Important Link Love That You Should All Read

I thought I would send out some link love to some posts that I’ve found which I thought needed to be shared with you, my loyal readers.

The first goes to the delectable Eleanor who is looking for help in putting together an advent calendar which was suggested by Heather another gorgeous gal who is very talented when it comes to design and stuff, her blog offering a lot of advice on Practical 3D Tips and much much more.

Anyway I was going to past a raunchy video that Eleanor put together promoting the idea but then I figured I’d never get rid of you guys and the whole idea is to get you to visit her blog. So if you want to see Eleanor taking sex sells to a whole new level you should really check out her near naked post.

For those of you not familiar with Eleanor she runs Give A Brick which she uses to raise money for charity, and while there you should read her post where she is asking for Help in the form of a wish list to lighten her load and to help her in her dream of helping the needy. Once I’ve finished this post I’m going to donate a few bricks via PayPal. Donations are easy now that she listened to some blokes advice, something women rarely do, about using PayPal as a medium of collecting money.

If you can spare a couple of bucks you can be assured it will be well received. If you can’t then perhaps you can help in some other small way, the very least by giving those posts a Tweet.

The next link goes out to Gail in her efforts to get Akismet to change it’s algorithm because she feels  it is censoring comments. Personally I feel it’s doing a damn good job of helping to keep this blog spam free but if it can be improved I’m all for it.

Next Mitch is having with trouble with the thought that Americans are getting dumber, to such an extent that he’s been asked to dumb down directives given to patients to a 3rd grade level. He asks several questions including whether or not the education system is failing them. I can’t vouch for the Yank’s system but I have some doubt about ours and it’s not being helped by the education union.

Last but by no means least I want to tell you about what could be the best blogging contest ever. It’s called the Famous Bloggers ComLuv Blogging Contest and if you were ever to enter a contest this would have to be the one because it has over $3500 in prizes which means there are going to be some very happy winners. You will all be happy to know that I won’t be entering so your chances of winning will have increased by a huge margin.

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Cool Blog Links Top 10 Coolest Blogs

Once upon a time a there was a man with a dream, and that dream was to bring to life a site that would one day link to all the coolest blogs in the blogosphere. That dream, in part came true on December 12th 2008 when Cool Blog Links came to life.  That man just happened to be yours truly and in almost 18 months it’s member base has grown to a whole 19! Yes you have heard right my treasure dream site has 19 members. OK, who the hell is that laughing in that background? Obviously not a member. Could someone please show that person the door, Mitch I reckon you can escort that low life out.

Yes, our member base is low but that doesn’t matter because our members are the best of the best and it’s only a matter of time before we will be beating them back with a stick. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

Seriously folks even with a relatively small member base Cool Blog Links has still obtained a PR3 ranking. As in the past I have decided to reward the top 10 members, that is those members that are currently ranking in the top 10 at the time of writing this post. The first such post was published on March 29th 2009 and the second on November 11th 2009.

As you would expect the top 10 blogs change as time goes by and so without further ado I would like to present the latest top 10 cool blogs.

  1. Although a relatively new comer this blog has shot to the top.  It’s latest post, HTML5: What? Why? How and When discusses the enhancements to HTML that will may or may not be the bees knees in HTML? See what Sunil Jain has to say about it all.
  2. So, You Want To Be A Banquet Manager: Was the top dog for quite some time but is now running second. This blog is full of entertaining stories about what being a banquet manager is all about. It’s latest post, Hey Sales Chick – Breakfast is Only For An Hour and a Half! is just a sample of the interesting things that can happen when working in the hospitality industry.
  3. I’m Just Sharing: Yep, my good mate Mitch has shot to no.3 overtaking his good mate in the process. His blog covers many topics and is always a great read. It seems that one of his latest posts, My Gripe With Blogs outlays some of their short comings.
  4. Work From Home Business Blog: Peter Lee has been in the top 10 since day one and that’s not at all surprising seeing how he’s always writing great content in his quest to keep his readers up to date such as helping those who Wanna Know What Google Sees In Your Blog’s Home Page?
  5. The Shadows Of My Mind: If my memory serves me Lindsay is a fellow Aussie blogger and his blog also covers a wide range of topics. His post on Final Fantasy VIII – First Impressions also talks about his first encounter with the latest 3D movies.
  6. What A Load Of Bullshit:  Yep this is one of mine and it does really well in the SERPS.
  7. Wassup Blog: Yeah, there’s no need to tell you anything about this blog :drunk_tb:
  8. Scenic Adelaide: Yep another of my blogs. Imagine that, I have three blogs in the top 10. Not happy with that? The why not join and try to knock me off my perch.?
  9. Anne On Life: Anne is the one of two women to make it to the top 10. Way to go Anne. Anne can be hormonal at times as she admits in her post Every Child Needs Love, but then what woman isn’t? Only kidding ladies, you know I loves ya all.
  10. Expressive World:  Another lovely female blogger, Ana, owns this site and her blog is all about expression. She loves to post beautiful photos each one accompanied by something meaningful. I particularly like the Your Beauty In This World.

I’ve decided to make this post sticky for awhile so that those listed in this post will get the most benefit from being on the front page of a PR4 blog. Naturally I am hoping that this post will attract more members and there are advantages other than be listed on future Top 10 updates such as being listed on a PR 3 site, not to mention the added traffic that Cool Blog Links will send your way. I’ve just checked my Google Analytic and I was surprised to find that it is the number one source of traffic to this blog, no.2 being Twitter.

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I am very fortunate to have two Heathers in my life, I’ll call them Heather I and Heather II. Naturally Heather I was the first, a most delectable woman who has a wonderful blog called Happymaking, her last post Fiction Or Bust, all about her aspirations of writing her first novel. This post is partly due to her as she once commented on one of my posts;

Sire, it was wonderful to read more about you. I love finding out what makes people tick, why they do the things they do. Especially people I know.

Then there is Heather II. I must be totally honest here in admitting that at first I thought that Heather II was Heather I, I just thought that she had changed her avatar. :doh_tb: Being the dumb ox that I am it took me quite awhile before I realized that I wasn’t talking to Heather I at all and that another totally new, and much younger Heather II had come into my life. Nothing like a change of pace, wouldn’t you say? :devil_tb:

But I digress. You see, whilst leaving a comment oh Heather II’s blog The 3D Student I mentioned how I failed art and had a self portrait that I once painted, and she said how she would like to see it. She also graciously included me in a meme called Sunshine Awards and as I don’t partake in them I’m hoping that this link will suffice.

So you see, this post aims to please both Heather I and heather II, Heather I because she will learn a little more about me and Heather II because she will finally get to see some of my artwork.

One thing you must all know is that I am not the same person that I was when I was much younger. I was always trying to find the path of least resistance. During PE when we were supposed to run a mile around the school, Malcolm, my best friend, and I found a short cut so that we could walk most of the way.

Actually thinking of Malcolm I remember a time when our PE teacher, Bazza, got Malcolm to swim out to the center of the pool and I was supposed to swim out and saved him.I tried to tell Bazza that I couldn’t swim but he made me go out anyway and as it turned out I started drowning and my mate saved me instead. Stupid dumb Bazza, you should have seen the look on his face.

But once again I digress. You see, to save time I used to borrow ideas from other sources, usually novels, for my school artwork. That one of the skull you see above was adapted from a John Wyndham novel, and happens to be my favorite piece.

This next one had pretty well the same background but the subject matter, as you can see was a city in flask. I reckon I must of thought that was what the world was heading for, and it was way before global warming and probably had more to do with Russians and nukes.

This background for this next painting was pinched from another novel, yeah I know I was a bad boy, but you have to remember that at that particular time I had shit for brains. Anyway, it was supposed to depict the fight of good over evil.

One of the artists that I admired was Wassily Kadinski, a Russian painter, and this next one was a painting that I tried painting in his style. Nope, this time it was part of the Art course as we had to do something in the style of a famous artist.

Next we have a painting of the Stonehenge, don’t know how this one came about but it did.

That was pretty well it for school. Some years later I decided to do another painting and seeing as how I liked Wassily Kadinski so much I decided to do another one using his style, only this time I used oil paint as a medium.

That same year, 1984, I decided to do my final painting, a self portrait and  once again in oil. I found working in oil was a whole lot better than acrylic.

And so my dear Heather I, Heather II and readers, I hope you enjoyed learning a little more of what lies behind Sire the blogger.

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