No Pain No Gain As Applied To Life

No pain no gain has been used by body builders for years. It’s an exercise motto coming into prominence in 1982 through Jane Fonda’s workout videos.  Body builders will tell you that you have to push yourself past that pain threshold if you want to get bigger and more defined muscles.

I personally believe that you can apply the no pain no gain principle to almost every facet of life.

No Pain No Gain As Applied To Blogging

no pain no gainMost bloggers who take on blogging as a money making venture don’t last all that long. I’ve lost count of bloggers who have fallen by the wayside since I started blogging way back in 2005. They reason for that is because most folk believe blogging for money is simple. All you have to do is get your blog live, place your affiliate links on your blog and sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

If only it was that easy. Truth be told it takes a whole lot of work just to make a little money, let alone a lot. You have to post regularly and those post have to be of really good quality. You have to continually update your blogs to keep up with the every changing parameters set out by Google and other search engines.

You have to find the right affiliates and then target the right audience in the hope that they’ll not only click on your affiliate link but actually go through with the purchase.

You have to go through the pain of late nights, time away from the family and the pain and frustration of seeing all these clicks on your affiliate links with very few sales coming in. Even marketing is a painful experience. It’s because the pain can be so excruciating that so many potentially successful bloggers fall by the wayside.

No Pain No Gain As Applied To Life

It really pains me when I see the attitude that the some of the younger generation has to their work ethics. It’s as if they believe that their employment is a right and not something that have to do well in in order to improve their position. They take sickies whenever they can because they, again, believe it’s owed to them.

I hear them complain about not getting more hours and when I give them advice it falls on death ears. I remember this one guy that took over 40 minutes to put away a cage of milk. When I told him that I could load up a cage, process it and put away the empties in 10 minutes his response was, “Hey, I don’t want to strain myself!” Honestly, if that is the work ethic he’s going to use throughout his life he’ll never get anywhere.

It may be painful starting at the bottom. It may even be painful having to take orders from some dickhead! Just keep the no pain no gain principle in mind. Sometimes you just have to push through the pain to get to the rewards on the other side.

No Pain No Gain & Losing Weight

Ever since getting my Fitbit Charge 2, which I reviewed here, I have continued to improve my fitness level,  not to mention to slowly lose weight. It’s my personal opinion that the reason for this is because once again I apply the no pain no gain principal. I see these people slowly strolling along happily thinking to themselves that they’re improving their fitness levels. Sure it’s better than sitting on your ass watching TV but unless you push yourself you’re not really getting much benefit at all.

Every time I go out I try to do a little better. It’s not easy but I love the exhilaration I feel in the knowledge that I’ve done a little bit better.

The question is are you willing to apply the no pain no gain principle to some facet of your life?

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Win A One Year Salary

Win A One Year Salary

Win A One Year Salary? Don’t you hate the daily grind of having to go to work every day. Of course you do. Thats the reason why so many people try to crack the online money making success story. Did you know that probably the main reason so many people fail to create an online success business is because they just don’t have the time necessary to create a successful online business.

Sure they could give their old job the heave ho and try to make their online business work, but that can be too stressful and that stress would be counterproductive. What they need is to take time off work while still getting paid. What if that was a possibility?

I’m talking about Neteller’s current promotion which could allow you to win a one year salary!

Win A One Year Salary With Neteller

Winning this competition means you could take a year off work so you could concentrate on generating a successful online business, or you could take a long holiday! All this whilst getting paid $2000 a month, tax free, for 12 months!

There are also heaps of other weekly prizes, prizes including cash and gadgets that I’m sure you’re going to love.

Winning is easy. All you have to do is to use your Neteller account or to complete weekly ‘boosts’ to collect extra entries. The more entries you collect the more chances of winning. You can collect up to 10 entries per day plus an additional 5 entries for each boost you complete.

The latest ‘boost’ is to simply make a payment to any company accepting NETELLER or send money to another NETELLER Account on 3 consecutive days and gain five extra entries! This ‘boost’ will end on the 13th of March 2016.

Join for free today so you can have a crack at this fantastic promotion.

I’ve been using NETELLER for years for my online payments. I wrote about them last March, about a promotion they were doing then. That post also links to other posts about NETELLER. I love my NETELLER card and highly recommend them to you.

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Job Search A WassupBlog Service

job searchJob search is important because people all over the world are looking for a job. It may be an extra job to supplement their income or it could be because they just want a change in their work environment. Many may even have joined the unemployment cue because of the downturn in the economy. Still there is work out there for those fortunate enough to use the right Job Search facility.

Finding the right job can sometimes be a hassle which is why having the right job search tool is so important.

Enter the Job Search Engine by Neuvoo!

Job Search By Neuvoo

I was very fortunate to be approached by someone from Neuvoo to place their job search engine on my blog. At first I incorporated it in the sidebar but I was so impressed with them that I’ve devoted a whole page to the Neuvoo job search engine. As you can see I can even place it within this very post.

You’ll notice at the end of the Job Search Engine on my Jobs Page that I’ve listed all the different countries where Neuvoo offer their job search facility. At the  moment mine is showing jobs available in Australia. Once I work it out I should be able to set it to show jobs in a particular city of any country. That way I can target my local traffic.

I can even target a keyword, so on my photo blog I could show any photography related jobs.  :drunk_tb: Yes, I will be offering their unique job search facility on my other blogs as well.

So, who are neuvoo? They’re an international job aggregator who launched in 2011. As you can see from the list on my job search page they’re available in 42 countries. They’re headquarters are in Montreal, Canada and a European office in Switzerland.

I like that they aggregate all jobs from employers’ career pages so job seekers can freely find all jobs available in their preferred area. A whole lot better than going onto multiple sites looking for their dream job.

I’d be really interested in anyones experience with neuvoo! Once I get the targeting bug worked out I’ll probably set up several job search pages linking to different countries, targeting those specific to those countries sending the most traffic.


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