Scary Halloween Poem

Seeing how today is Halloween and all I thought I would post another scary Halloween poem. This is my third scary Halloween poem. The first scary Halloween open was Home Alone On Halloween. My second scary Halloween poem was Screams of Halloween and I wrote that about three years later onOctober 2012. I just finished today’s, my latest scary Halloween poem and I’m going to share it with you now. Witches Ghouls And Ghosts A Scary Halloween Poem Its Halloween, sun a setting The ghouls and demons are fretting So much to do so little time Lest they forget the yucky slime Witches, their cauldrons stirring Their evil black cats purring Black hats and brooms just sitting Evil spells the witches knitting To catch unwary children ringing With empty sweet bags swinging Not knowing what waits behind the door Perhaps not candy but ghastly gore Are there vampires, fangs just…

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My Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough

I have to admit I don’t go on Facebook all that often and I regret it every time I do. The reason has nothing to do with some of the crap that’s posted on there either. My apologies to all of you who do actually post interesting stuff. Nope, it all has to do with this stupid game called Candy Crush Saga. It is so bloody addictive and I’ve been stuck on level 147 of the Candy Crush Saga for weeks now. It’s not that I spend so much time on there playing Candy Crush Saga either. Nope, the game itself is an interesting diversion. The problem is trying to get through level 147.  Candy Crush Saga Cheat So, I figured, maybe I could find a cheat online that would help me to get through the Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2013

Blonde vs Redhead Joke Friday Funnies #69

This weeks Friday Funnies includes Sexy Sals Blonde vs Redhead joke, one about ideas for a generic name for viagra and this weeks funniest video. However, before I entertain you with the Blonde vs Redhead joke I want to talk about leaving comments on this post. As per the last few posts you need to You only need to do this once so if you’ve done it on one of my previous posts there is no need to do it again, although you are more than welcome to  To all those who leave a comment without fulfilling those requirements you are simply wasting your time. I’ll just spam them. Honestly, by doing so it just goes to show that you’re not actually reading the post. Shame on you.  OK, now that we have that out of the way let’s have a look at what Sexy Sal thinks about the blonde…

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Friday Funnies #46 Auntie Acid View Of Men & More

Before we get to this weeks Friday Funnies I have a little favour to ask of all my readers. It’s to do with my first post of the year which is all about a convention I held and how to make millions blogging. As it turns out that post was pretty popular with Stumblers as it got 72 Stumbles. Not bad considering I only posted it a few days back. As for the other Social sites it didn’t do too well getting 3 tweets, 2 FaceBook likes and 4 Google +1’s. What I would love for you guys to do is to head on over there and get those numbers up. If I could get over 100 stumbles and increase the numbers on some of those other social sites I would be one happy Aussie blogger.  And now back to the business at hand, making you guys laugh. This next…

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Sire At The Renowned 2013 Convention

The year is 2013, the day is the 2nd of January where hundreds of thousands of Bloggers from all over the world have congregated to hear Sire the most renowned blogger ever speak about the coming year. They’ve been waiting ever since the day before when the event was supposed to take place but Sire never turned up. His minions explained that Sire did a bit too much celebrating on New Years eve and was too busy chucking up to present himself to his loyal followers. He would however present himself on the morrow and although dejected people decided to stay rather than to lose their spot. Many were wondering whether he could outdo his performance which was touted as a massive flop. One has to wonder whether they are here to bask in his greatness or in the hope that he will once again he will make a public spectacle…

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Friday Funnies #45 Senior Citizens & Sexy Pranks

Well, I reckon this is going to be the last Friday Funnies for the year so I really hope you enjoy it. Don’t worry, I’m going to continue the Friday Funnies in 2013. How could I not seeing as how they’ve turned out to be so popular. You know, I think that, seeing how it’s the last one for the year and all, I’m going to give you a treat by posting two jokes instead of one.  The first one is to do with the actions of a senior citizen, and like the other jokes about the elderly that I’ve written about on this blog I’m sure you’re going to like this one. The Senior Citizen & The BMW Z4 A senior citizen drove his brand new BMW Z4 convertible out of the car showroom. Taking off down the motorway, he floored it to 120mph enjoying the wind blowing through what…

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Eviltron The Best Ever Gadget For The Jokester

There are a lot of scary things out there. But here at ThinkGeek Mindlabs(TM) we think there are certainly few things scarier than one’s own imagination. The human mind can play Insert alternative description here devious tricks on itself, especially when given a small amount of outside stimuli to work with. Your thoughts can easily lead you into a maze of paranoia and put you into a very uncomfortable state of heightened awareness. That odd noise that just came from the attic or the “face” you just saw hovering for a split second outside your window – these things can really stir your thoughts. So, we used this simple principle to create our newest mind toy, the ThinkGeek EvilTron.

This fiendishly small device features six creepy sound choices perfect for frightening your “friends” and co-workers. Simply choose your favorite sound (or use the random mode), place it in a dark hiding spot and watch the madness begin. Perfectly suitable for dorm, office and home use. Or try putting it in someone’s car – that gets them every time.
EvilTron Logo

Your Highly Tested EvilTron Sounds Are:

* Something unsettling creaking
* Unidentifiable scratching sounds
* Gasping last breath
* Sinister child laughing
* Eerie whispering of ‘hey, can you hear me?’
* Random Mode

Before we get to this week’s Friday Funnies I’m sure I don’t have to remind anyone that Christmas is just around the corner. I’m also sure that a lot of you haven’t got all your Christmas shopping done and one of the reasons for that is because some people are just too hard to buy for. Not to worry, that’s why I’ve come up with a new category for WassupBlog, it’s called Great Gift Ideas and leading up to Christmas I’ll be writing a post featuring a unique Christmas gift idea. Sounds like a lot of hard work doesn’t it? Well it’s not because {WP-Zon-Builder} is doing all the hard work for me!  OK, not that I’ve gotten that out of the way it’s time to amuse you with this weeks joke, one that was sent to me by one of my list subscribers, and true to my word I’m…

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