he can find a table with the latest draw results. In the “Play Online” section, he can find the list of lotteries which are available for play. The lotteries are ranked and marked by 0-10 score numbers. In the “Results” section, the latest winning combinations, videos of draws and tax information can be found. Also, there are links where the user can read the latest news about the games and winnings. (more…)

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