I’ve only just recently joined another affiliate called Cash Burners, but not because their motto is ‘Make So Much Money…..You Can Burn It! It wasn’t even the $50 welcome bonus they are offering all new affiliates. Nope, the reason behind joining Cash Burners had more to do with a particular range of products they had on offer, products that were necessary for my Top Sexual Aids blog. The site is so skewed to the sex industry that I had to search for an add devoid of naked women to use as a banner for this post. :smirk2_ee:

Unlike a lot of affiliates these guys are willing to accept webmasters / bloggers from all over the world. I found this particularly refreshing as it gets a little tiring getting knocked back just because I’m an Australian. Another plus was that they offer 40 – 50% rates on products sold. That alone looked very promising.

The other day I had a bit of free time, something extremely rare in my life, and I decided to explore the site a little further. Much to my surprise they offered more than just sex toys, enhancements, herbal and other products aimed at sexual health.

A product that caught my attention was their Super Cigarette. I’ve always thought that smoking was a filthy habit and it’s always amazed me how people can knowingly pollute their body. It’s not like 50 or so years ago when people were ignorant of the effects that smoking has on their body, as today it’s well advertised and here in Australia there are very graphic images of it’s effects on every cigarette packet sold and still they smoke.

The obvious reason for this is they can’t kick the nicotine habit. I even know of people who have tried nicotine patches and gum but without success, and they find it extremely frustrating because they know of people who were successful using those products.

It kind of makes you wonder whether it’s more than just the nicotine. Perhaps it also has something to do with the routine involved with smoking. Perhaps holding the cigarette and puffing on it has a calming effect? If this is the case then the Super Cigarette could be the answer.

The Super Cigarette looks, feels and tastes like the real thing. The smoker has all the sensations involved with smoking a cigarette but with none of the bad side effects. Imagine being able to get a nicotine fix, without breathing in the cancer causing carcinogens, and other poisons that you find in your normal cigarette.

Rather than me rehashing how this is done, you will get a much more concise explanation of the intricate workings of this electronic cigarette by visiting their Home Page. Perhaps this product can help some people to finally give up smoking.

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