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Why So Many People Choose To Blog

I reckon that as there may still be a lot of people who may not be sure what a blog actually is, that we should really start with a short description. In essence a blog is short for weblog, which is really an online journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated (ergo it’s SEO appeal) and intended for general public readership. Blogs can be personal, or they may provide a commentary of regular world news. Companies even use blogs to provide their customers with reliable updates of their products or services. There are also many companies out there that use blogs as effective marketing tools. So technically blogs can be used to record anything that you like, but we must keep in mind that the more interesting we make it the bigger the readership which in turn creates more earning potential for the respective blog. I can see how some…

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I truly believe that if you want to show the world that you are a serious blogger then you should really host your own blog. Just think about it for a minute. If someone was going to advertise on a blog or ask someone to write a post for them who would be their first preference, a self hosted blogger or one that opted for the free blogging platforms such as,,,,,, and But it doesn’t all have to be about money, so let’s look at some other reasons why you should host your own blog. Security: This is very important. Imagine spending months or even years developing your own blog only to have it yanked out from under you and being left with nothing. It has happened and I know because I lost two blogs in this way, one that was hosted on…

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