Good Friday And What It Means To Me

In reverence to Good Friday I have made an executive decision and decided to forgo the Friday Funnies for this week. Instead I’m going to write about what Good Friday means to me. I know a lot of you will probably skip this because you’re not religious but please don’t because I honestly believe that the story behind Good Friday can hold special significance even to those who don’t believe in a divine being, a God who loves us so much that He gave his only begotten Son up for sacrifice, a choice Jesus made willingly.However, before I get to that I want to state to all who read this post that I do believe.

I Believe In God

I believe in God, a God who loves us and is so powerful that He created all that weflower have and see around us. No matter how great man’s achievements are they pale to insignificance when held up to the beauty and magnificence of even God’s smallest creation. God to me is the Almighty, He is the Father of all and as a Father He wants all his children to enjoy His creation, to learn, to grow and to prosper and all He asks in return is that we believe in Him and in all that He has done for us. I also believe that alone is not enough as He also wants us to live a life that is pure, full of love for Him and those others who are also his children and therefore are also our brothers and Sisters.

I Believe In Jesus

I believe in Jesus! I believe that he is the Son of God. I believe that He walked amongst usJesus On A Cross as a man, that he suffered all the things that we suffer and that He did this in order to know everything that we go through. I believe that although He went through all the temptations He did not succumb to one of them. I believe that as the Son of God and because of his great faith He performed many miracles while amongst us from the changing of water to wine to the raising of the dead. I believe that he suffered the ultimate sacrifice by dying on the cross for us so that all who believe in Him and all that He did for us can be saved. I believe that He arose on the third day, that he ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father, our God.

What Jesus Went Through

There are many who have made the ultimate sacrifice and of those many are reckoned as heroes. One that comes to mind is the brave and gallant soldier who steps in front of a comrade to save him from a bullet or even throws himself on a grenade sacrificing himself so that others can live. As brave as those actions are they are usually instinctive and done on the spur of the moment. One has to wonder how many of those brave and gallant people would go through with that brave act if they had the time, hours, days or even weeks, to reflect on what they were about to do.

I think of how stressed I get when thinking of the upcoming dentist appointment, or even when having to go to the doctors knowing that I could possible get an injection,,,,I hate needles :no_way: I can’t even imagine what Jesus willingly went through knowing full well all the suffering that was in his path.

There was one movie that gave me an inkling of what Jesus had to go through and that was Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ (Widescreen Edition) I try to put aside viewing time every Easter to watch that movie so that it highlights just a little what Jesus went through for us.

If I have any regrets in life its that I’m not as good a Christian as I good be. I know I am far from perfect but I do know that all those times when I do the right thing it’s because I took the time to reflect on all that Jesus went through, asking myself what Jesus would have done if he was in my position.

I love reading the bible because it teaches me so much. Every time I take it up I learn something new. If people would only take the time to follow it’s teaching the world would be a better place. I know it’s helped me in my blogging career because I was able to take the time to reflect on it’s teaching. That’s why I don’t let people’s personal preference affect the way I feel or think and why I am able to offer them a polite discourse rather than attacking them angrily through the comments.

If nothing else, the way that Jesus carried Himself while He was on this earth is something that everyone should aspire to.

Happy Easter everybody. May the love of Jesus guide you in all that you do.

Photo credit for Jesus carrying the cross goes to Jesus Carrying the Cross, a photo by Photo Dean on Flickr.

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Having Troubles Downloading Large Files

I’m writing this post in the likelihood that someone else is having the same problem that I came up against the other week. It all came about when I was trying to download a free graphics package as part of my freebies for purchasing Andy’s IM Graphics plugin. Speaking of which I’ve written a couple of posts praising it’s unique properties, one a review of the plugin and the other was a post about increasing sales which used it’s properties to place certain graphics with rich keywords embedded into them, great for getting the readers attention as well as for the search engines.

But I digress, this post is not about how great Andy’s plugin is, it’s about why I couldn’t download a file that was a little over 40 MB in size. Not a huge file by any means but for some reason it wouldn’t download.

Why I Can’t Download A Large File

Frustration for DummiesAs I usually do  with files that take longer than a few seconds I walked away from the computer so that I could do something else. When I came back to the computer and tried to open the file it told me it couldn’t because it was corrupt.  :ponder: I figured something just went wrong with the download so I deleted the file and tried again. Nope, same result. I emailed Andy telling him of the situation and after checking the file and getting someone else to download it he told me it was fine on his end and so the problem was caused by something on my end.  :wallbash_tb: I hate that.

OK, now I had the crappy task of trying to work out why it would download a simple file. The first thing I did was to make sure I had enough room on the hard drive. Yep, I had about 6 gigs left but just in case I deleted none essential files to free up more space and tried again. Nope, same problem!

I deleted that file and tried once again, but this time I sat in front of the monitor and watched the whole process. Like I said, it was only a little over 40 MB but for some reason it was going to take up to 20 minutes which I thought was a little slow. Anyway, after getting about half way through the download it finished the remaining 20 odd MB in a second. That was weird  :noway: Upon checking the file I wasn’t at all surprised to find out it also was corrupted. Because of the way it downloaded the last half of the file so quickly I checked the size of the file and discovered it was only about 20 MB which told me that it only downloaded half the file.

By now I was getting a little frustrated.  :hairout_tb: For the life of me I couldn’t understand what was causing the problem. It was late and I decided to go to bed, it was either that or I was going to drop kick the computer. I figured maybe it would work better once we all had a break.

I discovered the next morning that it still wasn’t working. But being the first thing in the morning and having a good nights sleep behind me I was able to think of trying something new. I don’t know why but I decided to change browsers from FireFox to Googles Chrome. The first thing I noticed while downloading the file was that Chrome was doing it in less than half the time and not only that but the download itself worked perfectly.  :thumbup_tb:

So, if you ever come across this problem, just try changing your browser to see if it makes any difference. Perhaps you’ve had this problem yourself and found another solution? If so I would love to hear about what you did to fix it.


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I Need Your Vote For The Shorty Awards

Honestly people, if you were ever going to do something for me it would have to be to vote for me in the Shorty Awards. It didn’t even know what a Shorty Award was until I read Mitch’s post, My Pitch For The Shorty Award, Being the person that I am I went out of my way to vote for Mitch and it did it not only because I consider him a friend and all round great guy, nope, I did it because he’s a great blogger and I reckon he deserves to win it.

Strangely enough I awoke this morning to a Tweet that someone had nominated me for an award as well, ergo this post, and yes that person was Mitch. Thanks mate   :drunk_tb: Being nominated I don’t expect to win, as like Mitch mentioned in his post this contest started way back in Jan 3rd and although it ends in February 17th we’ve lost almost three weeks in the voting race.

What Is The Shorty Award?

So, what is a Shorty Award? It’s an award that has been running for several years, four to be exact as this is the 4th Annual Shorty Awards, but far be it from me to put words in their mouth. This is straight from their about page.

The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short form content on across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare, and the rest of the social Web.Every year, millions of people visit the Shorty Awards site to tweet nominations for their favorite social media content creators. All those tweets culminate in a highly anticipated awards ceremony that celebrates the winners in dozens of featured categories, as well as thousands of crowd-sourced community ones. For the second time, the Shorty Awards will also honor the industry’s best agencies, brands, and social media professionals. 

Just so you know there are heaps of categories but the only one I’m interested in is not coming last in the blogging one.  :loser: If that’s not enough incentive for all my loyal fans let me list a few reasons why you should vote for me in the Shorty Awards.

You should Vote For Sire In The Shorty Award Blogger Category because;

  • I’m two inches off being 6 feet tall which puts me in the short category so I deserve a Shorty Award  :smoke_tb:
  • I’m and Aussie an all around good guy
  • I know my way around the blogging world and have amassed one or two followers
  • So that I don’t win the wooden spoon by coming last in the blogging category, and this could happen because I am last and will remain there unless you people pull your finger out :hey_you:
  • I actually know a fair bit about blogging, having 9 blogs and combined having written over 3000 posts.
  • So that I don’t embarrass myself by coming last  :hairout_tb:
  • Because you love me and want me to have a good chance at getting somewhere near the top  :wub_tb:
  • So that when I do win you can pat yourself on the back and can tell everyone that you helped me to win it  :laugh_tb:
  • Because it will give you an all round fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach knowing that you did something nice.  :whistle:
  • Because if you don’t your comment will be deleted  :guns_tb: OK, I’m only kidding about that one….or am I?   :crazy_man:

Well, there are 10 perfectly good reasons why you should vote for me, and just so you know where to go I’m going to make it very easy for you.

Vote For Me!

Just so you know, being a social media site and all, you need to be a Twitter member to vote as the votes have to be tweeted. I’m not sure if you can vote more than once but I don’t mind you experimenting.  :thumbup_tb: Unlike Mitch I did vote for myself just to see if it works  :tongue_laugh_ee:

So, don’t just sit there thinking about it, click that link and vote for me and then come back and leave a comment, and remember my social blogging status depends on you!  :clap: And remember when tweeting you need to add a reason why you’re voting for me. I’m sure you can think of something.

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