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So, What The Frak Is Good Content Anyway?

If you’re an inspiring new blogger surfing the net you’ve probably come across a whole heap of blogs telling you that to succeed you need to supply killer content and how Content Is King! It must be pretty damn frustrating though when everyone is telling you how important content is but no-one is really telling you what constitutes good content. It’s a little bit like Obi-Wan Kenobi telling Luke Skywalker, Use the force Luke. Man, if I was Luke I’d be saying use the force, what the frak is that and slapping Obi-Wan around until he came up with the goods.

My mate Mitch has a great post dealing with this subject called What Is High Quality Content but before you head off there or I give you my version of what good content really is I highly recommend you read Blogging It’s All About Presentation. You’ll find this post very important because no matter how good your actual content is if you don’t present it properly you’ll lose your reader before they even get a chance to see how good your content really is.

So, what is good content? Well, I can’t speak for everyone else but I’ll tell you what I look for in a blog, or website, when I’m looking for something on the Net. One thing to keep in mind is that like beauty, content is in the eye of the beholder. What is good content to one reader may be complete gibberish to another, so when writing your content keep your reader in mind by asking yourself one very simple question, what is it you want your reader to gain from your post? If you can supply that you’re on your way to providing some killer content.  Now let’s look at some different types of content.

How To Guide: There are a lot of how to guides on the Net and if you want yours to stand out you want to make it better than the rest. Some people like to show others that they are a wealth of knowledge, that they know their subject and they try to do this by using jargon that only another expert will understand, Unfortunately these experts already know what you know and probably aren’t going to bother searching for your particular solution so your time has been wasted.

When writing your post you should write it in such a way that someone without your extensive knowledge will find it easy to understand. Give examples that are easy to follow and if it involves a step by step process then so be it. To promote discussion it’s also a good idea to let your reader know that you’re happy to answer any questions that they may have.

Be Factual: Don’t just make things up because I hate reading something that has no factual basis behind it. I don’t believe everything that I read on the Net and if something doesn’t make a whole lot of sense I’ll check it against other sources and if they disagree with the one I was reading I will frown upon the site that wrote all that BS and will more likely than not never go there again.

If you’re not completely sure that your knowledge on any given topic is up to scratch it’s important to research it thoroughly before posting your article, listing your resources so that others can see you’ve done your homework. It’s also a great idea to give your personal opinion, if warranted, as this is more likely to generate discussion, and discussion is something all good bloggers crave for.

Entertainment: A blog can be many things and they have come a long way since those early days when they were little more than an online journal. There are a lot out there who write merely to entertain others and do it so well that they have amassed quite a following. If this is your purpose for having a blog then my best advice is to be yourself because  doing anything else will only work against you.

These blogs naturally aim to entertain the reader. They may take the form of story telling or provide other forms of light entertainment like posting humorous or entertaining videos. Whatever the content the aim is to bring some sort of joy to the reader. If I come away from one of these blogs with a smile on my face then the blogger has indeed written some good content.

Useful Content: Different from the ‘how to guide’ point listed above, by useful content I’m referring to content that answer a readers need. A good example of this is my post that resolves the problem of Safari not working on the iPodTouch. That particular post gets about a hundred views a day and with the aid of MediaPass is now earning me a steady income, not as much as I would like but we all have to start somewhere.

Many people may not believe that they have anything of use to offer anyone but if you’ve ever found a solution to a problem then you should write about it because there is every chance that someone else has or will come across the same problem and will look for a solution online. That solution may well be the content you’ve provided and if that’s the case they will consider your content to be of the good kind.

The problem is that although you may provide the best content on the Net it’s all pretty well useless unless others get to see it. When it comes to blogging good content is only one part of the equation of having a successful blog. Another very important part of the equation is drawing people to your blog. There are many ways of doing this, the most important of which would have to be SEO because done properly this will guarantee that the search engines will send you the targeted traffic that you require to have a popular and perhaps even a profitable blog. As far as SEO goes you’ll find in your wanderings that one of the most important facets of SEO is selecting the right keywords and you’ll find Market Samurai to be the most popular and efficient keyword research tool in your arsenal of blogging tools.

Other than paying for advertising a great free way of getting your name out there is to comment on other people’s blogs. Teaching others the proper way to comment on blogs has been one of my most popular articles, and if you want your comments to count you will want to do it properly. Rather than me listing all the free ways of getting traffic I reckon Adrienne more than adequately covers this in her post Free Methods For Driving Traffic To Your Blog.

Phew, this is way longer than I intended this post to be, reckon I got a little carried away. :doh_tb: :lol_ee: So, what do you consider to be good content when you’re surfing the Net?

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Zaparena And How It Does Drive Traffic To Your Blog

It was only about a week ago, Monday the 28th of February to be exact, when I did a post telling everyone how I discovered a new method of getting traffic, one that also acted as a revenue raiser. That post was simply called Put Money In Your Pocket And Generate Traffic To Your Blog. From the comments it received I got the feeling there was some scepticism as to whether it actually does generate traffic, ergo this post.

You may remember that you needed to collect 20 clicks on your widget before it would generate any traffic, well I reached that milestone on this blog on the third of March and I’m here to tell you that it actually works, as you can easily see by this image.

Zaparena Stats

This shows that in the few days since reaching the threshold, although I’ve only sent 64 clicks I’ve received twice that number in return, that’s 200% which is on the bottom range of their claim of 200 – 250% proving it to be completely accurate.

Another issue that some of the commentators were having was that you wouldn’t get quality traffic thereby increasing your bounce rate. Well that all depends on the teaser you use. By teaser I mean the ad you submit after reaching the threshold, the one that gets placed on their traffic network. If your ‘teaser’ accurately displays the right content to your visitor you should only get targeted traffic.

For example this one directs traffic to my What Affiliates To Promote To Blog For Money post. The image itself is a screen shot of the landing page when someone clicks my ad, the image that says Learn To Earn’ and as you can see from my teaser they know exactly what they’re in for when they click the ‘Read More’ icon and so I’m really generating targeted traffic.


This next image is the landing page after clicking on my latest ad and generates traffic for my Market Samurai Update post.

Market Samurai

Again I’m not using any tricks to get them to my blog as the teaser is an accurate description of the landing page and therefore should only bring targeted traffic. In other words overtime you qualify for a new teaser you’re able to generate an ad which points to a specific post, and if you’re using the FlexSqueeze Theme that could be to one of your squeeze pages.

In case you’re wondering how much money I’ve generated since using Zaparena, in just over a week I’ve earned .60 Euro, and considering I was more interested in the traffic network I see that as a bonus.

As this post proves the Zaparena Traffic Network actually works there is one thing to keep in mind, and that is for it to work you do need a site that is already generating traffic as it won’t generate traffic on its own. The more traffic you have the quicker you’re likely to reach the threshold thereby generating traffic to your site.

Would you use this for your blog and if not I would love to hear what’s stopping you from implementing it?

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You all know how important comments are to me and how much I value them, and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. We instal plugins to help us delete spam and we moderate the ones that get through deleting them if they don’t come up to scratch. The problem is that I’ve now discovered some of those commentators who leave comments on our blogs are not who they say they are.

You may recall the post I did on My Experience With Real Writing Jobs where I mentioned joining Freelancer. As it happens they offer a wide range of jobs and some of them are from people who will pay others to leave comments on blogs. The obvious reason for getting someone else to comment in their place would be they don’t have the time, or couldn’t be bothered to do it themselves, That or perhaps their English isn’t all that crash hot. Here is a copy of one such task found on Freelancer.

We need 100 high PR (PR3+) blog commenting for 7 of our sites, the comments with our anchor text backlinks must be coming from PR3+ sites from the pages it self and not the domain name. Heres what to follow:

1) Must have your own list with 100 sites – All must be dofollow blog.
2) No Spam comment – quality only so the post/comment sticks
3) No blackhat method.
4) Must have the page rank of 3 plus
5) the page’s outbound link can’t be more than 25
6) spread sheet report is a must
7) Send 2 example links of where you will be posting

If you don’t have any experience in blog posting please DO NOT BID.

So what you will be doing is posting 7 comments with 7 of our different sites linking back to our sites via anchor text. We need 100 blog comments per each site so in total of 700 blog comments done manually on high PR sites.

Paying $70 for this whole project, must have your own list, please provide 2 sample links! Thank yoU!

So basically you’re getting 10 cents per comment which doesn’t seem worthwhile considering all the work that’s involved. First you have to find dofollow blogs, that alone isn’t too hard, but then the actual post you choose has to have a PR3 ranking, which could be a little more difficult. Now you tell me, if you’re getting paid peanuts, how much time are you going to spend on a comment?

I think its these very comments, that are of a very low quality, that are getting past the GASP plugin. I know there’s probably a lot that wouldn’t disapprove of this saying it’s a legitimate form of outsourcing. That may be true but as far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t take the chance of ruining all the hard work I’ve put into building my brand by letting someone comment in my place, and if you have to take the time of checking every comment individually you may as well do it yourself.

What say you good readers, would you outsource someone to comment in your name? Do you like the idea of someone commenting on your blog in the guise of someone else? Personally I’m not in favour of it and I liken it to be almost as bad as those robotic scripts that spam our blogs on a daily basis.

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Market Samurai Update Is It As Good As They Say?

It’s been awhile since my last post on Market Samurai, at least 4 months, and I know you’re probably wondering where things are at. Truth be told I’ve been having a little problem with utilising its full potential. At first I thought it was because my old computer couldn’t handle the power but as it turns out they were having problems of their own.

Anyway they got it resolved and I was able to get a little more into it. As I mentioned in those other posts before Market Samurai I never really bothered about keyword research as I always figured it was a pain in the ass. When it came to deciding which keyword tools I would buy I decided to go for the one that everyone claimed to be the search engine optimisation specialist of keywords tools. I know I made the right choice too, and it’s not just because of all the positive comments I received in those posts from all the happy MS customers.

When I bought MS I had a particular blog in mind, my Sexual Aids blog, as I wanted it to get a whole lot more traffic and I couldn’t do it via the normal blog commenting route because most people don’t like links going to that sort of blog. So I thought keyword research was my best search engine optimisation strategy and Market Samurai the best keywordstool.

Using MS I discovered I was focusing on the wrong keywords so following its lead I decided a small change was necessary and so I focused my strategy on sexual aids as my keywords. While a blog’s changing content has always been a positive as far as search engines are concerned I’ve always felt it limited the SEO importance of the home page. This is because the home page is constantly changing with every new post. Keeping that in mind I included a little narrative in the header and footer including the keywords recommended by Market Samurai.

Since then those keywords, sexual aids, is now ranked #1 both in Bing and Yahoo. No such luck with Google though and the only thing I can think of is that Google places a lot more emphasis on backlinks, and like I said earlier its hard getting people to link to that particular blog. Anyway, if you’re looking for a good comment on your blog and you don’t mind linking to what is probably the only sex blog with good content :winkie: let me know in the comments and I’ll be there before you can say, ‘Sire is one heck of a horny blogger.’ :laugh_tb:

As far as Market Samurai is concerned I’m still feeling my way around but the more I get into it the more I’m liking it. I may even use the domain feature to help me pick a good domain name for a niche site I have in mind. You may have noticed all the words in bold text and how some of them are spelt incorrectly, well it’s not because I’ve gone slack all of a sudden, it’s because I used Market Samurai as the keyword research tools to optimise this post to gain the best SEO advantage possible.

Try Market Samurai now for free!We all know that a lot of the time people misspell words when they do the searches and you can’t just guess what the misspelt words are. Well you could but you could be wasting your time by putting in the wrong words. MS helps you to use the right ones. Naturally you may not want to use them if you feel it will sully your professionalism, but that’s up to you.

If you’re not sure about outlaying the money to buy Market Samurai right now you’ll be happy to know they still have the trial offer. That means you can take it for a test run, as well as getting “4 Brief “How-To” Videos, Sharing How You Can Get More Visitors, with Less Effort” which they throw in as a thank you just for giving it a go.

Naturally as I learn more of the internal workings of Market Samurai I will be doing further updates and if I learn any tips and tricks I’ll be sure to share those with you.

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