After last weeks Friday Funnies I thought it best to get serious for this post, and what is more serious than talking about why you’re failing in your efforts to make money online. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not you, it’s them! Well it could be you if you’re not doing all the right things. Let’s face it, in order to make money online there are certain things that you should be doing that will help you to bring in a dollar. Thing’s like hosting your own blog and using a professional theme. Let’s not forget that you should also be providing great content and making sure you utilise the right SEO in order to get the right targeted traffic!

So, let’s say you are doing all the right things and despite all the hard work you’re putting into your online business the money just isn’t finding it’s way into your PayPal, Moneybookers or perhaps even your Neteller account. Have you ever thought that maybe it’s not you at all, that maybe it’s everybody else’s fault? Let’s have a look at exactly whose fault it is shall we.

  1. Habitual Link Clickers: I get a lot of these. They are the casual surfers who can’tclick on link help themselves but to click on a link, that is of course except for those links that actually pay you when people click on them, like Adsense links for example. It’s like these turkeys have a sixth sense or something, as if they know which links will make you money and which won’t and they always click on the ones that don’t. Perverse bastards, getting a kick out of leading bloggers like us down the garden path shouldn’t be allowed. :tongue_laugh_ee:
  2. Window Shoppers: There may be those rare occasions when a window shopper turns into an actual customer but this only happens when they resulted from target traffic and they’re actually in buying mode. Otherwise they’re just casual clickers who may be interested in the link reference but not in actually buying what is being sold.
  3. Poor Landing Pages: Think about it for a second. All your great SEO has lead to the targeted traffic which generated the clicks that has taken them to those sales pages and that’s where it ends. So you see, it’s not your fault at all. You got them there they just weren’t good enough to convert.

Truth be told, when running an online business there are a hell of a lot of boxes that have to ticked for a sale to eventuate. Getting those boxes ticked isn’t an easy task either. Most of it has to do with getting the right traffic to your site and then hope that whoever it is that clicks on the link has to be in the market to actually buy and isn’t just ‘looking’. Not an easy task at all, let me tell you. What helps is having the right niche and that’s why I started TheGiftsGuru. Speaking of which I’ve just put together a Facebook Fanpage to promote that blog and I’m looking for people to Like it. To achieve that end I’m only accepting comments from people who have liked my The Gifts Guru Fanpage. I will be checking all comments and deleting any who haven’t liked the page. While you’re there you may want to check my first app. A bit harsh you reckon? Heck, that’s marketing for you.  :drunk_tb:

OH, and if you want to get your readers attention my making your links wobble, shake or whatever, all you need is the SoreThumb plugin.


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