Merry Christmas

I love my theme. I love how it’s so flexible. The way I can make it do almost anything. I do quite a bit of blog hopping and I’ve yet to come across a blog where every post has a different colour background.

I also love the way I can change the way the blog looks at a click of the mouse. Sure I had to design the Christmas and Esster themes but once they’re done I just save them as a csv file and then load them when needed.

This year I’ve also come to love the Logo Creator. Especially since starting my sports  betting blog. Using the Logo Creator I’ve been able to create many advertising banners that have helped to improve the click rate. It’s aslo, with the aid of some free clip art images, helped to create the image below.

merry christmas

And with that I would love to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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World Cup Fever Is Upon Us

Yep, in just a few more days we’re going to be hit by the World Cup Fever. This happens every year and every year it’s held in a different country. Just like the Olympics is. Unlike the Olympics though it only involves one sport! Of course that sport is soccer, even though most Europeans and the Poms refer to it as football. Probably because they don’t actually offer real football as a sport.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

This year, Fifa’s World Cup is to be held in Brazil. Now, it’s not unusual for some sort of violence to erupt around a soccer game but this usually happens around the spectators and not on the field as happened during one amateur soccer game in Brazil last year.

As you will read in this article from the Daily Mail it occurred on June 30th 2013 at Pius XII stadium in Maranhao, northeastern Brazil. Apparently when the referee expelled one of the players, Josemir Santos Abreu aged 31. Not happy with the decision Josemir pushed the 20 year old referee, Otavio Jordao da Silva, to the ground. When he got up Otavio stabbed Josemir in the chest. He died on the way to the hospital.

Players and fans then rush the referee tying him up and eventually killing him. He was sicklestabbed with his own knife and then, get this, someone cut his head off using a sickle! OK,  the referee carrying a knife is one thing but who in hell would bring a sickle to a soccer game?

Let’s hope something like this doesn’t happen in the 2014 World Cup!

World Cup Iron Man

On a lighter note, this years World Cup is going to be open by Brazil’s very own Iron Man! Let me tell you though Brazil’s Iron man looks nothing like the Iron Man we’re all accustomed to. Also, unlike Tony Stark, the man wearing the suit is a paraplegic.

The futuristic exoskeleton was designed by Brazilian neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis who used the help of a team of 156 scientists from around the world to bring the ‘Iron Man’ suit to a reality. world cup iron man

What is unique about this suit is that the paraplegics own brain will be controlling it! So, on Thursday 12th 2014 in San Paolo Brazil and unknown paraplegic will start the 2014 World Cup with the first kick of the match.

Seeing how the World Cup is so popular it’s only natural that I use my latest niche blog to capitalise on it. So far I’ve written two posts, World Cup And Responsible Gambling and the Double Chance Bet? What Is A Double Chance Bet

So, tell me, are you a World Cup fan and will you be placing any bets this year?

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Australia Day Long Weekend

We Aussie are proud to call Australia home and so it’s no wonder that we celebrate Australia Day every year on the 26th of January. Rather than go on about it you can read all about Australia Day from Wikipedia.

While most people were throwing a snag or two on the Barbie and washing it down with a few beers I was doing something a lot more strenuous. I was painting the kitchen and family room. Sure I could have paid someone else to do it but I’ve found one of the ways to make money is to save it and you can save heaps by doing the odd job yourself. A $160 got me ten litres of paint, some drop sheets, roller and masking tape. I still have about 6 litres left which means I could probably do another 2 or three rooms  :drunk_tb:

Naturally, if I could win the up and coming US Powerball I could afford to pay someone to paint it for me. Shit, if I won it I could tear the place down and build a brand new one, in more than one country  :tongue_laugh_ee:

Heck, I was so busy I didn’t even have time to write this weeks Friday Funnies. Come to think about it, I haven’t done all that much blogging of late. And it’s not because I’m getting tired of blogging either. I just have so much other stuff to do. It doesn’t help when my kids bough the Game Of Thrones for me either. I wrote a review on the Game Of Thrones for anyone who is interested. 

So, amongst all the painting and stuff I’ve been continuing to read a Game of Thrones and am currently on the forth volume in the series.

Australia Day Green And Gold

Speaking about Australia day I was pretty rapt to see that Hugh Jackman is still thinking about us on Australia Day. So much so that he managed to get those Yanks to light up the Empire State Building in green and gold our official colours.

Australia day


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