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Curse of the Lactose Intolerant
Image by bcostin via Flickr

We only found out recently that my daughter was lactose intolerant, which basically means that she is allergic to anything that has milk as part of it’s ingredients. Naturally that means she can’t have things such as milk, chocolate, ice cream, bread and stuff. The problem is we’ve also found out that milk is used in a lot of other products one wouldn’t expect to find milk in such as potato crisps. This means reading the labels very carefully. Consuming anything with milk in it causes her to get ill and that seriousness of the illness is related to the amount of milk in the product as well as the amount she’s consumed.

Seeing as how I’ve already got an interest in the lactose intolerance and alternative milk products I was intrigued when one of my affiliates contacted me as to a survey they are doing on this matter.

Before going any further I must stress that this is a US-only campaign. They are looking for 10,000 US residents age 18 and over who buy either alternative milk products (e.g., organic, soy, rice, lactose-free, etc.) or creamers at least 4 times per year. If this applies to you and you are interested in taking the survey simply Click Here

Even though this may not apply to you perhaps a family friend or member would be interested and you could let them know that it exists. A tweet would definitely let a lot of others know that this survey exists and I’m sure there would be many willing participants.

I’m not sure if the survey has anything to do with lactose intolerance or if they are just trying to gauge the extent that American drink alternative milk products, so if you do decide to take the survey I, and I’m sure many of the readers, would be more than interested in what it was all about.

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Why Does Sex In Advertising Sell?

[NOCSEADS]Sex sells. I don’t think anyone out there would argue the point that sex sells. If it wasn’t true advertising companies wouldn’t be spending millions of dollar making sexy ads. Yet even though it’s true you would have to admit that people who buy a product merely because some semi naked woman or man is draped over or seen using it would have to be at the best pretty shallow and at the worst down right stupid. You heard right, if you’re buying something just because of some sexually stimulating advertising then your pretty stupid.

Woman know sex sells and that’s why many of them have breast implants, tummy tucks and botox treatments. I mean you have to look sexy if you’re to be taken seriously right? Men aren’t any better as they bust their balls trying to get that ever evasive six pack, not to mention those poor bastards who shove socks down their jocks in their attempt to fool the passer by that they have more down there than is actually the case. As if people look down there as they’re walking by. Honestly ladies, do you look in that direction just to see what a bloke is really made of?

Really, apart from dating sites why would you need to use sexy people in your ads, apart from the fact that it actually helps your sales?

OK, why don’t we take a look at some of these ads. Let’s start with something very provocative, like shoes. This first shot is of Helena Christensen who goes naked for Reebok shoes. Selling herself short perhaps.

Now we’re looking at the shoes right? :devil_tb: So, one must wonder what the ad is actually trying to portray. Wear our shoes and even you can strut your stuff while going for a naked jog perhaps?

Next let’s take a look at a nice alcoholic beverage.

Yeah baby this one says one of two things, have enough of this rum and you’ll end up with a Brazilian or perhaps you’ll just end up naked? Honestly though would you actually buy it just because of the lovely scenery?

How about we look at a nice perfume ad?

Now what the hell are they insinuating, that you get some Tom Ford on you and next you know you’ll be burying your face between a lovely set of naked breasts? Really, because if that’s the deal I’m off to buy me a case right now. :laugh_tb:

I reckon the guys who are having the most fun are the professional photographers who take these pictures. What the rest of us need is a Nikon, because if the next photo is anything to go by this camera can increase the size of a woman’s breasts.

Yes sirree Bob, I gotta get me one of those if I want to be popular in the local men’s club.

Naturally we can’t have a sexy ad without one featuring a car with a sexy model standing next to it. What say we show you Elle McPherson standing next to a Jaguar.

Yeah baby, I’m going to forgo getting that Ferrari I’ve been saving up for and I’m going to buy me a Jaguar just because they’re gonna throw Elle with it as part of the deal. Seriously, that’s the only way that I would ever buy that Jag.

Last but not least I would like to show you and ad that they had advertising used cars,  BMW nonetheless.

She’s a honey isn’t she? Apparently this caused a bit of a stir as many people found it offensive.

Even after seeing all these ads I don’t understand why they work. I know I don’t let these sort of ads sway my judgment, as much as I like seeing them, and yet there’s probably more than one person who is affected by them. Not one of them has anything to do with the actual product so one just has to ask, why does sex sell in advertising?

OK, OK, don’t anybody say I don’t listen to my readers. For all those women complaining that I haven’t included any photos of near naked men I give you the following, an advert for BANG, a fragrance for men depicting a naked well oiled up Marc Jacobs.

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Cool Blog Links Top 10 Coolest Blogs

Once upon a time a there was a man with a dream, and that dream was to bring to life a site that would one day link to all the coolest blogs in the blogosphere. That dream, in part came true on December 12th 2008 when Cool Blog Links came to life.  That man just happened to be yours truly and in almost 18 months it’s member base has grown to a whole 19! Yes you have heard right my treasure dream site has 19 members. OK, who the hell is that laughing in that background? Obviously not a member. Could someone please show that person the door, Mitch I reckon you can escort that low life out.

Yes, our member base is low but that doesn’t matter because our members are the best of the best and it’s only a matter of time before we will be beating them back with a stick. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

Seriously folks even with a relatively small member base Cool Blog Links has still obtained a PR3 ranking. As in the past I have decided to reward the top 10 members, that is those members that are currently ranking in the top 10 at the time of writing this post. The first such post was published on March 29th 2009 and the second on November 11th 2009.

As you would expect the top 10 blogs change as time goes by and so without further ado I would like to present the latest top 10 cool blogs.

  1. Although a relatively new comer this blog has shot to the top.  It’s latest post, HTML5: What? Why? How and When discusses the enhancements to HTML that will may or may not be the bees knees in HTML? See what Sunil Jain has to say about it all.
  2. So, You Want To Be A Banquet Manager: Was the top dog for quite some time but is now running second. This blog is full of entertaining stories about what being a banquet manager is all about. It’s latest post, Hey Sales Chick – Breakfast is Only For An Hour and a Half! is just a sample of the interesting things that can happen when working in the hospitality industry.
  3. I’m Just Sharing: Yep, my good mate Mitch has shot to no.3 overtaking his good mate in the process. His blog covers many topics and is always a great read. It seems that one of his latest posts, My Gripe With Blogs outlays some of their short comings.
  4. Work From Home Business Blog: Peter Lee has been in the top 10 since day one and that’s not at all surprising seeing how he’s always writing great content in his quest to keep his readers up to date such as helping those who Wanna Know What Google Sees In Your Blog’s Home Page?
  5. The Shadows Of My Mind: If my memory serves me Lindsay is a fellow Aussie blogger and his blog also covers a wide range of topics. His post on Final Fantasy VIII – First Impressions also talks about his first encounter with the latest 3D movies.
  6. What A Load Of Bullshit:  Yep this is one of mine and it does really well in the SERPS.
  7. Wassup Blog: Yeah, there’s no need to tell you anything about this blog :drunk_tb:
  8. Scenic Adelaide: Yep another of my blogs. Imagine that, I have three blogs in the top 10. Not happy with that? The why not join and try to knock me off my perch.?
  9. Anne On Life: Anne is the one of two women to make it to the top 10. Way to go Anne. Anne can be hormonal at times as she admits in her post Every Child Needs Love, but then what woman isn’t? Only kidding ladies, you know I loves ya all.
  10. Expressive World:  Another lovely female blogger, Ana, owns this site and her blog is all about expression. She loves to post beautiful photos each one accompanied by something meaningful. I particularly like the Your Beauty In This World.

I’ve decided to make this post sticky for awhile so that those listed in this post will get the most benefit from being on the front page of a PR4 blog. Naturally I am hoping that this post will attract more members and there are advantages other than be listed on future Top 10 updates such as being listed on a PR 3 site, not to mention the added traffic that Cool Blog Links will send your way. I’ve just checked my Google Analytic and I was surprised to find that it is the number one source of traffic to this blog, no.2 being Twitter.

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WassupBlog’s Milestone 300th Post

I’m pretty sure I’ve never done one of these posts before but I’m sure that if there’s one floating around somewhere someone out there will remind me of the fact. :tongue_laugh_ee: My first ever post, Wassup Blog Is Here To Entrance And Enthrall The Reader, and I dearly hope that in that time there have been one or two posts that have managed to do just that. That particular post was was posted on August the 9th 2008 and only received two comments, one of which was mine the other belonged to my good blogging mate Mitch, who out of all the possible super powers would love longevity.

Since that first post went live I think I’ve managed to acquire a respectful readership and I think a lot of that has been due to the fact that I tell people how it is and I don’t try to gain their To Elland 3.5 milesrespect only to try and sell them something at a later date. Sure I promote many affiliates but unless I’ve actually tried them I don’t try to fool people into assuming that I have when I haven’t.

What I find really amazing is that in that time this blog has received over 11500 comments. I reckon that’s pretty good when you consider that all my other blogs, which you can read about in my About page, have received 3951 comments out of the 2866 posts That I’ve written on them.

So, why has this blog out performed all those other blogs? Basically it’s because there is one thing that I do on this blog that I do not do on all those others. I try to follow all commentators to their blogs and after finding a post that I like I leave as good a comment as time allows me. More often that not those bloggers appreciate the time I’ve taken to do that and in turn they become loyal readers. Sure it doesn’t always work out that way but then I’ve never expected to win over every single person. I’ve always looked at it being a long term issue and over time it’s proved that it pays to have patience rather than to give up.

Another reason this blog does a lot better is that I use such plugins as commentluv, keywordluv and top commentators to reward my commentators. Sure that leads to some spam but that’s cool because I enjoy sending those comments to Akismet’s spam filter so that Akismet can deal with them in future saving myself and others time.

I think it also helps that I take the time to reply to as many commentators as possible which I find enjoyable rather than a chore. There are many A Listers out there that will tell you doing so is a waste of time as your time may be better spent making money but they won’t tell you how to do that unless you pay them for the privilege.  Me, I think it’s a great way to have a meaningful dialogue with people and to me those people are more than just an avenue for making money.

So, this is my 300th post and it will be interesting to see where Wassup Blog is in the scheme of things when I do my 600th post.

For now I would like to provide you guys a little light entertainment by posting the following commercial which advertisers the Wienerschnitzel, a hot dog which really looks quite tasty :innocent1_tb:

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