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Can You See The Human Apparition In This Splash Of Water

I was playing around with my digital point and shoot camera, the Panasonic DMC-FX50, trying to capture an image of the effects of a drop as it enters a glass of water. Not an easy task I can tell you because of the time lag that occurs in most point and shoot cameras. I lost count of the amount of photos I took and it wasn’t until I loaded them onto the computer that I found this very unique photo.

Apparition In Splash

Look closely and tell me if you can see an image of a human face at the top of the splash caused by the drop. I reckon it is the likeness of a male wearing a helmet of sorts, but my daughter swears it’s more of a Marian apparition and that what I think is a helmet is more of a veil similar to what was worn by the women in the times of Jesus. What do you think?

I have a closeup as well as some of the other drops on my Photos2Blog. It sort of reminds me of the Cyborg in The Terminator Series as if it was morphing right out of the water.


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  1. To me, it looks like a woman in a long dress, almost a ballgown but not so poofy. Maybe she is dancing, twirling around and that is making the bottom of the dress flare out.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani | Poetry, Photography, Blogging Tipss Last blog post..Beyond Sight – Appreciating Beauty

  2. Now I missed that bit completely and you are right, the bottom of the apparition does look like a fancy dress of sorts. Man, that is really amazing.

    1. I totally see the cyborg from terminator that you are talking about, but now that Kristi said something I can see the dress. So I think what we have here is a sighting of the very rare, female cyborg, all dolled up and dancing at the club. She is looking very shy with head slightly down and both arms behind her back, just waiting for Arnold to come over to talk. Ha ha.

  3. Twitter:
    Yeah, I’d have to say I’m seeing the same thing Kikolani is seeing, woman in long dress, though I also like the cyborg thing from Terminator. :-)

    Mitchs Last blog post..Feedburner & Feedburner Feed Smith

  4. Come on Mitch, a hot blooded American like you?

    1. Twitter:
      My blood is only hot blooded after I’ve exercised!

      Mitchs Last blog post..Gravatars, Images And Themes

    1. Twitter:
      You’re thinking of you; I’m not so geared, if you know what I mean. LOL

      Mitchs Last blog post..Website Outlook

  5. Great photo taken! It must have been a task and also luck to catch this. But the description is sounding creepy… Human face on water splash?

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  6. Yep, it took a lot of photos to arrive at that shot and luck definitely had a place in it.

  7. It’s so cool isn’t it. I haven’t finished playing around with water drops yet. I want to see if I can be lucky enough to capture another really unique shot.

  8. The amount of detail you can interpret as a person of some sort is amazing. Religious people could see both Jesus and Mary in it, I think. Too bad you can not sell it on eBay ;-)

    Marcel´s Last blog post..Do I want this traffic?

  9. Hi Marcel, to tell you the truth, as shocked as I was when I saw the photo, I didn’t think it had any religious significance. I reckon though that there would be some who would try and exploit it.

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