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I am very fortunate to have two Heathers in my life, I’ll call them Heather I and Heather II. Naturally Heather I was the first, a most delectable woman who has a wonderful blog called Happymaking, her last post Fiction Or Bust, all about her aspirations of writing her first novel. This post is partly due to her as she once commented on one of my posts;

Sire, it was wonderful to read more about you. I love finding out what makes people tick, why they do the things they do. Especially people I know.

Then there is Heather II. I must be totally honest here in admitting that at first I thought that Heather II was Heather I, I just thought that she had changed her avatar. :doh_tb: Being the dumb ox that I am it took me quite awhile before I realized that I wasn’t talking to Heather I at all and that another totally new, and much younger Heather II had come into my life. Nothing like a change of pace, wouldn’t you say? :devil_tb:

But I digress. You see, whilst leaving a comment oh Heather II’s blog The 3D Student I mentioned how I failed art and had a self portrait that I once painted, and she said how she would like to see it. She also graciously included me in a meme called Sunshine Awards and as I don’t partake in them I’m hoping that this link will suffice.

So you see, this post aims to please both Heather I and heather II, Heather I because she will learn a little more about me and Heather II because she will finally get to see some of my artwork.

One thing you must all know is that I am not the same person that I was when I was much younger. I was always trying to find the path of least resistance. During PE when we were supposed to run a mile around the school, Malcolm, my best friend, and I found a short cut so that we could walk most of the way.

Actually thinking of Malcolm I remember a time when our PE teacher, Bazza, got Malcolm to swim out to the center of the pool and I was supposed to swim out and saved him.I tried to tell Bazza that I couldn’t swim but he made me go out anyway and as it turned out I started drowning and my mate saved me instead. Stupid dumb Bazza, you should have seen the look on his face.

But once again I digress. You see, to save time I used to borrow ideas from other sources, usually novels, for my school artwork. That one of the skull you see above was adapted from a John Wyndham novel, and happens to be my favorite piece.

This next one had pretty well the same background but the subject matter, as you can see was a city in flask. I reckon I must of thought that was what the world was heading for, and it was way before global warming and probably had more to do with Russians and nukes.

This background for this next painting was pinched from another novel, yeah I know I was a bad boy, but you have to remember that at that particular time I had shit for brains. Anyway, it was supposed to depict the fight of good over evil.

One of the artists that I admired was Wassily Kadinski, a Russian painter, and this next one was a painting that I tried painting in his style. Nope, this time it was part of the Art course as we had to do something in the style of a famous artist.

Next we have a painting of the Stonehenge, don’t know how this one came about but it did.

That was pretty well it for school. Some years later I decided to do another painting and seeing as how I liked Wassily Kadinski so much I decided to do another one using his style, only this time I used oil paint as a medium.

That same year, 1984, I decided to do my final painting, a self portrait and  once again in oil. I found working in oil was a whole lot better than acrylic.

And so my dear Heather I, Heather II and readers, I hope you enjoyed learning a little more of what lies behind Sire the blogger.

The Journey To Bloggersville

I woke up to the sounds of the bubbling creek singing in my ears. I looked over at Jandoram who was sleeping peacefully and decided to let him sleep a little longer while I prepared breakfast.

Fortunately there was lots of wood for a fire around our camping ground, and the presence of some wild apple trees made the gathering of some fruit quite easy. After starting the fire I took out some slithers of salted kangaroo meat a plopped them into the pan greased with pig fat. While that was sizzling noisily I deftly sliced some of the apples and threw them in with the roo meat, keeping the rest for later.

Just before breakfast was ready I started to whistle loudly, hoping that the tune “When the Saints Come Marching In” would wake Jandoram. To my reckoning, waking up to my lousy whistling was a whole lot better than being slapped around the face, something my dad was prone to do.

To my surprise he got up instantly, most likely hoping I would stop my infernal whistling. I stopped long enough to tell him to wash up at the creek, and then continued whistling aimlessly out of tune as he set off. I was just spooning my concoction into the plates as Jandoram sat down, all the while toweling his face dry. It was pleasant watching him shoving the food greedily into his face, and I thought to myself how nice it would be to have some company for a change.

After breakfast I showed him how to wash up and pack our bags so that they were evenly balanced which would make traveling that much easier. We then set of for Bloggersville, at town some 14 days away. We walked almost in silence as he was probably still brooding over what happened with the other day when I beat his stepfather senseless. I decided to get the ball rolling by kicking a lump of dried turd.

“Did you know that there are men, famous trackers, who could look at this bit of animal dung, and after examining it they would be able to tell you lots of information about the animal that left it. Things like the type of animal, how long it’s been sitting there and even the sort of food the animal ate. But in the end no matter what they are able to tell you about it, it’s still just a lump of shit.”

Jandoram walks silently by my side for awhile and then says, “Why are you telling me this Sire? Is it important in some way?”

“OK, let’s look at this in another way. There is many a man who does nothing more than boast of his great achievements; This could be the men he’s killed, the women he’s taken to bed or even the money he’s allegedly made. But when it all comes down to it, he’s usually just full of shit. The true hero does not need to shout his accomplishments for all to hear. He normally does not want his escapades to be known as it will draw unwanted attention to him.”

“But what has this to do with that lump of shit we left behind” says the exasperated young boy.

“Nothing much”, I replied, “just that one lump of shit is pretty much the same as the other. You know Jamdoram, not every story has to have a meaning, sometimes they’re good to just pass the time of day.” As I burst out laughing, thinking that after 600 odd years I would have stopped laughing at my own stupid jokes,  he threw me a puzzled look and then said, “Where are we going Sire?”

“Why, to Bloggersville of course.”

“Really? I didn’t think I would ever get to go to Bloggersville. What will we find there?”

“Ah yes, Bloggersville is filled with many wonders and delightful people.  Why, I remember hearing a story of a woman who resides there, I believe her name is Louise, who has in her possession the magical and much coveted Lottie Moon Cook Book, the recipes of which has brought some of the strongest of men to their knees as they begged to savor some of the delicacies it’s produced.  Then there is Holly who just happens to be the most ethical person in Bloggersville. Few will dare to cross her path while throwing ethics to the wind, as it has often been told that Holly can flay the skin off anyone who came within twenty feet of her limber tongue. Why there is not a word in existence that Holly can not put to good use when castigating those who get on her wrong side.

Then there is Heather the fumbling one who once put a magical potion in a cupboard that almost blew four homes into oblivion. Now let’s not forget Anne, formerly of Buttsville, who has devoted her life to finding a toilet seat that is warm to sit on. There are rumors that once she solves this problem she will devise one that lowers automatically once it has been raise.”

“But Sire, surely Bloggersville is not filled with women. Are there no men of valor there?”

“Surley Jandoram, but did no-one ever tell you that behind every great man there is a great woman? One should never discount the importance of a woman when it comes to shaping the world. But you ask of the men of Bloggersville. Let me see…..ah yes! There is the very hardy Jim,whom  many have said has traveled far and wide just to see how far in the known universe a blog will reach. Of course there is Zorlone who is well known for his wondrous cures as the city’s doctor, but I have heard that he would rather be a bard and poet, and that he frequents the bars telling far fetched stories of alien worlds where there exists the mystical Avatar.

But enough talking, lunch draws near and we need to catch some food.

Other posts in the Sire, The Wandering Bard series.

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Global Helping Hand For Bloggers Day

It’s a pretty well known fact that many bloggers exist today because they want to share their acquired knowledge with others, and this is indeed a very good thing that they do. Wouldn’t it be great though if they could go beyond merely sharing their experience in  a well thought out post.

There are many ways that we can help other bloggers, some of which I would like to outline below.

  1. Comment on their blog. This is a win win situation, as you are building their morale as well as helping to build your presence on the Net.
  2. Reply to comments left on your blog. Not everybody does this, and that’s a shame. Stand out from the crowd by showing your readers you appreciate their comment by replying to them wherever possible. Does not mean that you have to reply to every single comment.
  3. Share some link luv. Again, a win win situation as this will inform others of great content that you’ve found and may well earn some brownie points with the one getting the link luv. If it doesn’t, don’t sweat it because it’s always better to give than it is to receive.
  4. Promoting Blogger Projects: Let’s face it, most of us are pretty green when it comes to marketing, but imagine how much help it would be if we were to help when we come across a blogger who has a special talent but is finding it hard to market their products. It could be an eBook, arts and craft, a forum or whatever. Wouldn’t it be great if we could give them a little boost.
  5. Affiliate products: Almost every blogger is promoting one affiliate or another, but when we’re in the market for purchasing a product, do we remember to support one of our blogger mates?

These are just a few ideas that I’ve come up with, and I was hoping that you guys could contribute to this small list. As to what day we should use for the Global Helping Hand For Bloggers Day, I reckon it shouldn’t be limited to a single day. It should be left open, for we never know when you come across someone that you can give a helping hand.

OK, just to get the ball rolling I would like to mention a few sites. Sheryl has been a loyal reader of this blog and she seems to have a liking, probably helped by her talented daughter Cait,  for those cute fluffy animals. Well, they’ve decided to turn their love of fluffies into an online store called Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals! These cute fluffy toys would be great for any special occasion, especially Christmas.

Just today I’ve happen to come across a talented artist called Jay Zuck, who is displaying some of his artwork on his blog.  Honestly, you should hop on ever and check them out. While there why not enter his contest to win one of his great works of art.

Then there’s Holly, another talented blogger that I’ve only just met. Not only a blogger, Holly is an author and you could win an autographed copy of her A Guppy Not A Puppy children’s book.

Finally, I’ve been having a little problem with the software that scans my email for spam and shit, as it’s allowing way too many spam emails through. I’ve decided it was time to update, and low and behold Mitch just happened to do a post on Mailwasher.  Just yesterday I decided to take the trial offer, but honestly I was so thrilled by it that I’m going to buy it from Mitch’s post, all the while hoping he will make something from it. Read the rest of this entry

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Giving Link Luv To Cool Blog Links Top 10 Members

Rewarding Top 10 Members Of Cool Blog Links was a post I did way back in March of this year, and was all about rewarding the top 10 members of Cool Blog Links, my free directory of Cool Blogs. I promised then that I would do an update listing the current top ten members and I reckon that this has been a long time coming.

Things have changed over time, some members dropping off and new ones signing up. I reckon for many, the most important change is that Cool Blog Links has a PR1 which isn’t all that bad seeing that I haven’t done any promotion at all.

Before listing the top 10 I would like to invite others to join, as it still ranks #1 for the search term Cool Blog Links. Not to mention that those who list in the top 10 will get featured in the next update, and when you consider that this is a PR4 blog, getting a mention will mean a very important one way link to your blog.

OK, now for the top 10 members.

  1. So You Want To Be A Banquet Manager:  Previously #4 it’s risen to the #1 spot. It’s really a pretty interesting blog about all the things that can happen in a banquet manager’s job. The latest post The Dreaded Wedding Breakfast just goes to show how interesting this job can be.
  2. Gratis Lagu: I’m afraid I can’t tell you too much about this blog because it’s not in English. I think it’s in Indonesian, but at least the latest post, Digital Karaoke Amplifier VS Mixer Karaoke Amplifier, has an English heading.
  3. What A Load Of Bullshit: One of my blogs, has risen from #5 to #3. This blog continues to surprise me as it continues to do well in the SERPs as well as being a good earner.
  4. Work From Home Business Blog: Peter Lees blog is down from #3, but knowing Peter I expect him to creep up again. His latest post, Blog Income and Stats – October 2009, shows how well he is doing.
  5. WassupBlog: Yep, I’ve risen from #7 :clap_tb:
  6. I’m Just Sharing: This is Mitch’s blog, and as usual Mitch and I are continuously fighting to be ahead of the other. It seems that for now I’m in the lead. Mitch’s last post, Do Images Increase Readership?, is about a test he’s doing as to whether or not images in a post will actually increase readership to a blog.
  7. Expressive World: IS one of the newer members and has already aspired to the top 10 list. Ana, the blogger, is all to do with writing about ‘the gateway to her inner awareness and expressions, her last post AW November Blog Chain 2009: The Art of expressing what is, about a writer’s forum NaNo and Ana’s Writing Survival List.
  8. Scenic Adelaide: Another of  my blogs, has remained static, as in it hasn’t moved since the last post. Like my Load Of Bullshit blog, it does pretty well in the SERPS, as most of the traffic is search engine related.
  9. Top Sexual Aids: Considering that this is one of my newest blogs I’m surprised it’s in the top 10 at all. Damn, who am I kidding, it’s not all that hard when you only have 14 members. :lol_ee:
  10. Photos 2 Blog: Well, you look at that, another one of my blogs…..that’s two photo blogs in the top 10 that belong to me.

So, that means I have 5 blogs in the top 10, and while I don’t mind being there I wish I had more members to contend with. So what about it guys, why not join and give me some competition. It’s free and perhaps you could be part of the next update.

While it’s free to join, you will require to post a snippet of code on your blog. I have mine in the right side bar. The code will display a small icon which will allow your readers to vote for your blog. Also the top ten blogs will have their ranking displayed in the icon.

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