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Win One Year Of Free Web Hosting

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I haven’t run a competition here for a really long time but thanks to Zyma I am able to offer three on my readers a full year of web hosting for FREE! So, if you’ve been thinking of finally having your very own blog but couldn’t afford the hosting cost then now is the time to have a go at winning one year of free hosting. Even if you already have a blog winning a year of free hosting may be just what you need to start that new niche you’ve been thinking of. They offer a lot of features to their members, so many that I couldn’t fit them all in this screenshot, even after minimizing the screen.

Zyma Web Hosting Features

Zyma features

So, even if you’re not one of the lucky ones to win a free hosting account you may still want to make use of their services. OK, now to tell you what you have to do to win one of the free hosting accounts available.

  • Join my list and I promise you that I will never spam you, something that my subscribers can verify.
  • Give my YouTube video a thumbs up with a comment so I know you actually visited it.
  • Leave a comment saying why you want to win the free hosting.

That’s it. Pretty easy huh? The competition will end next Monday when I will pick the three winners from what I judge to be best comments. Remember though that you have to have completed all the tasks to be considered. You should send me an email after completing the tasks so that I can check and make a note of your entry. Oh, I will also need the email so that the guys at Zyma can get in touch with the winners.

That’s it, good luck guys.

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Why I Decided To Start Another Blog


I always thought that my Buy Online Lotto Tickets would be the last blog because as you know I have quite a few blogs under my belt. In actual fact the way things are these days I have more blogs than I can handle and some of them are not getting the attention they deserve. Things change though and circumstances have lead me to start another blog although this time I had a very special reason for doing so.

A while back I lost my sister in law and that caused me to write the post Goodbye Josie, Forever In Our Hearts. I did it as a tribute to her but even after publishing it I was not satisfied that it was enough of a tribute to her. This is because it was placed amongst all my other posts and also because being your normal run of the mill blog It had a whole lot of ads, links and a whole lot of other unrelated stuff detracting from the what In was trying to do and Josie deserves so much more than that.

I looked at some of the sites that were available online and I couldn’t find any that I was happy with. Most of the free ones I found to be pretty tacky as they were full of ads. As for the paid ones most looked pretty generic as they were fully automated. Not able to find one that I was happy with I decided to start my own. I went for a blogging platform because I just don’t have the technical knowhow to build one from scratch. Luckily for me the FlexSqueeze theme gave me all that I needed to build a dedicated site for people who want to leave a lasting online memorial for their loved ones.

Using Market Samurai I decided on A Loving Memorial as the domain domain name. I’m pretty sure you will agree that the tribute to Josie Zollo looks so much better there with that domain name rather than being tagged on the end of!  I decided to keep the sidebar so that I could place important information there whenever it was needed.

After my post  Blogging Green To Save The Environment I decided to give Green Geeks a go and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with how everything went. I obtained the domain name through them meaning that as long as I continue to use them as my host I never have to pay for it. Yep, thats right, I got the domain name for free.

Once the site went live I didn’t like the way it displayed the “filed under..” category or the “Subscribe to my RSS feed” under each post as it made it look too much like a blog and that wasn’t what I intended. Luckily the FlexSqueeze theme has options that allowed me to get rid of both.

Once I had it all up and running it came to me that perhaps there would be others out there who would also like to memorialise someone who has passed away. If so, perhaps they would prefer to have someone set it up for them rather than have to go through an automated process. If so then maybe I could provide that service for them. But you know, even if no-one ever takes me up on this special memorial service, it doesn’t matter because as long as I am around my tribute to Josie will always be there.

If there are any suggestions on how I could make the site better I would love to hear from you guys.

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Honeymooning Cousins & Sheep Shearing In Australia


I’m sure that being the observant readers that you are you would have noticed that for the past three weeks I’ve only been posting my Friday Funnies posts. Well, if you were one of my list subscribers you would have known that I’ve been busy entertaining some cousins from Italy who were over from Italy. They were actually on their honeymoon and had decided to spend it with their family, which I found to be quite an honor.

Naturally we wanted to show them a good time and I have to admit we found it to be quite a challenge. Luckily my Scenic Adelaide blog was able to provide me with some places to take them too. Even though spending so much time with them was pretty tiring we enjoyed every bit of it as it allowed us to come to know them so much better, something you can’t do from technological advances like Skype or FaceBook.

Learning To Shear A Sheep

Naturally, knowing something about the person helps you to work out the sort of places

English: shearing a sheep at the Shearing Shed...

Shearing a sheep at the Shearing Shed

that they would find interesting. As it turns out he was a man of the land, a farmer and someone who likes the simple things in life. That being the case it was most fortunate that they arrived while the Adelaide Royal Show was still on.

Having over a hundred sheep himself he was most interested in everything to do with sheep and so we made sure we took in the sheep shearing exhibition. The first thing he noticed is that we don’t tie down our sheep’s legs, something he found really strange as his sheep aren’t so docile.

He did tell us though that unlike our merino sheep the fleece from his sheep wasn’t worth much and that he was lucky to get 50 Euro for the whole lot. What he does make money from though is the milk which unfortunately is a lot more labor intensive as it involves him milking them twice a day.

As far as shearing goes Aussie shearers can shear 150 -200 sheep a day and can strip a sheep of it’s fleece in under 3 minutes! Me, I reckon I’ll stick to blogging.

I’ve learned so many things from their stay here, some of which I will share on this as well as some of my other blogs, especially the Scenic Adelaide one. One thing for sure is that I’ve grown a lot closer to my cousins and I also have a better appreciation of those who live on the land and what they have to go through. If you think about it, if it wasn’t for them we would all be a hell of a lot worse off.

                       Address delivered by Hon. Henry H. Crapo, Governor of Michigan, before the Central Michigan Agricultural Society, at their Sheep-shearing Exhibition held … College Farm, on Thursday, May 24th, 1866

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