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Banned YouTube Video

In my endeavours to achieve the 4,000 hours per year required to monetise my videos (see this post), I thought I would give people what they wanted, sexy women on YouTube. Unfortunately, I may have gone a little too far which earned me a banned YouTube Video! Before telling you about the banned YouTube video, I’m going to share with you those videos which are doing pretty well in helping me to achieve my target.

I know sexy women are popular because of all the traffic my Hot Sports Babes posts gets. It seemed only natural to create some videos featuring sexy women. The first was a video called Hot Female Cyclists Hot Women wearing Lycra. That video went live on March 16th, and to date, it’s received 4792 views! Not to mention it also has 21 likes. Sure it also has 2 dislikes, but I learned long ago you just can’t please everybody.

A week later I uploaded Sexy Female Competitive Cyclists. While that video was nowhere as popular as the first one getting only 714 views, I believe that has more to do with the keywords I’ve chosen than anything else.

A couple of weeks later Sexiest Female Pole Vaulters went live! That one did better than the competitive cyclist video overtaking it by hitting 914 views with 4 likes and no dislikes.

My Banned YouTube Video

That’s when I decided on doing something a little more outrageous. I uploaded a video called Brazilian Fan World Cup Nip Slip. I know, I should have known better. What can I say, I was blinded by my need to get those 4,000 hours per year. That video took off like you wouldn’t believe and would have surpassed the 10,000 views if some if someone hadn’t reported that video to YouTube.

banned youtube video

Needless to say, YouTube banned my video saying it was pornographic. I appealed saying it wasn’t pornographic. I really should have known better.I’m not one to give up, so I decided to edit the original video uploading it as YouTube Bans Video No more Nip Slips Allowed. This time I censored the video by covering the offending footage blaming it all on YouTube. I’ve also asked for people to give their views on the ban. So far no takers. But then again, it’s only got 53 views. What do you think?

While you’re there, you may as well check out my latest Sexy Selena Gomez video.

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YouTube Glass Ceiling

YouTube Glass CeilingThere’s a reason for calling this post ‘YouTube Glass Ceiling’, and that’s because it’s my opinion that a YouTube Glass Ceiling really exists. Normally when they talk about a glass ceiling, they’re referring to women. The YouTube glass ceiling, however, is a barrier affecting men.

You may or may not recall one of my previous posts about YouTube’s latest changes. One of those goal posts was to get 4,000 hours of views per year. For the small YouTuber that is a huge task to achieve. Especially if you’re a bloke  :tongue_laugh_ee:

What Is The YouTube Glass Ceiling

This particular YouTube glass ceiling exists because women have an unfair physical advantage when it comes to getting views. I just published a video called Getting Views On YouTube which I feel demonstrates this unfair advantage. You can see the video below.

In the video, I refer to something called evergreen content. Basically, this is content that is always relevant. This type of material never grows old and therefore will still get visitors from search engines. I also mentioned in that video that ‘How To Videos’ provide the perfect evergreen content.

If you watch the video above you’ll notice exactly how these sexy women have an unfair advantage over men. Especially considering the ‘how to’ content of the three example videos portrayed in my video.

  • The first video is how to wash dishes. Even though this video is titled washing dishes, the woman in it actually drying them. This video has 3.5 million views in only one month!
  • The second video is how to dry dishes. After being online for only one week, this video has a phenomenal 859,000 views!
  • The third video is how to clean a room. I tell you, I would love to have just one video that gets 1.8 million views in only a month.

What is really amazing about some of these videos is that YouTube has agreed to monetise them. Weird considering they knocked back some of my videos because the content identified as not suitable for most advertisers. Seems to me that YouTube has double standards. What do you think?

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My 100th YouTube Video

Hey guys, I’ve just uploaded my 100th YouTube video, and I am pretty stoked about it. I put a fair bit of effort into it, and I think it came out pretty well. The video covers two subjects. The first it about the remarkable Australian trees and the second part is one of my cool short stories. Both those links will take you to the same video, I’m just using some SEO to give the video a bit of link juice.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

My Short Story On YouTube

Some of the special effects in that video included my newly acquired green screen. I love it as it allows me to have some pretty cool backgrounds in my video. One of which is a video of my fireplace. In my video, I tried to set the storyline my telling my viewers that it’s taking place in around a fire. I thought the video of the fire with the crackling background noise was a pretty cool effect.

I also explained at the beginning of the video that I’m aiming to make all my future videos deaf and hearing impaired friendly. To do that I have included a transcript in the form of scrolling text, of my story. That was actually the hardest part of the video. Trying to match the speed of the text with my voice. Still, I think I did a pretty good job.

I also used The Creator to make my video thumbnail stand out. Hopefully, that will attract more viewers.

The video is only 9 minutes long so with a bit of luck they will watch it the whole way through. That will bring my hours up and maybe even get some new subscribers. Speaking of which you can help by subscribing to my channel.

If you have the time, I’d love for you to have a look at the video and perhaps leave a comment of what you thought about it.

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My YouTube Bonza Intro

My YouTube Bonza Intro video had its debut today. They say that your first video on YouTube should be one that introduces you to the YouTube world. For me, it was my 99th. Video. After all these years on YouTube, I finally produced my YouTube Bonza intro video! Because it was such an important video, I put a lot of work into it to ensure it was one of my best videos.

Introducing My YouTube Bonza Intro Video

YouTube bonza introI decided to call it My YouTube Bonza intro because I wanted my channel to be something easily remembered. And what could be easier than My Bonza Channel? That and it reflects my Aussie heritage as well.

In all my videos I always try to ensure that I have excellent lighting to produce the best quality video possible. Like I said in the video above I make sure I film in HD so that even if viewers watch it in the fullscreen mode, they always have a good experience.

I wanted to do something spectacular with my YouTube Bonza intro video, so I ordered a green screen. This was the first time I’ve ever used a green screen, and I’m so happy I did so.

Although I’m not expecting this video to get all that many views I’m going to make sure every view boosts the exposure of my blogs. That’s partly done by having screenshots of some of my blogs featured in the video and also by including links to them in the Introduction.

As I said in the video, I try to make them entertaining, and this one is no exception. You’ll notice in the video that some of my Aussie humour makes several appearances. Some are pretty obvious and one in particular not so obvious.

What do you think of my video? If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up. Oh yeah, if you’re a YouTuber, don’t forget to subscribe:drunk_tb: This post will explain why.


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