Canon MG7160 Not Scanning Wirelessly?

I bought my Canon MG7160 some time ago and it connected flawlessly to my home Wi-Fi. That was until last night when I tried to scan a document. Damn! That’s when I found out my Canon MG7160 not scanning at all. For some reason the MacBook Pro would print wirelessly but when it came to scanning the Canon MG7160 just would not scan wirelessly.

The Canon MG7160 Not Scanning Wirelessly Fix!

Canon MG7160 not scanning wirelessly

I really needed to scan that document and so after Googling a lot of crap I tried connecting it to the printer via the USB. Nope! While the Canon MG7160 printer recognised the printer it still would not scan. WTF!

I had already installed the updated printer driver for the Canon MG7160 so I knew that wasn’t the problem. That’s when it suddenly hit me, maybe Canon had a seperate driver for the scanner!

So off I go to the Canon Drivers & Download page.Two clicks later I found myself on the Pixma MG7160 Utilities page. From there I downloaded the IJ Scan Utility Ver. 2.1.6 (OS X). Once I downloaded and ran that file I noticed a new folder in the MacBook Pro application folder, the IJ Scan Utility Folder. That folder had the driver that I needed to finally get the Canon MG7160 printer to scan properly.

You can see it working in the video below.

What was really cool was it scanned the document while I was in another room. I didn’t expect that. Sure, I know that’s what wirelessly means but it’s not like it would change the documents wirelessly is it?  :tongue_laugh_ee:

The good thing now is that anytime I want to scan something I just need to fire up the Canon MG7160 utility and I’m good to go.

I hope you found this post of some help. If you did it would be great if you would share it around.


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My Top Ten YouTube Videos

I first started my YouTube video career way back in March of 2008! I put that particular video together as a paid post I did for It would have to be one of my worst ever YouTube videos getting only 73 views. I haven’t even bothered to monetise that video because I’m a teeny weeny bit embarrassed about it.

Since then I have produced 71 videos which have been viewed over 320,000 times earning me over $650! I’ve also got 280 subscribers which is pretty cool I think.

All that aside I thought I would share with you my top ten YouTube videos.

Top Ten YouTube Videos







November 2014
February 2014
August 2013
June 2013
December 2011
September 2011
April 2008
February 2014
December 2013
December 2013

top ten youtube videosObviously the most profitable and most popular video is the Freestyle motorbike one. Candy Crush 147 is definitely second but it’s popularity has died down sum which is probably why it’s not earning as much money, While my split second photos video is gaining in popularity it’s earning potential just isn’t up to scratch.

If you were to compare the Split second video to the ‘How to fix toilet’ video, which is a lot older and has less views, the toilet one has earned a lot more money. Does this mean that viewers who like ‘How To” videos are more likely to click on an ad? if you check my other ‘How To’ videos you’ll notice they’re all pretty good earners.

Problem with that is those ‘How To’ videos are a lot harder to produce because you really need to  know the subject matter before producing a video. Even so they should be a part of your top 10 YouTube videos list.

Even though my Split Second Photo video, which has quite a few views, isn’t performing so well I’ve decided to produce another video along similar lines. This time though it’s not going to be about hot sports women, just in case that’s keeping some advertisers away. Nope, this time it’s all about….

35 Perfectly Timed Photos In Sport

You can help the video along it’s merry way by giving it a thumbs up  :thumbup_tb: and sharing it with you’re friends. I’m happy to return the favour if you have a video you would like promoted. As long as it’s nothing offensive  :naughty:

So, how are your videos going? Do you have a top ten YouTube videos list?

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Merry Christmas

I love my theme. I love how it’s so flexible. The way I can make it do almost anything. I do quite a bit of blog hopping and I’ve yet to come across a blog where every post has a different colour background.

I also love the way I can change the way the blog looks at a click of the mouse. Sure I had to design the Christmas and Esster themes but once they’re done I just save them as a csv file and then load them when needed.

This year I’ve also come to love the Logo Creator. Especially since starting my sports  betting blog. Using the Logo Creator I’ve been able to create many advertising banners that have helped to improve the click rate. It’s aslo, with the aid of some free clip art images, helped to create the image below.

merry christmas

And with that I would love to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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