Rinse And Repeat Business Style

Many, many years ago shampoo companies used to have some simple instructions printed on their bottles that went something like ‘Wet hair, apply shampoo, lather and then rinse. Some time later marketers were looking for some what to increase the sales of their shampoos. Some bright spark said why don’t we add repeat on the end of the instructions. The shampoo labels the read ‘Wet hair, apply shampoo, lather, rinse and repeat. Just by adding this one word to the instructions caused the sale of shampoos to almost double. Rinse And Repeat In Business You may well have heard or read about the ‘rinse and repeat’ phenomena in relation to business and wondered what it was all about. Simply put, once you’ve found a proven method of making money you simply repeat your previous successful attempt in order to make more money. The first time I used the rinse and…

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Blogging For Money How To Make Money With Your Blog

There are a lot of bloggers who blog simply for the joy of it but more often than not bloggers appear because they’ve read somewhere how easy it is to make money online blogging. Unfortunately, regardless of what they’ve read blogging for money is not that easy. If this is true why are there so many blogs out that that tell you otherwise? Because they have something to sell. Let’s face it, people bullshit when money is to be made. The Money Is In The List? How often have you read that the money is in the list? Quite a few times I bet. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014

Images And SEO An Important Part Of SEO

Who ever would have thought that images were an important factor of SEO? I know I didn’t. Heck at the beginning I never even worried about putting images in a post. Especially because it was so time consuming to find the right images. When I did learn that images and SEO did work together in helping you get a higher ranking I started to pay more attention to images and SEO. The trouble though has always been finding the right images to put into my post, I didn’t want to be like all those other sites that put just any unrelated image into the post just for the sake of having an image. That was when I came across Zemanta. It gave me a selection of images to choose for my post. Not always perfect but better than nothing. The problem was they weren’t unique. Everybody was using the same…

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Guest Posts And Why I Don’t Accept Them

Guest Posts, No Way I’ve read in a lot of place how important it is to do guest posts and I agree it is important to the person writing the post. By the amount of requests I get for guest posts I believe they know it to. I normally do not accept guest posts unless someone has approached me with a very unique topic. Like this particular post about the importance of language in a post. Naturally I have certain requirements that have to be met before I accept a guest post. They include the following. Unique content: This is very important to me because I don’t want a rehash of stuff that has been posted somewhere else. Quality: Again, very important. I take the time to write quality posts and so I expect the same from guest posters. This also means they have to pay attention to their grammar…

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Making Google Happy

Making Google Happy Let’s face it, making Google happy is something we all aspire to. Not because we like Google, most people don’t because it’s so hard to keep Google happy, but because it’s necessary if we want to be able to display Adsense on our sites. It’s also necessary if we want a good PR and a decent result in their search engine. The problem making Google happy is such a damn chore. Ask any SEO expert. As soon as they think they have it down pat Google changes their algorithm and throws a spanner in the works. What was accepted one day is taboo the next. SEO aside more and more web master / bloggers are getting the old Google slap or having their Adsense account terminated without any warning whatsoever. Man, it’s so hard to work Google out that I wrote a post about them called Google…

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Mistakes Bloggers Make

I’ve been a blogger for some time now and I reckon over the years I’ve made a few mistakes. It’s not all bad though because I’ve learned from those mistakes. I’ve also seen certain mistakes made by other bloggers and it came to me that I’d write a post about some of the mistakes bloggers make. After all, learning by ones mistakes and the mistakes others make is a good thing right? Anyway, by discussing these mistakes, some that newbies may make, some made by bloggers who are not so new, I’m hoping that I can prevent others from making the same mistakes. So, in no particular order, here are some of the mistakes bloggers make. Top Five Mistakes Bloggers Make Created with the aid of the Logo Creator Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2013-2016

Money Making Potential How I Improved It

It’s true, not all blogs have the same money making potential. Niche blogs have a greater potential for making money as long as you choose the right niche. My first niche blog was my sexual aids blog and because of the nature of the blog it can’t host Adsense ads. That being the case it relies solely on selling online products. It’s currently running at a profit but nothing that would make you sit up and take notice. Considering the amount of effort I put into it and the traffic I’m pretty happy with it’s performance. My second niche blog was my online lottery site. I am able to use Adsense on this site but it doesn’t perform at well, probably because Google displays the wrong ads. This doesn’t bother me because it’s my best performing niche site to date. I know I can improve its performance but I just…

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Choices, Yes Or No? Choices are important! I personally believe that customers need the option to choose between products when they’re out looking for something to buy. Let’s say that you’re shopping for a new TV and you had to choose between a store that only had one brand or a store that offered a lot of different brands, which one would you choose? I know which one I would go to. Now let’s say you chose to got to the store that only offered you one brand, let’s say the Sony Bravia, because you were looking for a Sony. What if they only offered on particular TV? How long would you stay in that store? Not too long I bet.  I’ve been in retail for most of my life and it’s been my experience that unless a customer is looking for a specific product they want to be able…

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