Jokes About Beautiful Women Friday Funnies #145

If you a regular reader of this blog you know that I love beautiful women. Heck, I love all women.  :devil_tb: Well imagine my surprise and pleasure when I got some jokes about beautiful women in my email. Naturally I was itching to share them with you as part of my Friday series.

The fist of the jokes about beautiful women that I got included a very revealing women. I decided to include it with the joke. I hope you appreciate it.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

Jokes About Beautiful Women Are Cool

A beautiful woman went to the gynaecologist… The doctor took one look at the woman and all his jokes about beautiful womenprofessionalism flew out the window. He immediately told her to get undressed.

After she disrobed the doctor began to stroke her thigh. While doing so he asked her, “Do you know what I am doing?”

“Yes,” she replied, “You are checking for abrasions or Dermatological abnormalities.”

“That’s right,” said the doctor.. He then began to fondle her breasts. “Do you know what I am doing now?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, “You are checking for lumps which might indicate Breast cancer.”

“Correct,” replied the shady doctor. Finally, he mounted his patient and started having sexual intercourse with her. He asked, “Do you know what I am doing now?”

“Yes,” she said, “You’re getting syphilis; which is why I came here in the first place.”

The next of the jokes about beautiful women isn’t really a joke but it does fill one of the requirements. I has a beautiful woman in it and I did find it quite amusing. I hope you do as well.

I hope you find the following fact useful :wink:

jokes about beautiful women2

Yeah, those sunglasses have more uses than just making you look cool. Still, while they’re great for stopping the staring glare from cleavage I strongly urge you not to use them to stare at the sun! That’s not what they were designed for.

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Marriage counselling can be a serious affair. Usually people will resort to marriage counselling as a last resort. I’m sure this was so for the couple in the following story. A story which will show you the funny side of marriage counselling.

 Eileen and her husband Bob went for counselling after 25 years of marriage.

When asked what the problem was, Eileen went into a passionate, painful tirade listing every problem they had ever had in the 25 years they had been married.

She went on and on and on: neglect, lack of intimacy, emptiness, loneliness, feeling unloved and unlovable, an entire laundry list of unmet needs she had endured over the course of their marriage.

Finally, after allowing this to go on for a sufficient length of time, the therapist got up, walked around the desk and after asking Eileen to stand, 

Embraced her, unbuttoned her blouse and bra, put his hands on her breasts and massaged them thoroughly, while kissing her passionately as her 

Husband Bob watched with a raised eyebrow!

Eileen shut up, buttoned up her blouse, and quietly sat down while basking in the glow of being highly aroused.

The therapist turned to Bob and said, ‘This is what your wife needs at least three times a week.. Can you do this?’

Bob thought for a moment and replied, ‘Well, I can drop her off here on Mondays and Wednesdays … 

But on Tuesdays ,Thursdays and Fridays I play bowls .. 

I think the following cartoon is a cool example of the funny side of marriage counselling too. :cool:

More funny side of marriage counselling

funny side of marriage counselling

And, just to finish off this Friday Funnies I’ve found a cool video that once again shows the funny side of marriage counselling.

And so ends another Friday Funnies. I hope you enjoyed this weeks post about the funny side of marriage counselling. Why not share it with your friends so they can have a good laugh as well?

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Great Jokes Friday Funnies #142

It’s been a pretty busy week this week. I produced a couple of videos, one which you’ll see at the bottom of this post, written several posts and worked a fair bit around the house. Even so I’ve still had time to find some great jokes for this weeks Friday Funnies.

Have you ever picked up a girl, gone over to her place and then noticed some blokes photo on the nightstand? Well this first great joke has a lot to do with that awkward situation.

Great Jokes That Make You Laugh

After a long night of making love, the guy notices a photo of another man, on the woman’s
nightstand by the bed. He begins to worry. ‘Is this your husband?’ he nervously asks.

‘No, silly,’ she replies, snuggling up to him.

‘Your boyfriend, then?’ he continues.

‘No, not at all,’ she says, nibbling away at his ear.

‘Is it your dad or your brother?’ he inquires, hoping to be reassured.

‘No, no, no! You are so hot when you’re jealous!’ she answers.

‘Well, who in the hell is he, then?’ he demands.

She whispers in his ear ‘That’s me before the surgery.’

As part of this weeks great jokes I have a few images for you. The first one is about mobile phones. This one is funny because it’s so true.

Great jokes

Funny as that image I have to admit that it’s a pretty sorry state of affairs.

Have you every had someone ask you a really stupid question? This one happened at a doctor’s office.

great jokes at the doctors officeOK, the next video isn’t really full of great great jokes. It does contain some of those special frozen moments in time. You know the ones. When a photographer manages to take a perfectly timed photo! Usually when the subject is caught in a compromising situation. Well, I managed to find some of those photos and I’ve added a bit of dialogue in an attempt to make them funny.

I originally put this video together fas part of my “Photos Of Hot Sports Women” post.

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