No Pain No Gain As Applied To Life

No pain no gain has been used by body builders for years. It’s an exercise motto coming into prominence in 1982 through Jane Fonda’s workout videos.  Body builders will tell you that you have to push yourself past that pain threshold if you want to get bigger and more defined muscles. I personally believe that you can apply the no pain no gain principle to almost every facet of life. No Pain No Gain As Applied To Blogging Most bloggers who take on blogging as a money making venture don’t last all that long. I’ve lost count of bloggers who have fallen by the wayside since I started blogging way back in 2005. They reason for that is because most folk believe blogging for money is simple. All you have to do is get your blog live, place your affiliate links on your blog and sit back and wait for…

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Win A One Year Salary

Job Search A WassupBlog Service

Job search is important because people all over the world are looking for a job. It may be an extra job to supplement their income or it could be because they just want a change in their work environment. Many may even have joined the unemployment cue because of the downturn in the economy. Still there is work out there for those fortunate enough to use the right Job Search facility. Finding the right job can sometimes be a hassle which is why having the right job search tool is so important. Enter the Job Search Engine by Neuvoo! Job Search By Neuvoo I was very fortunate to be approached by someone from Neuvoo to place their job search engine on my blog. At first I incorporated it in the sidebar but I was so impressed with them that I’ve devoted a whole page to the Neuvoo job search engine….

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Canon MG7160 Not Scanning Wirelessly?

I bought my Canon MG7160 some time ago and it connected flawlessly to my home Wi-Fi. That was until last night when I tried to scan a document. Damn! That’s when I found out my Canon MG7160 not scanning at all. For some reason the MacBook Pro would print wirelessly but when it came to scanning the Canon MG7160 just would not scan wirelessly. The Canon MG7160 Not Scanning Wirelessly Fix! I really needed to scan that document and so after Googling a lot of crap I tried connecting it to the printer via the USB. Nope! While the Canon MG7160 printer recognised the printer it still would not scan. WTF! I had already installed the updated printer driver for the Canon MG7160 so I knew that wasn’t the problem. That’s when it suddenly hit me, maybe Canon had a seperate driver for the scanner! So off I go to…

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My Top Ten YouTube Videos

I first started my YouTube video career way back in March of 2008! I put that particular video together as a paid post I did for It would have to be one of my worst ever YouTube videos getting only 73 views. I haven’t even bothered to monetise that video because I’m a teeny weeny bit embarrassed about it. Since then I have produced 71 videos which have been viewed over 320,000 times earning me over $650! I’ve also got 280 subscribers which is pretty cool I think. All that aside I thought I would share with you my top ten YouTube videos. Top Ten YouTube Videos Obviously the most profitable and most popular video is the Freestyle motorbike one. Candy Crush 147 is definitely second but it’s popularity has died down sum which is probably why it’s not earning as much money, While my split second photos video…

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Merry Christmas

World Cup Fever Is Upon Us

Yep, in just a few more days we’re going to be hit by the World Cup Fever. This happens every year and every year it’s held in a different country. Just like the Olympics is. Unlike the Olympics though it only involves one sport! Of course that sport is soccer, even though most Europeans and the Poms refer to it as football. Probably because they don’t actually offer real football as a sport.  This year, Fifa’s World Cup is to be held in Brazil. Now, it’s not unusual for some sort of violence to erupt around a soccer game but this usually happens around the spectators and not on the field as happened during one amateur soccer game in Brazil last year. As you will read in this article from the Daily Mail it occurred on June 30th 2013 at Pius XII stadium in Maranhao, northeastern Brazil. Apparently when the referee…

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Australia Day Long Weekend

We Aussie are proud to call Australia home and so it’s no wonder that we celebrate Australia Day every year on the 26th of January. Rather than go on about it you can read all about Australia Day from Wikipedia. While most people were throwing a snag or two on the Barbie and washing it down with a few beers I was doing something a lot more strenuous. I was painting the kitchen and family room. Sure I could have paid someone else to do it but I’ve found one of the ways to make money is to save it and you can save heaps by doing the odd job yourself. A $160 got me ten litres of paint, some drop sheets, roller and masking tape. I still have about 6 litres left which means I could probably do another 2 or three rooms  Naturally, if I could win the…

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