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Cash Burners And Their Electronic Super Cigarette

I’ve only just recently joined another affiliate called Cash Burners, but not because their motto is ‘Make So Much Money…..You Can Burn It! It wasn’t even the $50 welcome bonus they are offering all new affiliates. Nope, the reason behind joining Cash Burners had more to do with a particular range of products they had on offer, products that were necessary for my Top Sexual Aids blog. The site is so skewed to the sex industry that I had to search for an add devoid of naked women to use as a banner for this post. :smirk2_ee:

Unlike a lot of affiliates these guys are willing to accept webmasters / bloggers from all over the world. I found this particularly refreshing as it gets a little tiring getting knocked back just because I’m an Australian. Another plus was that they offer 40 – 50% rates on products sold. That alone looked very promising.

The other day I had a bit of free time, something extremely rare in my life, and I decided to explore the site a little further. Much to my surprise they offered more than just sex toys, enhancements, herbal and other products aimed at sexual health.

A product that caught my attention was their Super Cigarette. I’ve always thought that smoking was a filthy habit and it’s always amazed me how people can knowingly pollute their body. It’s not like 50 or so years ago when people were ignorant of the effects that smoking has on their body, as today it’s well advertised and here in Australia there are very graphic images of it’s effects on every cigarette packet sold and still they smoke.

The obvious reason for this is they can’t kick the nicotine habit. I even know of people who have tried nicotine patches and gum but without success, and they find it extremely frustrating because they know of people who were successful using those products.

It kind of makes you wonder whether it’s more than just the nicotine. Perhaps it also has something to do with the routine involved with smoking. Perhaps holding the cigarette and puffing on it has a calming effect? If this is the case then the Super Cigarette could be the answer.

The Super Cigarette looks, feels and tastes like the real thing. The smoker has all the sensations involved with smoking a cigarette but with none of the bad side effects. Imagine being able to get a nicotine fix, without breathing in the cancer causing carcinogens, and other poisons that you find in your normal cigarette.

Rather than me rehashing how this is done, you will get a much more concise explanation of the intricate workings of this electronic cigarette by visiting their Home Page. Perhaps this product can help some people to finally give up smoking.

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  1. Yeah I’ve heard of the super cigarette, back when I was smoking. Was called something different back then though, can’t remember what it was. I was so close to buying one back then, but what with giving it up I’m less inclined to now…although I do miss it :( lol

    Nothing wrong with naked lady adverts Sire :)
    .-= Dan´s last blog ..The Competition is Looming =-.

    1. There is no need to now Dan if you’ve given it up, and now that you have I can just imagine all the money you must be saving, because they’re also well know for depleting the old wallet.

    2. I am actually waiting for the Halo Electronic cigarette program to start-up. They are gonna be the first manufacturer of American Made Electronic Cigarette Smoke Juice. People are gonna be flocking to them like crazy, especially after the recent FDA findings of the Chinese Poison Smoke Juice. I emailed them through their contact form, and they have me as an early-subscriber to their affiliate program. Im psyched…

      Johnny Blaze

      1. I always thought this would turn out to be a large market. Looks like I am pretty well on the mark.

  2. Congrats! you found way you are comfortable with & as tool enjoy making money with. It shows! I am excited for you.

  3. I’m not active at affiliates..But will join this for that bonus amount.

    1. No worries TechZoomIn, I’ll be keeping an eye on my affiliate tree to see when you’ve joined.

  4. Well if this cigarrette is the future than we need to start selling them right? I think people smoke just because they know it’s dangerous for them. I’m to take a look to those products from cash burners.
    .-= Asswass´s last blog ..Where the Hell is Matt going to dance next? =-.

    1. I don’t know Asswass, they would have to be pretty stupid if that was the reason.

  5. I have never heard of the company, but I will definitely take a look, as I like finding new ways to make money :)

    Thanks for the info Sire!
    .-= Doug Dillard´s last blog ..I Used to Be a Dotcom Millionaire, Well at Least On Paper! =-.

    1. No worries Doug, it’s probably not for everybody but it could be worth a look.

  6. I’m sorry, but the naked woman lost me…now, if it had MacGyver on the image, that certainly would grab my attention big time. :)
    .-= Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s last blog ..False Profits – Why you should NEVER trust online income earning claims =-.

    1. Give us some time Barbara and I see what I can PhotoShop for you. :devil_tb:

    1. Yeah, I remember, I actually joined up from that link hoping to give you some affiliate cash but you weren’t a member.

      I also remember my comment and while I am still a little dubious about some of those herbal claims I reckon I may just start a Believe It Or Not? category. You may remember I actually made sales on my post querying the authenticity of Exact Replica Watches?

      1. Twitter:
        Yes, I remember that as well. Strange how these things always seem to come back around, isn’t it?
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..My Top Five Affiliate Marketing Sellers =-.

  7. I haven’t heard of this, I do like the idea of making so much money I can burn it though.

    Do I have to get on line or submit a request? Haha or should I just expect buckets of cash to show up at my front door.
    .-= Extreme John@Extreme John Blogs and Business´s last blog ..U Comment I Follow Blog List =-.

    1. John, you of all people should know that you’re not going to get magical buckets of money appearing at your door.
      I reckon that they may well have products that you could sell on your sex sites though.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Flowers Make For Great Photos =-.

  8. Twitter:
    Now that Super Cigarette is the kind of niche site we should be striving for. At $59.95 and the almost ten bucks for the refills that makes for a great business if you can get customers. If I smoked I’d give it a try, it’s a lot cheaper than smoking. Here in Michigan cigarettes are close to seven dollars a pack now.

    I’m glad you found some products for your Top Sexual Aids blog. Did you ever find places to promote it? I recommend signing up for some related Yahoo groups. Some groups will let you add links in their links section.
    .-= Brian D. Hawkins´s last blog ..Extreme Ezine – Social Edition | Aug09 =-.

    1. Brian, cigarettes are just as dear here but it’s the health factor of smoking that is really distressing.

      I haven’t really had much time to look for sites to promote my Sexual Aids blog, but I will get to it sooner or later.

  9. Super cigarette? Never heard of it. Here people sales some tablates to quit smoking, i dont know what they call it but after having that tablate one can not smoke at all.
    .-= Ricky´s last blog ..Top 10 All-in-one Online Messenger Services =-.

    1. Neither did I Ricky, first I came across it was when I joined Cash Burners.

  10. Cash burner does have a pretty bold moto. It does sound appealing for those who are involved in the “sex industry”, well at least on an affiliate level, lol.

    What stroke me most is the super cigarette. I have a flaw, and that is I am a smoker. I heard about this on Twitter when someone DMed me about it. I really have not paid any attention to it at that time because, c’mon, electronic cigarette? Anyway, thanks for the link to their homepage, I might just educate myself a little more. Have a nice day
    .-= DiTesco @iblogzone´s last blog ..More AdSense Tips To Improve Revenue =-.

    1. It’s probably a good idea to lick the habit if at all possible, for your health more than any other reason. I’ve yet to hear from anyone who has ctually tried the electronic cigarette, but if it works the way they claim you would thing it would be pretty popular.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Tap Hose And Dinosaur Park In Center Of Adelaide =-.

  11. I saw a kiosk selling these things, or something very similar at least, in my local mall the other day.
    .-= Bob@Free Online Speed Reading´s last blog ..Free Software =-.

    1. That’s interesting Bob. Did it draw much of a crowd?

  12. I’ve never smoked, but I know some people who did and quit still have trouble when dinner is over, or maybe going to a bar – all the places they have the habit of going through the motions of smoking, even after they’ve kicked the nicotine. These super cigarettes would certainly be better than having “just one.” And enjoy the other Cash Burners stuff too! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your work! :)
    .-= Christie@MiscBytes´s last blog ..MiscBytes unusual niche of the month =-.

    1. Yep, the thing is that’s not really my work, although if it was I reckon there’s a good chance I would enjoy it. :devil_tb: :laugh_tb:

  13. Like I said before, my brother is still smoking cigarettes. I have done all forms of tactics to help him get off the habit. I have even tried showing him really glossy pictures of the innards of smoke-damaged lungs. No luck. Maybe, at $60 this should help. If this can’t, nothing ever will.
    .-= James M.´s last blog ..Wonder Wheel : LSI =-.

    1. Just as a matter of interest, what does he say when you show him those photos?

      My dad used to smoke and when the doctor told him it was bad for his health he stopped cold turkey.

  14. I’ve seen this around. It may be worth a try. I have quit smoking once, using patches but I ended up starting again. Maybe this is what I need to avoid starting again next time.

    1. Well Ste, if you do decide to try it, I would love it if you came back to tell us of your experience with it.

      1. Yeah, I will :)

  15. Join this Cash Burners as a your downline. Hope can make big money on this…
    .-= iphone5g´s last blog ..Star Trek: The Original Series Sound Effects Iphone Ringtones =-.

    1. Thanks Syam, I hope we both make heaps of money.

  16. I think you are starting to see that E Cigs are going to become a more popular alternative to smoking in public with so many public smoking bans starting to take effect.

    1. Perhaps, but that’s not the most important reason for trying them, the most important reason is that it could safe your life.

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